Simba the Diabetic Cat

February 9, 2009

Originally, I mentioned this experience in the previous entry.  Then I decided that it deserved an entry of its own, so I removed it from the list of Twenty Five Random Things.  Stefani saw it before I deleted it, and made reference to it in the comments section.   Hence, this explanation.  Anyway, here’s the story.

When Leigh was working at a local veterinary clinic, she adopted a diabetic cat.  He is currently living at The Ex’s place while Leigh is away at school.  The Ex was visiting his brother in Chicago, and Leigh’s boyfriend was in NYC at the time, so there was no one who could give Simba his insulin shot on Saturday.

I didn’t think I could do it, but I did.  (I am so afraid of inflicting pain, I couldn’t even turn the key to Leigh’s palate expander when she was going through the braces stage.)   Leigh talked me through the procedure over the phone.

First, I had to roll the insulin bottle in my hands.  Then I stuck the syringe into the bottle and withdrew four units of insulin.  Next, I pinched and lifted the flesh on Simba’s thigh, inserted the needle and pushed the plunger.

Rebecca was there (she’s too squeamish to do the deed herself), and she said this was the first time she saw Simmy get his shot without making a sound.  Even Leigh was impressed.  She said that Simba always yowls a bit during the injection.   It was such a relief to know that I didn’t hurt him.  In fact, he was actually purring!

While we’re on the subject of animals, you have to check out this video clip.


Song of the Day:  At the Zoo by Simon and Garfunkel

8 Responses to “Simba the Diabetic Cat”

  1. mercystreet said

    love the video. Good job giving the shot to the cat.

  2. He knew you were nervous, and gave you props for doing it so well.

  3. LeAnn said

    No way, no how never ever could I do that! Good for you! Now, if you choose not to learn to drive fine, but it’s certainly not because you can’t! Knitting and shot giving are both way harder than driving!! BTW, Billy does give all of our pets their shots but if he didn’t, I still wouldn’t. That’s a great video. I watched it twice!

  4. Michael said

    Awwww. You made me cry (again). And good for you for doing what you had to do.

  5. Stefani said

    Wow, love the video. (Was afraid of an unhappy ending for a minute there.) Thanks for sharing it.

  6. LA said

    Mick sent me that the other day. I had to laugh thinking of giant me and teeny little you. ~LA

  7. What an adorable video! I especially loved it when the elephant was “scratching” the dog’s belly with her foot!
    I can’t believe the cat allowed you to give him the shot. I was afraid there was going to be alot of screeching, teeth and nails – not purring. Good for you!

  8. terri t. said

    I admire you for doing something you were concerned about doing. I used to have a neighbor who was a medical technician of some type and she would give her cat the shots and then when one of her cats had to have dialysis, she did that too.

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