Slow Wheels of Progress

November 15, 2008

I saw Dr. What Do You Want Me To Do Wednesday morning, and the CAT scan showed that I have sinusitis.  However, since I am not exhibiting any symptoms, he doesn’t want to prescribe an antibiotic.  I guess sinusitis could explain the dizziness, but it’s weird about the lack of symptoms…

Another contributing factor could be the fact that my blood pressure is elevated.  The diastolic number has been over 90 the past four times I’ve had my blood pressure checked.  The doctor isn’t sure if I was dizzy because my blood pressure was high, or if my blood pressure was high because I was sick.  I’m still a bit unsteady, but I do feel better, so that’s something.

After I saw my primary care physician, I had to go to the appointment that was set up by the School District.  At the time that the appointment was made, I thought it was in reference to the worker’s comp case.  This was a reasonable assumption because nurses from that office called me routinely to see how I was doing while I was out of work due to the back injury.  As it turns out, the appointment was in reference to my request for a health-related accommodation.

The consultation went very well.  The doctor seemed sympathetic (which is not something I run into very often), and he even strengthened my case by finding major trigger points I wasn’t aware of.  They are on the front of my lower legs, and could have something to do with the excruciating shin cramps I’ve been experiencing.  District Doc  said he will do what he can to help me get my 504, which should then result in my accommodation request being approved.  It’s about bloody time.

In other news, my mother had her clamps removed on Tuesday, and the doctor told her she doesn’t have to come back for any further follow-up.  She can resume her normal activities, except she is to do no heavy lifting for six weeks.

This whole experience has had a miraculous effect on our relationship.  My mother is very grateful for all the meals I provided, and calls me almost every day to let me know how much she enjoyed whatever it was that she just ate.  She ends these phone calls by telling me that she loves me.    That might not seem like a big deal to those of you with verbally affectionate parents, but this is most definitely not the norm for us.  Although I know all too well that I don’t dare let my guard down, I will try to appreciate this for as long as it lasts.

Song of the Day:  How Long Can It Last by Ani Difranco

8 Responses to “Slow Wheels of Progress”

  1. mercystreet said

    A health scare can bring out the ability to say I love you in people. My family always ends phone conversations with I love you. My daughter doesn’t always say it but she does when I am sick.

  2. LeAnn said

    That’s so nice for you and your mom! I’m glad she’s better. How’s your brother?

  3. Michael said

    I think it’s pretty cool that when you finally find a doctor who has some sympathy and understanding for what you’re feeling, it’s District Doc. It’ll be even better if he follows through and gets you the accommodation.

  4. debbie said

    awww, your mommy loves you and your home cooking, thats so sweet of her to appreciate the both. i would tell you i love you if you cook for me, no problemo, lol. shoot, i would settle for just liking you for a heated tv dinner, roflmao. be well and eat sensibly,your mom is waking up to her owm mortality, i would love to wake up to some warm cream cheese bagels, please, hint hint. take care!

  5. LA said

    That’s great about your mom!

    Good news too about getting that balls-up at work straightened out. What a bunch of doofuses over there.

    Mick’s foot is feeling better. We may just survive the Great Plantar Fascia Disaster after all! 😉 ~LA

  6. I’m glad to hear that progress is happenning!! And that’s really lovely about your mom.

  7. terri t. said

    Glad to hear that you are getting some positive comments from your mother. Also glad to hear that she is doing better.
    Wonderful news that the District Dr. seems to get it and hopefully, he will write a report that provides you with the accommodations you requested months ago. Hope you start feeling better very soon.

  8. Sasha said

    I can understand why your mother is being so affectionate. It was so sweet of you to do so much for her when she needed you, especially considering how much you’ve been suffering yourself.

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