It’s Not Easy Being Green

August 20, 2009

I had an appointment with Dr. Spine Specialist yesterday to review the results of my latest MRI.  I already knew that I have a herniated disc in my lumbar spine.  What I didn’t know is that I have three of them.  I also have quite a bit of arthritis, as well as a fair amount of scar tissue in the area of the discectomy that was performed back in 2004.  All of these things contribute to my lower back pain.

Dr. Spine Specialist mentioned surgery as an option, and warned me that it will be a more complicated procedure this time because it will involve spinal fusion.  Umm, no thanks.    Not unless I absolutely can’t bear the pain any longer.

Before I left his office, Dr. Spine Specialist gave me an autographed copy of his book.   Thanks, doc.  See you again in five months.

I can’t believe summer “vacation” is almost over.  I use the word “vacation” loosely because I didn’t do any vacationing this year.  What a bummer.  I did get to the beach on Monday, but it was just the Long Island Sound at Hammonasset State Park in Connecticut.  It was brutally hot, and, when I tried to go in the water to cool off, I had to turn back because the bottom was so rocky I was afraid I would lose my footing.  So, I sat there in the sweltering heat for four hours, and ended up with a sunburn, despite wearing a large straw hat and heavy applications of sunblock.   I’m really hoping to get to the ocean before I go back to work, but I’m not feeling very optimistic about that happening.

At least my daughter, Rebecca, got to go away on vacation.  She and her boyfriend just got back from a wonderfully adventurous trip to Mexico.

They snorkeled on the reef and in a cenote, saw the ruins of Tulum, and went zip lining and rappelling.

While I am truly happy for Becca, I also have to admit that I am green with envy.  Sigh.

Song of the Day:  It’s Not Easy Being Green by Kermit the Frog


16 Responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

  1. sasha said

    I’m sorry for the news about your back. That is awful. 😦 Well, I never go on vacation either, come to think of it. But we usually at least do local things which can be very nice considering where we live, and we didn’t even do that this year! *sigh*

  2. Wow….I guess Homer Simpson was right–doctors really can’t do much about the back (because there’s so much good stuff on the front). Sucks that there are no other options!

    On the vacation front, I’ve never actually gone on a vacation vacation, so I guess that’s what I should have as a goal. Perhaps Spring Break will find me in Mexico! (Ah, the joys of working for a school!)

  3. yaketyyak said

    Do it, kindersczenen! You must go away on vacation! I insist! 🙂

  4. Stefani said

    Good for Rebecca! (Zip lining? Uh, no thanks!)

  5. Alvin said

    I hope you make it back to the beach soon Steph. I couldn’t imagine not making it to the beach at least once a month, year round.

    This totally cracked me up: I guess Homer Simpson was right–doctors really can’t do much about the back (because there’s so much good stuff on the front).

  6. No vacation here either. Looks like your daughter had fun.
    Maybe next year for us.

  7. Jim said

    Yes, you need a vacation!

    I will issue immediate instructions that the ocean is not to be turned off and put away for winter until after you get to visit it again.

    I’m taking tomorrow and Monday off to get in one last four-day weekend and I hope to pry myself away from yard work and such long enough to get in a good beach visit. I hope you get to have one soon.

  8. LA said

    We won’t be in Seaside on Saturday. The foo-rah with Gram is holding things up. Monday at the earliest. Hope you day the day down there though! ~LA

  9. LA said

    Get the day…duh. Brain faster than typing. ~LA

  10. Looks like Rebecca got a little sunburnt too!

  11. I hope you get a real vacation in before school starts. Dose it have to be to the ocean?

  12. You know that I work for an insurance company? Well one of our members called me today and we were talking about his being out of work for a while. He told me he had degenerative disc disease and his discs were laying on each other. He finally agreed to spinal fusion and he said it was the best thing he’s ever done. He said all his back pain is gone and that it saved his life. Just thought I’d tell you

  13. Michael said

    Back pain is the worst, especially when it never goes away. You know your body, so you know what’s best. We are finally getting some relief from the heat here, although I don’t think it’s gone for good. It’s always hottest the first week of school. That’s some kind of natural law or something.

  14. terri t. said

    So sorry to hear about your back and I hope you can figure out how to make it better..even if it is with surgery.
    I love the water but the thought of all that heat and sunburn makes me just think about how nice it sounds but not enough to go there.

  15. BT said

    It seems to be my day for back advice (second comment today)- not that I know zilch about it, except that someone close had severe pain until she had surgery. Now “Titanium Girl” is totally pain free. Of course, every case is different. I’d just say, don’t rule it out.

  16. yaketyyak said

    Thanks, BT. I haven’t ruled surgery out – I just want to put it off for as long as possible.

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