Liar, liar, pants on fire.

December 14, 2014

pants on fire

There have been some some bizarrely distorted accusations floating around that, quite honestly, made me scratch my head, and then burst out laughing because the whole thing is so preposterous. (I only scanned a very small portion of the fabrications because I’m trying to limit my exposure to crazy shit).  For the record, screenshots of the actual online conversations that prove my innocence, and began with with this declaration that preceded the onslaught of misrepresentations: “I feel mean today” (as well as others that had nothing to do with me, but could wreak quite a bit of havoc for the mudslinger), have been saved. ‘Nuff said.

rest my case

7 Responses to “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

  1. cocoabean said

    Hmm that really makes me wonder what I’ve missed!

    • Stephanie said

      It makes me wonder, too, but not about what I might have missed. Quite a few people will be better off if I remain unaware of the full extent of the defamation. I have been staying away from the source of the falsehoods for the past year, and have to strengthen my resolve to not let my curiosity get the better of me again (although I was curious about something totally unrelated to the incident in question, and was surprised – and amused – to find that the unfathomable vitriol is still going strong after all this time). 🙂

  2. goatbarnwitch said

    Cryptic. I hope the liar was not causing you harm

    • Stephanie said

      No harm, Joyce, because I no longer allow myself to be treated badly and/or unfairly, and employ the necessary protective measures. (My skills in that area have been substantially fine-tuned.) People who don’t know the facts (just the fiction), might believe the lies, but not everyone does, so I haven’t been adversely affected. And I do have the screenshots if proof is required. So far, I haven’t felt like bothering with an exposé, but, if push comes to shove, I WILL push back, and post the screenshots, including the ones that have nothing to do with me, but could open an entirely different can of worms. I hope it doesn’t come to that, because I don’t want to stoop to that level, but there’s only so much slander I will take. 🙂

  3. cocoabean said

    Just one more reason not to be on FB all the time… I visit it maybe once a week… maybe…. there are people on there who just love to bash others. They try to make it “funny” but it isn’t funny to those they are bashing.

    • Stephanie said

      This didn’t happen on FB (not to my knowledge, anyway, although I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it has shown up there), but I hear you loud and clear. I am amazed by some of the stuff people put on Facebook. The bashing is out of control, and I don’t find it funny even when I’m not the recipient. I just find it ugly and disturbing, and it reveals a lot about the bashers.

  4. Stephanie said

    To the person who requested more information, please send me a friend request on Facebook ( For some reason, your comment isn’t showing up here – I can only see it on my WordPress dashboard (and I rarely check this site).

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