I Second That Emotion

November 7, 2008

This sure has been an emotionally draining week.   I’ve had two critically ill family members in the hospital.  (My mother was finally discharged yesterday.)  I’m worried sick about our financial situation.  I was saddened when an historic (117 year old) Church burned to the ground.  A 19 year old man was shot and killed.  I didn’t know him, but I do know his girlfriend and many of his friends.  I invested a lot of emotional energy into the election.

I guess it’s no wonder I ended up with vertigo, or whatever it is that’s making me dizzy.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from a nurse at my doctor’s office.  The conversation went like this:

Nurse:  Dr. What Do You Want Me To Do got the results of your CAT scan and he wants to see you.

Me:  Uhh, you’re scaring me.

Nurse:  I’m sorry.  I don’t know the results.  But it can’t be too bad or the doctor would have called  himself.

How comforting.

I told the nurse I already have an appointment for Wednesday and asked if I needed to come in before then.  She said the existing appointment should be fine.

I’m probably worried for nothing but I really do wish I didn’t have to wait so long to find out…

Song of the Day:  A Church is Burning by Simon & Garfunkel


8 Responses to “I Second That Emotion”

  1. Bex said

    They ALWAYS want to SEE you for results of things. It means an extra office visit charge that way! Our doctors have always called personally, even at night, when they’ve had “bad” results of tests. So I think you may be ok… vertigo is nothing to be sneezed at. It rocks your entire world. I haven’t had it personally, but I know people who have, and it’s really rotten stuff. Good luck.

  2. goatbarnwitch said

    Wednesday is a long way off. Why don’t you see if you can speak with the doc over the phone to get the results and then go to your follow-up appt. as had been scheduled. It seems the anxiety of waiting can not be a good thing.

  3. yaketyyak said

    Actually, Bex, when the results are normal, I almost always get them over the phone, and, in the case of blood work, through the mail. Still, I’m trying to remember the power of positive thinking.

  4. I hope there is a simple explanation to your vertigo. As in nothing serious.

  5. Sasha said

    I hope it isn’t serious and I am sorry you have to wait. Like you need more stress. 😦

  6. Michael said

    I would be thinking positively, because I’d assume that if it could wait until Wednesday, it couldn’t be that bad. The waiting part can’t be easy, though.

  7. debbie said

    someone didnt hear me when i said that you could use a happy day. maybe we need to shout that fact in synch to get a listen. im ready to scream whenever you are, lol.

  8. LA said

    Yeah, I’m in with everybody else. Really BAD news is always urgent. Dr Nincompoop will likely say, “And why are you here today?” when you get there on Wed. ~LA

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