If I Had a Sledgehammer

January 22, 2009

…I’d knock myself out.  Seriously, this flare-up is getting to me.  I’ve been in severe pain since Christmas.  As usual, the worst of it is located in the area of my right shoulder blade.  It feels like somebody stuck a knife in there, and gives it a twist every now and then.  My neck hurts, too, and so does my lower back.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get through each day.

As I’ve mentioned before, I try to reserve most of my strength for my job.  For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been assigned to a Resource classroom, helping 9th and 10th grade students with modified versions of the English 11 Regents exam.  This is meant to serve as an introduction to the Regents exam, so that students will get an idea of what it’s all about.  It will also show where students need the most help.  (Reading comprehension and essay writing!)

This is a somewhat stressful situation.  It is alarming for me to see how low level the skills of many of our students are.  No matter how hard I try to get them to understand the task, I get blank looks in response.

This extra stress isn’t helping my pain.  When I leave the school at 2:00, I am so wiped out, the thought of walking home is so daunting I might as well be facing a steep mountain.  By 7:00 pm, the pain and exhaustion are so overwhelming, just talking takes superhuman effort.  All I want to do at that point is escape into sleep.

I saw my rheumatologist on Monday, and she prescribed an anti-inflammatory patch.  I sure do hope it will give me some relief from this crippling pain.

By the way, I do know that Woody Guthrie wrote “This Land is Your Land.”  When I post a song of the day, I often name a performer, rather than the songwriter.  In this case, I indicated “as sung by Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen.”

Speaking of Pete Seeger, The Ex was a good friend of Pete’s daughter, Tinya, back in their college days.  I met her and her children at a birthday party for one of ex B-I-L’s kids many moons ago.

Song of the Day:  If I Had a Hammer by Pete Seeger

7 Responses to “If I Had a Sledgehammer”

  1. LeAnn said

    Lol. I wasn’t correcting you as much as I was second guessing myself. I almost always think of the performer rather than the composer, but for some reason everytime I hear a Woodie Guthrie song, I think of him rather than the person singing it.

    I do hope you get some relief from the anti-imflammatory patch. It sounds hopeful! You are amazing with all you do, in spite of the extraordinary pain your body always makes you suffer through. Please feel better. You deserve it!!

  2. terri t. said

    Sure hope you find some relief somewhere. I sometimes wake up during the night with a pain in the middle of my shoulder blades and I can’t sleep for hours. Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often.

  3. Sasha said

    I do hope that patch helps you. The pain sounds really horrible. 😦

  4. candidbeauty said

    I found your blog, searching for ‘neck pain’ and I wanted to say that I hope you start feeling better. I deal with flare ups with my neck, and it can be so frustrating and overwhelming. What kind of patches were you given? Lidoderm patches are a godsend, and lots of doctors have samples. Sending healing energy your way:)

  5. LA said

    Hope the patches bring sweet, sweet relief! ~LA

    PS: Which dishes do you get?

  6. Michael said

    I wasn’t correcting you, either. Just rambling, as usual. You can’t help being stressed by a job that matters so much to you and takes so much out of you to make it work, and where it can be so hard to see success. I hope the patch helps with the pain.

  7. Bex said

    Even though I have many many body pains and aches, too, I count myself lucky to have a job where I can work from home. I wish you had one of those too. Maybe you could look into that possibility? Good luck with the patches.

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