A Pain in the Butt

November 4, 2008

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for their good wishes and words of encouragement.  Your support means a lot to me.  Please keep the positive thoughts coming.

I visited both my brother and mother last evening.  Every day, my mother is sure she is going to be discharged, but her release from the hospital has not yet come to pass.  She has some kind of bacterial infection, and her potassium is dangerously low, so, until those things are under control, she will have to stay put.

As for Mike, he looked good, and said he felt a lot better after being given 3 pints of blood. Apparently, he’s been experiencing rectal bleeding for years.  When he finally decided to go to the hospital, his blood count was so low his condition was listed as critical.

Mike had an endoscopy and colonoscopy today, and it turns out that the bleeding was a result of hemorrhoids, believe it or not.  I am so relieved that it’s nothing more serious.

There is something else to be concerned about, though.  Mike doesn’t have medical insurance, and isn’t eligible for Medicaid.  Also, being a self-employed building contractor, he doesn’t get paid when he doesn’t work.  This is a potentially catastrophic situation for him.  I know his health is the most important thing, but he’s worked so hard for what he’s got, and he’s worried sick that he won’t be able to pay his mortgage and might lose his house.  I hope with all my heart that such a thing will never happen.

Shock of the Day:  My Republican mother, via absentee ballot, voted for Obama! It’s a freakin’ miracle!

Song of the Day:  The Miracle by Queen

7 Responses to “A Pain in the Butt”

  1. mercystreet said

    I hope both your mother and brother will be well soon. Still sending them positive light.

  2. Sasha said

    I’m glad your brother’s problem is something he can take care of. What a relief!

  3. I’m keeping you all close to my heart. And your brother should be able to arrange a payment plan with the hospital — start inquiring now and set it up quickly.

  4. Sunday said

    Hmmm…yeah. I completely understand what your brother’s going through. I just passed by the skin of my teeth by being po’ enough. Then came the budget cuts at college, and I was definitely po’ enough!

    Damn your brother for not getting any help because of not having insurance! That’s the same damn thing I did, and I was THISCLOSE to either having a heart attack or stroke, just because I heard stories about hospitals kicking people out without insurance. Look, they HAVE to treat you, whether the treatment is as good as someone with insurance, I don’t know. But it should be posted just about everywhere in the hospital. I paid particular attention to that in my choice of hospitals…the hospital where I was born kicked out a pregnant woman because she didn’t have insurance, so when the ambulance people asked me where I wanted to go, DePaul (where I was born) or Christian NE, I shouted, “Christian NE!!!”

    There are ways to get around that–there’s got to be, because while I know that they’ve let people die because of insurance (no, I don’t mean to scare you), they’ve taken care of your brother so far, I can only hope as hard as I can that they will give him the treatment he needs, insurance or no. Where’s that Hippocratic Oath they always talk about?

    (Sorry to make this all about me, but it does have some relation to your brother.)

    I hope both your mother and brother will be better soon. The sooner they get out of the hospital, the better. Nothing but sick people in that place! 😉

  5. LeAnn said

    I have experienced what Sunday is talking about. Last year when I went to the ER I thought I didn’t have insurance (ya know the whole AT&T thing), and that’s what I told them. They sent me away without even a work up with a strangulated bowel obstruction and a perforated bowel! Because of that, I was afraid to go to another ER and had my neighbor not taken me I absolutely would have died! Hopefully your brother has his bills paid up for November and even though this will certainly set him back he may be fine if he’s able to get back to work before too long. I guess he probably didn’t get to vote, huh??? I’m happy he’s gonna be okay! Tell your mom to hang in there! I’m still praying for y’all!

  6. Michael said

    Let’s hope the good news about your brother’s condition, and the fact that it’s treatable, isn’t overwhelmed by the financial problems it causes. And bless your Republican mother. I believe her vote earns her extra grace.

  7. Jim said

    You and your family will continue to be in our thoughts. I’m glad your brother’s condition wasn’t something less treatable and hope that he will be able to return to work soon.

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