These Vagabond Shoes

November 30, 2008

We had a really nice Thanksgiving with The Ex and his mother.  (She was on her best behavior, by the way.)   It was a very low-key holiday, which suited me just fine.   I was especially grateful to not have to listen to the Obama bashing I’m quite certain was spewing forth from the mouths of my father and brother-in-law.

I’ve been off work since 11:30 on Tuesday.  One of the best things about being off is sleeping late.   For me, “sleeping in” means 6:00 am, or 7:00 if I’m really lucky.  Therefore, I was shocked when I woke up yesterday and saw that it was 10:00 am. I could easily get used to this.

I could also get used to evenings like the one I’m enjoying right now.  After spending seven hours on my feet in the kitchen a couple of days this past week, my body and mind needed to rest.  So, I’ve been sitting here in the family room, knitting in front of the fire, and listening to tunes on my ipod, which is set to “shuffle.”

It’s a hoot to listen to songs that jump from John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” to Cher singing “It Ain’t Necessarily So” (from “The Glory of Gershwin”), to Elvis Costello’s “Oliver’s Army,” to U2’s “Pride (In the Name of Love), to “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” by The Temptations, to “Don’t Worry About the Government” by The Talking Heads, to “I Want You,” by Marvin Gaye, to Elton John’s “Burn Down the Mission,” to Radiohead’s “Street Spirit,” to “1999” by Prince, to Nirvana’s “Pennyroyal Tea,” to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra, to “Invisible” by Modest Mouse,  to Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” to “Jump, Jive and Wail” by Louis Prima, to “Jigga What/Faint” by Jay-Z with Linkin Park, to “Oh Darling” by The Beatles, to Joe Jackson’s “It’s Different For Girls,” to “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, to “Sea Legs” by The Shins, to “Requiem, Op. 48, Pie Jesu.”

This is the life.

Song of the Day:  This is the Life by Amy MacDonald

“And the songs they get louder
Each one better than before

And you’re singing the songs
Thinking this is the life.”

7 Responses to “These Vagabond Shoes”

  1. Sasha said

    Peachy pink or pinky peach is fine with me, Stephanie. I love putting my whole iPod on shuffle like that. I always get a very trippy mix.

  2. mercystreet said

    I am glad to hear you have a few moments to relax. You deserve it.

  3. LeAnn said

    What a lovely way to spend an evening. Of all those songs my favorite is New York, New York.

  4. Michael said

    I love reading lists like that. I already knew you had excellent (and eclectic) taste in music. I’m glad you got to enjoy Thanksgiving, and the time off.

  5. LA said

    Aaahhhhhhh!!! That’s the way! ~LA

  6. terri t. said

    Sounds like the perfect to finish off your holiday weekend. I am sure you are looking forward to the Christmas time off from school too.

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