Five Golden Rings

December 19, 2008

Schools are closed today, in anticipation of the big snowstorm that’s headed our way.  This means that I won’t get my last gift, and my Secret Santa won’t be revealed until we go back on January 5th.  Aww, isn’t that a shame.  NOT.

Actually, I am kind of curious to find out who would give me such crap.  I finally began to receive gifts on Wednesday, when I found three presents in my mailbox.  I guess the person was absent on Monday and Tuesday, or else they just plain forgot. Anyway, after opening the first four gifts, I have to say that I was better off with nothing.  Everything I’ve received has gone straight into the garbage.

It is very obvious that I am a victim of re-gifting. For day one, I got an ugly makeup bag.  It looks like one of those freebies you get when you make a purchase.  Day two: a sample size of stinky body wash.  Day three: a sample size of stinky body lotion.  Day four: a sample size of stinky body spray.  I imagine that day five will be a sample size of stinky bubble bath, or something like that.  Everything is from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  What I think is that my Secret Santa received a gift basket of all these items last Christmas or for a birthday, and is giving it to me, piece by piece.

It is possible to give tasteful gifts on a low budget.  I am living proof of that, having spent less than twenty dollars on the five presents for my co-worker.  On day one, I gave my gift recipient Crate & Barrel snowflake soap; six soaps individually wrapped and stacked in a clear box.

Day two: Pirouline rolled wafers filled with cocoa and hazelnut cream.

Day three: A Crate & Barrel twig kissing ball

Day four: Stefani Tadio’s popular sticky notes (That link doesn’t take you to an active purchasing site, but it does show a good sampling of this terrific item.)

Day five: A ceramic bowl with decorative potpourri

Last year I had a wonderful Secret Santa.  She gave me a really cool holiday candle, a gourmet candy apple, and pretty earrings. (I can’t remember what the other two presents were, but I do remember that I was pleased with them.) Oh well.  Maybe the real Santa will bring me something nice to make up for this year’s disappointing Secret Santa.

I know it’s supposed to be the thought that counts, but thought was most definitely not involved in this fiasco.  Bah, humbug.

Song of the Day:  The Twelve Days of Christmas


7 Responses to “Five Golden Rings”

  1. LA said

    What a twerp. Can’t wait to hear about the ‘lovely’ bubble bath! Man, some people haven’t a single clue how to live well and be decent.

    Cool beans about the snow day, eh? Mick is already planning on more snow days on Mon and Tuesday too and not going back to work until Jan 5th! I think he’s dreaming, they’ll have school at least once next week even if the buses are pulled by sled dogs. ~LA

  2. Stefani said

    Awww man, if I had a bunch of those Sticky Notes in my Etsy shop right now, I could be making a killing – with your nice mention. Thanks!

    The snow is coming down like crazy here. I’m sure we’ll be heading out of work early today – always nice on a Friday.

  3. terri t. said

    Well…..hmmmm….I don’t know what to say about your Secret Santa…..not very creative and sure shouldn’t have bothered if they were not willing to buy some nice gifts. So, you get to find out who it is? …..that should be interesting.
    Enjoy your snow day…..and the entire holiday break from school.

  4. Carol said

    I would have loved the gifts you gave. Sorry the ones you recieved weren’t so great.

  5. The gifts that you gave are lovely and there lies the good Karma…at least that’s what my therapist says…

  6. Michael said

    What a gyp! And yet, perversely, I can’t help finding it just a little bit humorous that someone thought you’d be thrilled to get such awful gifts. Sorry.

  7. LeAnn said

    The person who gave you the gifts obviously has no shame!! I don’t know that re-gifting should always be viewed in such a bad light though. I once gave someone some scrumptious fudge, but they didn’t eat sweets. I told them they should re-gift the fudge so it doesn’t go to waste. In your case though, I can’t figure out why your Secret Santa even agreed to participate! It must have been to get gifts since clearly it wasn’t to give them.

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