Isabella, We Are Rising

April 10, 2009

Wednesday morning, My Friend asked me to act as a model for her Reflexology display at a Wellness Fair at a local college.  It was great.  I lounged on a zero gravity recliner chair wrapped in a blanket, getting my feet worked on.  It was so relaxing.

Afterwards, I paid a long overdue visit to my chiropractor, who said that my neck was in distress.  That would explain the horrendous headache I’ve been plagued with all week.  While the headache is not quite gone, it is more bearable.  It also helps that we’ve had a couple of days of decent weather.  Yesterday morning I put some pansies into porch planters.

In the evening, we went to dinner to celebrate Leigh’s birthday. My baby is 21.

As for Easter, at first we weren’t going to do anything. My sister, Michele, and I declared that Thanksgiving and Christmas are more than enough when it comes to hosting family gatherings. We refuse to bear the burden of another holiday. It would suit me just fine to stay home and try to mentally prepare myself for returning to work on Monday (I’m dreading it), but The Ex invited us to his place. Fortunately, it will be very low-key.

Rebecca is taking me out to lunch for Pad Thai this afternoon, so I’d better get back to what I was doing (moving the light clothing up and the heavy clothing down). Groan.

Song of the Day: Easter by Patti Smith (from which the title of which this entry comes)

17 Responses to “Isabella, We Are Rising”

  1. Sharon said

    Hope you have a nice, relaxing Easter!

  2. LA said

    Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

    I know those pansies will be gorgeous on your wonderful front porch.

    Heh, I’ve gotten so fat only about 5 things I own actually fit me so no need for wardrobe switching! Always looking for that stray sunbeam in the shit storm. ~LA

  3. boxx said

    Those pansies are absolutely gorgeous (and so is your daughter) I always thought reflexology on your feet relieved headaches?

  4. Stefani said

    I had to Google zero gravity recliners. You lucky pup!

  5. Sasha said

    Pass on birthday wishes from me. I can’t believe she’s 21!

    I love pansies, they’re so cheerful.

  6. Allison said

    Happy Birthday to Leigh! And Happy Easter! 🙂

  7. terri t. said

    I bet that reflexology session felt wonderful…sounds like you had a lovely break…Your daughter is gorgeous…..

  8. Jim said

    Hmmmm, pad thai. Haven’t had that in quite a while.

    Birthday congratulations to the mamma of the birthday girl.

  9. Happy birthday to the gorgeous daughter of a gorgeous woman!

  10. Alvin said

    Happy Easter Hon. Leigh looks so much like you. Have a very enjoyable Sunday.

  11. Love the pansies. I’m afraid to plant anything because we just had snow the other day!

    Congratulations on your baby’s 21st birthday! This is the time for you to celebrate!

  12. LeAnn said

    My dad and his wife always go to her ex’s house for family gatherings too. Dad calls him the ex-husband in law. Your daughter is very beautiful and she looks so much like you. Have a great Easter!!

  13. Carol said

    Happy Birthday to Leigh.
    Happy Easter.

  14. LA said

    Thanks for the vote of confidence about my new office color, I appreciate it especially from you because your decorating eye is keen and classy. Would you believe I’m FINALLY going to hang those inspirational plaques you gave me for my 2008 birthday? I have been waiting to re-do my office since way back then. Gods, I am SUCH a slacker. Maybe the plaques will help that. ~LA

  15. Steph? I don’t think I have your password. If you’re willing to share it.

  16. beanie said

    Could I possibly get your password please?

  17. terri t. said

    me too…..I don’t have your password…unless it is strictly just for your thoughts….Thanks

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