Like a Whirlpool It Never Ends

November 6, 2008

I saw my doctor yesterday and he sent me for a CAT scan.  If the results are normal, I probably have vertigo.   Besides the dizziness, I have a crushing headache.

Dr. What Do You Want Me To Do (for once, he didn’t ask me that) wants me to stay out of work until I see him for follow-up next Wednesday.

In other news, my mother and brother are still in the hospital.  Mike is going to have hemorrhoid surgery on Friday.

I’m going back to bed.

Song of the Day:  Vertigo by U2

5 Responses to “Like a Whirlpool It Never Ends”

  1. Betty Lou said

    When I was about your age the same thing happened to me. I was off work for two months until they finally discovered that my thyroid was out of whack. After it was corrected I’ve been O.K. ever since. just telling you in case your doctors haven’t given you a complete blood panel test recently. I hope you and your family all feel better soon.

  2. LeAnn said

    I hope they don’t send your brother home immediately after he has his surgery. Billy was in the hospital for six days because they had to keep him until he was ready to have surgery. Then after six hours in surgery they sent him home within two hours! I hope you are able to at least enjoy your time off work just a little.

  3. Kathy said

    We are dizzy together! See you in bed!

  4. LA said

    I do NOT want to know what you and K-Lo got up to in the sack!


    The spins suck, that is for certain. It’s good you got some time off from work! Rest! Rest! Rest even more! ~LA

  5. For the love of God, please stay the hell away from stairs until the diziness goes away!

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