Just Another Day in Paradise

April 7, 2009

I was dismayed to wake up this morning to find that the damn headache that clutched me in its agonizing grip all day yesterday is still holding me hostage. I’m hoping Doc Bill (my chiropractor) can help when I see him tomorrow…

In the meantime, I can’t do much of anything because the pain is so severe.  I’m wondering what happened to the “break” in spring break… I sure could use one, and here is where I’d like to get it.  This place is absolutely amazing!  If you don’t have Power Point, you can follow this link, but it’s not as pleasing an experience.  For the Power Point presentation, click on the page to advance the slides.  If you use the second link, click the next page button (>).  Enjoy!  I know I did!

Reading (re-reading, actually) The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

Song of the day:  Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf


10 Responses to “Just Another Day in Paradise”

  1. LA said

    I can’t believe there’s really places like that! Isn’t it glorious!

    Jinx! You owe me a beer, I’m re-reading ‘The Good Earth’ right now too! ~LA

  2. Carol said

    How strange, I have the Good Earth on my shelf as next to read again.

  3. yaketyyak said

    Wow, great minds really DO think alike!

  4. Sasha said

    The Good Earth is one of my favorite books and movies. What a gorgeous vacation that would be. *sigh*

  5. terri t. said

    I had one of those headaches for about 2 days last week….seems like whenever the weather changes, I get one of those sinusy ugh headaches….sure hope you feel better so you can enjoy some of your time off from work.

  6. victorvic said


    damn would i love to get to that place…. 🙂

    hope your head-pain stops

    all good!!!!


  7. Sunshyn said

    I found my mom’s “The Good Earth,” published in the early 1940’s. Or earlier… I also have a very old “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” And some other ancient tomes.

    I was going to listen to “The Good Earth” on tape, but the tapes are just too messed up. There’s a horrible echo, so forget that.

    Someone emailed me that BBQ invitation. The big meanie…

  8. Kim said

    Those damn migraines always come on the weekend, or at a break, don’t they?

    Okay, that invitation to unwind at Joe’s place was too much! SO fab, and so beautifully funny. Arrrgh.

    Hope you get your break, even if it’s not out on a coral atoll somewhere!

  9. Michael said

    I hope you get your own peaceful paradise in the form of some relief, right now while you can enjoy it.

  10. Stefani said

    Wow. I can’t imagine being in that paradise.

    Feel better!

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