More Cheese, Please

January 18, 2009

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for the encouraging words (in my comments section and via email) over the potentially catastrophic job situation. Fortunately, I belong to a union, and our contract says that, in the event of a layoff, the last ones hired are the first ones to go.  Still, I have cause to worry because I think there are only around sixty Teaching Assistants in the district, and they are talking about eliminating fifty-one of those positions.  There’s a very good chance that nine people have seniority over me.

LeAnn raised a point that I want to address.  Unfortunately, there wouldn’t be any severance pay, and the measly unemployment benefits I’d receive wouldn’t be enough to keep us afloat.  So, if I lose my job, we will be in serious trouble immediately.

In happier news, I had a chance to see the beautiful (inside and out) GBW and her stunning daughter, A, yesterday.  When I heard that GBW was going to be selling her wares at a winter farmer’s market at a college not far from my house, I made plans to stop by and say hello.  We haven’t seen each other in a very long time.  I mentioned to GBW that it’s also been way too long since I last saw LA.   I really miss her.

Another thing GBW and I talked about is how LA isn’t a big fan of cheese, but she sure can sell it.  Daniel doesn’t like cheese, either.  In fact, he hates the mere thought of it.  That goes for all dairy products except butter.  He has said that one of his biggest fears is that, when he is on his deathbed, I will lean in and whisper, “You know that dish you liked so much?  Well, it had cheese in it.”

GBW remarked that she can’t imagine life without cheese, and neither can I.  I have yet to try the Chevre logs sampler, (plain, garlic herb and herbs de Provence), but if it tastes as delectable as it looks, it’s sure to be absolutely delicious.  I did try the feta, and it’s the best I’ve ever tasted.  Word is bond.

Now I’m heading upstairs to take a shower so I can use GBW’s yummy Oatmeal & Honey all natural goat milk soap.   Then I’ll light a fire, read, knit, listen to music and alternate looking at the flames and looking out my window at the pretty wintry scene, courtesy of the freshly fallen snow.

Thank goodness for simple pleasures.

Song of the Day:  Mice Eat Cheese by Modest Mouse

15 Responses to “More Cheese, Please”

  1. Bex said

    I also can’t imagine a life without cheese, however, I have learned to limit it significantly from my diet because it does contain a lot of fat and salt. But my husband also hates it like yours does! I gave him cheese in things over the years and he never said a word until a year or two ago when he finally informed me he hates the taste of cheese! NOW he tells me! I stopped using it for his food, but every so often I have to get a piece of English (Wensleydale is to die for) cheese and enjoy it tiny bit by tiny bit by my self. Sometimes I can find English Cheshire in the gourmet cheese section of the supermarket, too, and that is pure heaven.

  2. mercystreet said

    I couldn’t comment yesterday (stupid computer) but I hope that there is hope for your job. I love cheese but I am not really supposed to eat it.

  3. sasha said

    I’m a bit frazzled and don’t even remember if I left a comment in your entry before this one. I was distressed to hear your news. I hope your seniority will help you. By the way, hurray for cheese. I adore cheeses!

  4. terri t. said

    It’s hard to realize that some people don’t like cheese. I love it…..but my husband doesn’t seem to care too much for it. So, yay, more for me!!!!

    Good luck on the job thing…..and it was fun to see you were posting about simple pleasures today too.

  5. If the school district lays off all of those teaching assistants. how are they going to fulfill all of the IEP’s that demand an assistant with a student at all times?
    I’m sending good vibes your way, as I know how scary a lay off can be.

  6. LA said

    Missing you too. BUT (she says with an eye roll toward the heavens) Miss Thang is NEVER home! Let it be known, 11 attempts and “Stephanie’s not here, LA” broken record recording from Daniel-san.

    Glad you got to see, GBW. Enjoy her wares, they are the bomb! ~LA

  7. Sharon said

    Cheese is my very favorite food.

    Sending good wishes concerning your job situation.

  8. Holly said

    I used to feel the same way about cheese and most dairy products. Till one day I realized I hadn’t had any in weeks and didn’t miss it. I’ve tried veggie cheese products, but they are all disgusting as hell. Once in a great while I might miss it a little, but suprisingly not nearly as much as I might of thought. I could also make a kick ass pot of coffee long before I would think of touching the stuff (Thanks Mom)

  9. LeAnn said

    Cheese means everything to me. A world without cheese is hard to imagine. I did not know the world was divided between the cheeses and the cheese nots. Tonight for supper I had New York cheddar and crackers.

    Yes your unemployment checks would be considerably less than what you were making, but they are a very big help. I was supposed to get six months of checks for $342 a week. That is a lot less than the large AT&T paychecks, I know, but much higher than what most people without a college degree earn in a week. To my surprise, about a year after my unemployment checks ended, I started getting them again for $342 July 08 through Sept 08. Don’t know why. Then for some reason, they started sending them to me again from Dec 08 to Jan 09. They said Bush, being lame duck prez decided to extend benefits. Then once again, I just got a notice that I am entitled to $7000 more in benefits at $310 a week through July 09. That one was too good to be true though. It turns out that in order to qualify, I would have had to earn $3000 from May 4, 2007 when AT&T wrongfully terminated me, until now, which I have not. So I don’t get that one unless I get another unexpected surprise. So actually somehow, I have managed to collect unemployment benefits off and on for nearly two years from AT&T. The money really does help to tide you over while you seek substantial employment. It’s helped me a lot and it’s better than nuttin, really!! I hope it doesn’t come to that for you, but if it does, you will be amazed at how you are able to adapt.

    In other news, my caseworker at the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission told me that settlement negotiations with AT&T are starting very soon and I should be getting a settlement offer within the next couple of months. How do you spell Ka Ching??

    I know you’re stressing over this, Steph, and you should be. I just want you to know that if the worse case scenerio plays out, that you will find yourself presented with new opportunities you could never have imagined and your future will be bright! Really!!!

  10. Michael said

    I’d like to weigh in on the cheese issue, so I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I realize that I pretty much like all cheese except when it comes in macaroni and cheese or nachos. Maybe it’s just hot melted cheese I don’t like, but I will eat the occasional cheeseburger and I often have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I might be up all night pondering this.

  11. terri t. said

    RYC on Three Junes. I thought I had read the book but in checking the synopsis via Amazon, I now think I checked it out but had to return it unread at some point in time so that will be another book to add to my evergrowing list of over 90 books.

    Like the phrase said….so many books…so little time!

  12. Crackers and cheese are my favorite as well as feta and blu cheese.

    mz. em

  13. Sunday said

    Greetings! I’m fine, so fine in fact, I’ll comment first, then read.

    Okay, I’ve read….damn! Good luck on the job situation–I hope that you’re on the top of the totem pole as far as seniority is concerned.

    As for why I haven’t been around–the craptastic Dell Dimension 4600C has conked out, and I am now without a computer. For some reason, I can’t get in to my blog to update unless I’m running Firefox, so it’ll be a while.

    Because I can’t say it enough–best wishes and good luck!

  14. Allison said

    Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to wish you good luck with your job, and let you know I’m thinking about you!

  15. boxx said

    I’m vegan, I don’t eat cheese or any dairy products. I was a classroom aid for 20 years but got my teaching credential 7 years ago. We have NO teaching assistants. NONE. The talk here is to cut teachers. Last hired. first fired. scary times.

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