Last Minute Reprieve

July 2, 2009

Astounding news!  The Director of Human Resources just called in reference to a letter my union president suggested I write.  Ms. Director told me that I am “absolutely right about the summer school seniority issue,” and I have been appointed to the position.

I feel like I’ve just been given a Death Row reprieve!  Hallelujah!!!

Reading:  The Memory of Water by Karen White

Song of the Day:  Dead Man Walking by Bruce Springsteen

20 Responses to “Last Minute Reprieve”

  1. Kim said

    Whoo-hoo!! That’s great news. May you be strong and feel good at work this summer.

  2. Alvin said

    Good for you Stephanie. Reprieves as such make for a wonderful day. I hope you have the best of holidays this Forth.


  3. Sunshyn said

    Yay! Now, we have to get you feeling well enough to work. Google homeopathy and chronic headaches and see what comes up. No one on my elist has gotten back to me yet… My mom had some tube of something she put on the wrist someone gave her. I swear, it smelled like peppermint. Or something like that.

  4. Michael said

    I feel better, so thanks for the good news. It’s good to know justice is being done, and you’re getting what you deserve.

  5. Sharon said

    That’s really good news! Yay!!

  6. sasha said


  7. mercystreet said

    Good wonderful news!

  8. Dee said

    Hope this is just the first of many things working out for you!

  9. TexasPeach said

    What great news!!!!

  10. Jim said

    I have been known to say some less than enthusiastic things about unions from time to time, but this experience of yours shows how unions can also be good and can protect members. Applause for your union president and the suggestion about what to say in your letter to HR. Thank goodness.

  11. Congratulations!!!!

  12. terri t. said

    Congratulations… about waiting until the last minute so you had to worry yourself sick all the time you were away from school after the regular semester ended and now you have to gear up for the summer session….. And what about those run on sentences, hmmmm?

  13. Stefani said

    Good news, indeed!

  14. debbie said

    im so happy for you….and relieved, lol.

  15. Sunday said

    YAY!!!!! I was going to say that I would pray for you to get the position, then decided that you didn’t need to be struck by lightning, so I just thought good thoughts!

    RYC: Someone, somewhere, is totally fucking me over with this credits thing. If I didn’t actually work at a college, I’d probably be scared out of my wits instead of slightly pissed, and just waiting until it’s cool enough for me to go there and have it out with the counselors. I came in under the 2002-2003 catalog, which means whatever classes that were needed for the degree is what I have to have. There’s no adding on more classes, because it’s rather illegal. I mean, I had to look up the 1970 catalog for a woman who wanted to return to finish her degree! Needless to say, SHE didn’t have to take College Algebra!

    To make this longer and more boring, I’m not really worried about it, because I’ve got all those printouts they send you to tell you what else you’ve got to take to graduate. Meh. College is nothing but a racket anyway…and I work at one!

  16. Hey!! Where’ve ya been?

  17. Stephanie said

    I’ve been pretty tied up with a bad situation one of my sisters is going through. 😦

  18. Duh! How’d I miss folks’s comments?! Durr! Anyhoo, ummm…I always feel odd when I recommend something for someone that can be a bit blue (or sexual). But since it’s you, and since it’s Updike, then fuck yeah, start with the “Rabbit” series. Rabbit, Run influenced me for years after I read it as a kid. I mean, GOD! Seriously, the man was a fucking GOD to me. And when I heard he died, it wasn’t a surprise (as I mentioned, he smoked like a Stooge, which means roughly 4 packs a day.) But it still hit me hard because I’m selfish and I wanted him to write forever –impossible, I know, ’cause dude was old, but I never, ever, ever, EVER read a bad Updike book.

    Take that as you wish–you may hate the guy and think he’s just a sex-obsessed pervert whom had some weird fetish about womanly parts (not just sexual, but things like the shape of her ankles, or the beauty of her toes…stuff like that. The second to last person I recommended something to was the opera “Lulu” by Alban Berg. How was I to know that she was a strict Christian, and that opera’s full of lesbians, sex, lesbians, and more sex, as well as killing husbands and Lulu becoming a prostitute and getting killed by Jack the Ripper along with the Countess Geschwitz (the lesbian who went to jail FOR Lulu because she loved her so much…but the love wasn’t returned).

    So, to make this longer and more boring, yeah, try Rabbit, Run first. BUT beware: “Rabbit” Angstrom is an out and out bastard, who runs away from his problems, hence the title.

    To repeat: glad you’ve been appointed, sad you’re having family problems. 😦

  19. yaketyyak said

    Updike sounds good to me, and so does that “Lulu” opera!

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