My Head Is Spinning

November 5, 2008

It looks like I could  be the next family member in the hospital.  When I got up this morning, I was so dizzy I almost took a header over the top of the staircase.  My vision is unfocused, too.  Unless I feel miraculously better in the next hour, I’ll be taking a trip to the Emergency Room.

There is a bright spot in all this gloom – the election results.  Yabba dabba doo!

Song of the Day:  Dizzy by Tommy Roe


10 Responses to “My Head Is Spinning”

  1. Stefani said

    Oh Stephanie! Please take care of yourself!

  2. Sharon said

    Hope everything is okay.

  3. mercystreet said

    Do be careful and take care.

  4. sasha said

    I hope you’re okay! Please take care. I hate getting bad news on top of other bad news. 😦

  5. Have them look at your ears! It could be an inner ear infection.

  6. goatbarnwitch said

    Oh do take care of yourself. Mary has a good point, I am prone to the ear infection and it can make for a very dizzy situation.

  7. LeAnn said

    I hope to hear that this turns out to be nothing serious.

  8. Jim said

    Get thyself to medical help — either your own doctor or the ER. A concussion is nothing to take chances with.

  9. Bex said

    I forgot to say that when you go into the hospital to visit loved ones, you should wear a face mask! Hospitals are the worst places for germs and bugs… you catch more stuff there than anyplace else. Good luck to all 3 of you!

  10. Michael said

    Take care of yourself. Let’s hope this turns out to be nothing, or at least nothing serious.

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