Calamity Jane

May 16, 2009

Poor Rebecca has suffered one hardship after another since she moved.  For starters, her brand new GPS was stolen from the glove department of her car that was parked in the driveway of her new apartment her very first night there.  To add insult to injury, she realized a day later that her ipod had been stolen, as well.  Not only is this a monetary loss, but she had 5,000 songs on the mp3 player.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she called yesterday to tell me about her latest catastrophe.  Because their cable won’t be hooked up until Tuesday, Rebecca and Matt don’t have Internet service.  Rebecca had two papers due for school that needed to be emailed to her professors.  So, she went to the local library to use one of their computers.

She began with four handwritten pages.  After heavy revisions and additions, she ended up with eleven typed pages and was ready to email them.  Suddenly, a message popped up on the monitor announcing that the computer would shut down in ten seconds.  Rebecca watched in horror as all her hard work disappeared.

In tears, she sought help from a librarian.   The woman logged Rebecca back on, but her work was gone.  (Many public computers have programs that wipe everything out upon shut down.)  Rebecca asked why the computer would turn itself off after only fifty minutes, when each person is supposed to get an hour.  The librarian then told Rebecca that a couple of the computers shut themselves off sooner than they are supposed to.  Ummm, wouldn’t you think that it might be a good idea to put notes on those malfunctioning computers to alert the users that they only have fifty minutes instead of sixty?

I feel so sorry for my daughter.  Good thoughts and positive energy sent her way would be greatly appreciated.

As for my other daughter, I took a personal day yesterday so her father and I could help Leigh move out of her dorm and back home for the summer.  The two hour drive (each way) was quite pleasant, thanks to the nice weather and pretty scenery.   Today, on the other hand, doesn’t look like it will turn out to be so good.  I woke up with a super duper headache.

As luck would have it, I have an appointment with my hairdresser.  I really don’t feel like going.   Besides the aching head, my hair hasn’t yet recovered from the scalping it suffered in April.

I’d reschedule for next weekend, but have other plans for Saturday, so I’ll have to keep this appointment.  Oh well.  I guess I could use a little color touch-up.

Have a good weekend.

Song of the Day:   The Calamity by Trivium

Reading:  An American Childhood by Annie Dillard


12 Responses to “Calamity Jane”

  1. Oh, poor Rebecca! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for her.

  2. Sunday said

    Yeah…and professors don’t like typewritten papers. (Yes, I am both old enough to have typed papers on a typewriter, and remember how suck ass those stupid library computers are.) There have been at least 5 people turning in handwritten reports because of power outages, computer failures, etc. I’m sending plenty of good thoughts for the paper(s), as well as the electronic stuff. Man! Those crooks can smell anything worth stealing! Too bad she didn’t have some sort of taser hooked up so they’d get a shocking surprise!

  3. Sharon said

    What a horrible week for Rebecca. Sending lots of good thoughts her way!

  4. Sasha said

    Poor Rebecca. 😦 I feel so bad for her, especially for the paper she worked so hard on. 😦 I also -so- hate that people steal like that. My friend Geri had her ipod stolen off her desk at work not that long ago. At work! And it was an ipod I’d given her with songs I put on it especially for her. She felt -horrible-. I just hate people who steal. Grrr. I’m sending Rebecca some happy vibes.

  5. Bex said

    The only way to look at this is as a learning experience. Never leave anything of value in your car. Ever. Even if you lock it. Maybe the trauma of this will be a good lesson for her to learn. Otherwise, I feel so bad for her! And you!

  6. goatbarnwitch said

    What a craptastic set of incidents for Rebecca. Sending happy easy thoughts her way.

  7. Stefani said

    Sheesh, what a start for her new life! It’s gotta get better from here, right? Sending good thoughts her way.

  8. Michael said

    Wow. I wouldn’t know whether to me more angry or dejected after losing all that work at the library. And after losing all that music, too! Sending good thoughts.

  9. terri t. said

    Rebecca sure has had a bad run of luck. It’s like writing a blog and losing it…you never feel like you did it as well the second time. I sure hope she got the papers done and can get past this mess. Have her check her rental insurance to see if there is any coverage for personal property stolen from the car. Since it was parked in the new apt. complex; she might have some reimbursement for the portable GPS and the Ipod.
    Hope you got your hair done and are happy with the results. Glad you got your other daughter back home for the summer.

  10. LeAnn said

    Goodness!! That’s too many awful experiences for one person. I hope things get better for her very soon. I hope you all have a pleasant and uneventful summer!!

  11. Jim said

    Poor Rebecca.

    Maybe this uses up all of her bad luck for the year and the rest of 2009 will be smooth sailing for her.

  12. Sunshyn said

    Poor Rebecca. I have two words for her: car alarm. I had a car alarm in my ’83 Escort. Seriously. And I don’t mean back in ’83, either; I got it used in ’90. But I had a LOT of stereo in that baby.

    Four more words: Save early save often. Hard lessons to learn. My son, he still doesn’t learn them. I can’t say how many computers and such have been stolen from cars, etc., etc. And he’s the king of car alarm installers. Yeah, but first you gotta BUY one.

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