They Run and Hide Their Heads

December 12, 2008

I hadn’t planned on writing an entry today but I’m feeling pretty depressed this morning and need to unload.

It’s the rain.  You see, the weather forecasters got my hopes up yesterday.  According to them, conditions were supposed to be very icy this morning.  That would have meant that schools would be closed, and I was really counting on that happening.

My house is an unholy mess, and, since I’m hosting the Christmas gathering this year, I need to get this place cleaned up before then.    I don’t know how I’m going to get it done.

Weekends have been, and will continue to be, spent away from home for large portions of the day. I’m in too much pain and too exhausted to tackle the mess after work.   That’s why I was desperately hoping schools would be closed today.  My heart sank when I woke up and saw nothing more than pouring rain.

There’s a much bigger reason the rain is depressing me.    I was in bed last night when I heard Daniel utter the dreaded words, “There’s a leak.”

I went to take a look and saw a steady drip coming from the attic access on the ceiling in the small bedroom.  There was a large puddle on the hardwood floor.   Daniel brought up our biggest pot and I put it on the floor under the spot that was leaking.

I can’t imagine what we’re going to do about the roof.  We don’t have any money.

This gives new meaning to the adage, “when it rains, it pours.”

Song of the Day:  Rain by The Beatles


9 Responses to “They Run and Hide Their Heads”

  1. Stefani said

    I’m so, so sorry about the leak!

    (I think it’s snowing here – I heard the plow go by earlier – I haven’t looked outside yet – too dark.)

    I hope you have a good weekend though!

  2. Bex said

    It’w raining here in the northeast too, and I don’t know when I’ve heard such loud constant rain coming down for such a long period of time before. I hate to think what the roads will be like. Good luck to you with the leak, and your house. Keep the lights down dim… that hides a lot of cleaning faux pas.

  3. LA said

    I worried about our roof last night too. And that patched place in the cellar wall. That rain was AWFUL!!!

    Now about your roof. Here’s hoping your bro Mike and a tube of caulk can get it buttoned up again. Betcha there’s a leak around one of the vent pipes. Almost always the first place to let water in.

    Wolf’s off today, but Mick isn’t, he’s as ticked off about having to go in as you are.

    Please don’t make yourself crazy cleaning for company. By the time everybody crowds in the place will be too full to worry about shmutz. So make sure the bathroom is sparkly and you’re looking pretty and don’t sweat the rest. ~LA

  4. I was thinking of having Christmas at my house until I realized that I would have too much cleaning to do to make it look spotless. Then I thought about how having my whole family in here would be too crowded and besides I don’t think they could carry my mother up the stairs.

    I think you should just dust and run the sweeper and that would be just fine. Your family most likely doesn’t care, they just want to spend the holiday with you.

  5. terri t. said

    I agree with the above comments. My SIL once told me she never scrubs the floor before company comes in the winter because they just track in more dirt. Like the others said, clean the bathroom, spray some nice air freshener in there, put on some Christmas music, have great food and all will be fine. You just can’t wear yourself out because then you won’t enjoy the holidays.
    As for the leak….hopefully you can find the source…

  6. Michael said

    I’m the last person to give advice about house cleaning, but I can be sympathetic, about that and about the leak. Leaks I know about. Mine only shows up during the very hardest rainstorms, maybe once or twice a year, just enough to drive me a little way around the bend. Sorry about yours.

  7. Jeanette said

    It’s always scary anytime water is coming into your house where it’t not supposed to be. Hopefully it’s a easy fix with a little patch job! I agree with the above commenters. Don’t worry about a spotless house. Clean the bathroom, dim the lights and light some wonderfully scented candles! That will make such a welcoming and cozy atmosphere no one will notice any dirt!

  8. Holly said

    don’t worry about the house, the illusion of clean is more important than actual clean, at least for guest time. After all they are thier for company and fun, not to inspect your housekeeping skills.

    We are supposed to be getting a blizzard in the next day or so. Of course a ND blizzard is not quite the same as what the rest of the country calls a blizzard and half the time they predict one, all it is, is more like a minor snow storm, what might be blizzardy in some places, but barely an inconvience here in the Great White North(US side)

  9. LeAnn said

    Sorry, I have been off the radar for a few days. My brother borrowed my computer. I hope you get a snow day tomorrow. It’s verrry cold here. I think we’re supposed to be getting freezing rain tomorrow. I’ll be happy to send it your way, if it will help!!

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