Not A Pretty Picture

May 21, 2008

The rheumatologist recommended that I see my primary care physician about the rash.  I have an appointment this morning.  Luckily, Dr. What Do You Want Me To Do is booked too heavily to see me, so they put me in with a new doctor, who just happens to be a woman.  That’s my preference, anyway.  If she’s any good, I’ll switch over to her.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect that she’ll be able to do anything about the rash, other than refer me to a dermatologist.  I can’t wait much longer to get some relief from this god-awful itching.  The swelling is getting worse, too.  I’m a mess.  See for yourself.

Song of the Day:  How Will I Cope With That by THE HIVES

13 Responses to “Not A Pretty Picture”

  1. Stefani said

    I would guess poison ivy but it doesn’t look like it’s oozing liquid at all. (Sorry to all those folks trying to eat or drink while reading this comment.)

    But LA is right in her comment on the last entry – hot water makes it itch less, temporarily of course. I’ve had several bad cases of poison ivy and took as many hot showers as I could muster. Her way would work too. It’s not intuitive (at least to me) but it works!

    Good luck with that, you poor thing.

  2. Jim said

    I hope she can provide some relief for you.

  3. Carol said

    That looks like the rash I had when I was allergic to my meds. Hope you can get something for it. I feel for you.

  4. LA said

    Fingers crossed this new doc isn’t another Dr Do Nothing. ~LA

  5. Wow, I bet you are miserable. Sometimes rashes just come from things you eat that you happen to be allergic to. I hope you get relief.

  6. GBW said

    That looks nasty… I hope the doc can fix up for you if not try an oatmeal bath for some relief.

  7. LeAnn said

    I hope she doesn’t do nothing and refer you to a dermatologist which will force you to wait again. Ya know I think there used to be a time when doctors had to have some sort of brain wave activity in order to graduate from medical school. It doesn’t seem to be a requirement anymore. Surely she can figure this out. She must have seen a picture in one of her med school books.

  8. Jeanette said

    That looks pretty bad. I hope you get relief soon. Hang in there.

  9. Sunday said

    See, this is enough to make me dislike ALL doctors, good and bad. I just love it when you have issues such as itching, pain, etc. (which you’ve had), and doctors that seem to think that you can just wait through these issues. Uh, durr! I wish they could feel the pain of their patients sometimes so that they can have a better bedside manner.

    Get better!

  10. Joan said

    Cripes! Did she a least give you some damn zyrtec for the itch? That does look like the rash I got when I first started on my meds and now I take zyrtec every day and no more rash! Are you taking anything for it?

  11. Sunday said

    RYC: It’s been 10+ years since I’ve been through French 101 and 102, and when I tried 201 last semester, I got my ass handed to me. Languages aren’t meant for “rustiness”, there’s no muscle memory for foreign language, unfortunately.

    Also, it’s free, ’cause I work for the school, so it’s basically win-win.

  12. Michael said

    You deserve a doctor that takes you seriously. My doctor never wanted to treat what I was complaining about. Instead he kept finding things that he could prescribe medication for, even though I was never convinced I needed it. That’s pretty much why I stopped going to him. Because of your condition and the pain you’re in, you don’t have that option. Don’t give up! Make them do their jobs!

  13. hil said

    I had unbelieveable hives, and I couldn’t get any relief from regular doctors. I went to a homeopath, who told me that I had “unexpressed anger”. No shit! Lol! She cured me, though. Try it. Her name is Ati, and you can find her at The Ca is for canada, but she can send remedies to wherever you are. Hope you feel better!

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