Let’s Dish

January 24, 2009

In the comments section for the previous entry, candidbeauty wanted to know about the anti-inflammatory patches.  They are called Flector Patch, and I have to say that they give me more pain relief than Lidoderm patches.   However, I am a bit concerned about the increased risk for blood clots and stroke, considering that I have Anticardiolipin Antibody, which also puts me at risk for those medical problems.

Another question was asked by LA, who received a very cool set of dishes from her man, Mick, on her recent birthday.  I mentioned in her comments section that I had also purchased dishes at Pier 1, and she wanted to know what kind I bought.  They are called Cassidy stoneware.

It’s not a complete set, though.  I found them on a back wall in the clearance section, where they were being sold by the piece.  The plates (which are oversized, and therefore have to be kept in the cabinet above the refrigerator because that’s the only cabinet that is deep enough for the plates to fit in) were marked down to $1.99 apiece.  The salad plates (although that’s not what I use them for; I always use bowls for salad.  What about you?) were reduced to 99 cents.  The price of the platter was  $2.99.   I got four of each plate and one platter for $15 plus tax.  They were sold out of the bowls, which is too bad because I really would’ve liked to have them, as well.

I couldn’t find the dishes on the Pier 1 website, so I did a web search.  This photo came from ebay, but the colors are off.  The blue part of the plate looks grey in this shot.

So, I figured I might as well take a couple of pictures myself.

In other news, it appears that I have a sinus infection, and it’s making me pretty friggin’ miserable.  For the past couple of days, my nose has been running a marathon and I’ve been sneezing my damn fool head off.  At work yesterday, I lost count of how many times I heard, “Miss, your nose is red.”  Just call me Rudolph.  Or Bozoette II.

Song of the Day:  Jolly Red Nose

9 Responses to “Let’s Dish”

  1. I love those dishes! And get rid of that sinus infection, hear?

  2. LA said

    Gorgeous! Even with a red nose! The dishes are great too. ~LA

  3. Sasha said

    I got all tingly reading about your fabulous find at Pier 1. I adore those dishes. The darkest glaze looks to me like a glaze I’ve worked with in the past called temmoku. It can be almost black when thick and is brownish when thinner. It was one of my favorite glazes.
    I’m glad this new patch is working for you. What did the doctor say about the side effects?

  4. yaketyyak said

    The doctor didn’t say a word about the side effects. I didn’t know anything about them until I filled the prescription and read the accompanying literature. :-/

  5. Michael said

    Oh, yeah. Those dishes are way cool. Good find! Too bad about the bowls, though. I use bowls for just about everything that doesn’t require a dinner plate.

  6. Jim said

    Yes, I usually use bowels for salads.

    Except when the meal is a salad. For example, salade niçoise when I use a dinner plate for the salad (which I make with canned tuna, although you could also use tuna steak). And the same thing when I make a salad with smoked salmon (which I just call “a salad with smoked salmon” although it probably has some fancy French name since I picked up on the idea of this kind of salad on business trips to the Nice area).

    Once in a while I will put a small salad on a dinner plate along with the other parts of the meal. This works nicely for a lunch dish to be eaten out on our back deck, but I always regret it when I try to do it for dinner because the plate always ends up too crowded.

  7. terri t. said

    Those dishes are gorgeous. I can understand why you bought them ….and such a wonderful clearance price. love them.

  8. One can never have enough dishes…they are gorgeous!

  9. LeAnn said

    Yup!! Those dishes are beautiful!! I love Pier One. You can get good deals there.

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