Bully For You, Chilly For Me

October 30, 2009

Over a year ago, someone left a comment here in reference to a book that was in the process of being created, with the theme “feelings.” The authors performed web searches using the keyword “feel.”  That search brought them to this entry, in which I stated: I just want to feel like a normal, healthy person.

The person who left the comment asked if I would allow them to publish the photo of me knitting on the beach (also from the above-mentioned entry).  I responded with a “yes,” and soon received an email advising me that there were thousands of applicants, and I would hear back if I made the final cut. I honestly didn’t think anything would come of it.

Several months later, I received notification that my photo had been selected to be included in the book, We Feel Fine: An Almanac of Human Emotion.   Even though I signed a release form, I still found it hard to believe that this was actually going to happen.

Another email arrived today, informing me that the book is due to be released on December 1st, and I will be receiving a complimentary copy. I also received an invitation to attend the launch party on December 5th, in New York City.

How cool is that?

Song of the Day:  Fame by David Bowie

14 Responses to “Bully For You, Chilly For Me”

  1. Betty Lou said

    Congratulations!!!!! We can say we knew you “when”.

  2. Carol said

    This is great and so fun!

  3. Sharon said

    I agree. That is very cool!!

  4. Bex said

    Absolutely cool. If only cool took pain away, I could use some coolness myself.

  5. Stefani said

    Way cool!

  6. Whooo! Now I can say that I know someone who has a picture in a book that WASN’T an, um, adult-themed text. (Yeah, nothing like walking by an adult shop, seeing the “local” talent plastered all over the window, then seeing the young woman on the bus! Nudity was NOT her friend! 😉

    But congratulations! I’m happy that it turned out to be a real book that’s actually been published, rather than a book that spends years in the publishing netherworld. Whoo-hoo!

  7. Aw, crap! In response to your question about the old cigarette ads, I’ve always had a thing about looking at old Life magazines, etc., and cigarette commercials (on YouTube), as well as seeing The Andy Griffith Show (Andy Griffith!!) opening his show with a commercial for cigarettes. In some episodes, you can actually see him smoking!

    (And, of course, no mention of smoking can leave out the Three Stooges.)

  8. terri t. said

    Wow, what a great experience….especially getting a copy of the book. My son was included in a day in the life book as a police/fire dispatcher. Now I know two people who are in books!!!! Hope you can display the photo when you get the book…

  9. yaketyyak said

    Terri, you can see the picture by clicking on the link to the old entry.

  10. Kim said

    Hey that’s great news. I will be on the lookout for you when the book comes out!

  11. Jeanette said

    How awesome..you must be really excited!

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