Christmas Past is Here at Last

December 27, 2008

The holiday gathering at my house was very nice.  At least that’s what I heard.  I wouldn’t know because I was on my feet in the kitchen from 7:30 am until 9:30 pm.

Actually, I did sit down a few times, but the breaks only lasted for a few minutes.  I didn’t even have a chance to eat.  Just about the only socializing I did was when someone would come into the kitchen to either lend a hand (my sister, Michele, and my sister-in-law, Stephanie) or to get in my way (everybody else).

My mother came over in the morning to help stuff shells, thank goodness.  (By the way, Nancy, I followed the recipe on the Ronzoni jumbo shells box.)  If she hadn’t done that, I would have been greeting guests in my pajamas.

It really was a brutal day.  Little things were piling up and wearing me down.  For one thing, my ex MIL kept asking for coffee and ice cream, and this was before dinner, mind you.  Never mind the fact that I didn’t have any ice cream.  Anyway, I had a mini-meltdown at one point, and had to keep my face averted to hide the tears.

I’ve been feeling pretty awful since then, both physically and emotionally.   A lot of people have had a sad Christmas this year, and I know I should be grateful that all my family members were together, with everyone in festive spirits, but I can’t help feeling like I was left out. I feel like I missed Christmas.

And then there’s this god-awful pain.  By the end of the day, I was in agony.  Yesterday I was hurting so bad I could barely move, and today doesn’t look like it will be much better.  Every muscle in my body is aching.

Fortunately, my niece, Kristen,

took over the bulk of the photographer duties again this year.  I’m glad of that because there wouldn’t have been many pictures otherwise, since I was trapped in the kitchen for most of the day.

While Kristen was busy snapping photos, her sister, Rachel, curled up under a blanket with an Archie digest.

My ex MIL loved the afghan I knitted for her.

I wish this shot of my mother had come out better.  Her outfit was gorgeous.  Of course, she bought it at a thrift shop.

Penny was chillin’.

Ellie hung out with my grandmother and ex MIL.

Speaking of my grandmother, here she is in all her ninety-seven year old glory.

This is me in the kitchen, putting on the brave, false face.

And here I am on one of my rare excursions out of the kitchen.  This smile is more genuine because I’m finally relaxing.  (You will notice that I chopped off a lot of hair.  I was getting bored with my hairstyle and needed a change, but didn’t want to do anything too drastic… yet.)

By the way, in my last entry, I mentioned that we would be squeezing twenty-three people into my small house, but we actually ended up squeezing in twenty-six people.  My sister, Patti, called in the morning to ask if she could bring a friend who had no family and would be spending the holiday alone.  Of course I said yes, and even wrapped up a bag of Lindt chocolates I had bought for myself (I love those things) so she wouldn’t be left out during the opening of gifts.  Then I invited my cousin and her friend, Bob, to come over for dessert.  What the hell.  The more the merrier.

I do have to say that I received some really nice gifts.  I’ve always wanted a red pocketbook, and, thanks to Rebecca, I now have one.  She and her boyfriend also gave me a gift certificate to the restaurant that My Friend and I call “Our Place.”  Leigh gave me beautiful leather gloves with a cashmere lining.   The gorgeous boots and comfy slippers are from Daniel.  My ex MIL gave us money, bless her heart, so I guess that made up for the repeated requests for coffee and ice cream.

I have a dentist appointment for root planing and scaling this morning (oh joy, more pain), and a party to go to this evening, so I’d better get moving.

Song of the Day:  It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over by Lenny Kravitz

14 Responses to “Christmas Past is Here at Last”

  1. goatbarnwitch said

    You look great with the shorter style! It is so much work to make the party and it all passes in a blur but afterwards there is the comfort of knowing you created something beautiful for all those people. I hope you have a great time at the party you are going to tonight.

  2. mercystreet said

    I spent a lot of time in the kitchen too but it was a novelty for me. I cut my hair about the same length of yours. You look great.
    I know everyone enjoyed themselves and you are a great hostess. I could never feed that many people.
    I like your gifts too. Envy

  3. terri t. said

    The pictures were lovely. I am so sorry you didn’t spend more time with the people in your house instead of being in the kitchen. I do that sometimes…just seem to avoid socializing when there are so many in the house. Guess we both need to work on that…hmmm?

  4. Kathy said

    Stephanie! That hair style is gorgeous on you!

  5. catsoul said

    Kristen is a great photographer…maybe she has a calling. Her little doggies are so cute!! Anything cashmere is sooooooo wonderful. I hope you get some rest and contemplate doing Christmas dinner at someone else’s place…it must be time to pass on the deed. Take care and enjoy going out tonight. =^..^=

  6. LA said

    GORGEOUS!!!! ~LA

  7. Bex said

    The next time ask each person to bring something specific (YOU do the choosing of items) so all you need to do is maybe one favorite dish of your own. With 26 guests, you would have had plenty of food and it would have saved you a lot of wear-and-tear on the bod. I know from whence I speak. I did it this year (just made YOUR stuffed shells and a minimalized style salad with cookies and icecream and all were happy campers here. I think the one guest/one dish idea is the best way to go these days when you are a working hostess like so many of us are. It’s only fair.

    Happy New Year.

  8. LeAnn said

    Hello from somewhere in Arkansas. We got caught in a downpour and had to get a motel room. I think Kristen is almost as pretty as you. Your grandmother so rocks! Your hair looks great and I ove those boots!

  9. LeAnn said

    I mean I love the boots! lol.

  10. Michael said

    It looks as if everyone else had a good time, at least. There’s some comfort in that. I hope today was less painful for you, and that you were able to enjoy the party.

  11. karenfromphilly said

    I love your grandmom!
    You look beautiful, I’m so sorry you have so much pain.

  12. hotelindialima said

    How is it that you manage to look so beautiful, and feel so lousy!? Your smile is radiant, even if the pain is radiating. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  13. First of all, Rachel is my kind of girl! I would definitely want to be on that gorgeous couch curled up under that cozy blanket reading the Archie comics!
    Secondly, I must agree with gbw who said “there is the comfort of knowing you created something beautiful for all those people”. Not many people can do that, so you should take great pride in that.
    Thirdly (is that a word?), girlfriend, once again, you look mahvelous!

  14. You’re betting looking than that drawing of you on your blog.

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