Say Hello to Oblivion

December 6, 2008

The title of this entry is a quote from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  It pretty much sums up my most vivid memory from last year’s holiday season, which is today’s Holidailies prompt.

After Christmas dinner at my sister’s house, most of the guests were in the living room watching I Am Legend.   At one point, my mother and Ex MIL began to converse, loudly, I might add.   It was very distracting, to say the least, and made it difficult to hear the movie.

Those who were sitting on the floor made a big show of moving closer to the television.  Then the volume was turned up.  Still, the talkers took no notice.  They were also oblivious to all the dirty looks and huffing and puffing and harumphing and teeth-sucking and heavy sighs.  Finally I blurted out, “People are trying to watch a movie!”   Only then did the two women become aware that they were being disruptive.

On the way home, Daniel told me that he enjoyed the oblivious behavior more than the movie.   He thought it was pretty comical.   In retrospect, I have to agree. The movie wasn’t very good, anyway.

Song of the Day:  Oblivion by Macy Gray

3 Responses to “Say Hello to Oblivion”

  1. Kathy said

    I love this entry. I thought I “knew” you but now I “know” you even more!

    By the way – those daughters of yours are gorgeous!

  2. LA said

    Too funny! I love how subtle you guys are. In our clan it would be more like, “Yo, you two are shouting the house down! Shut up or take it elsewhere.” Because we’re nice like that. Heh. ~LA

  3. terri t. said

    I feel like I got to know you even more. Loved the pictures of your daughters…they are both quite stunning…

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