Rhode Island Hates Me

August 26, 2008

I had a wonderful time in Rhode Island – until Friday, that is, but I’ll get to that later.  First, the good stuff.  The weather was perfect (Thanks, Jim!), and the rental place was really nice.  This spiral staircase was a bit much for me to navigate, so I chose a bedroom on the ground flour.

This is the view (of a salt pond) from the lower deck.

And this is the view from the upper deck.

One of my favorite activities was watching shore birds, like Great Blue Herons and egrets.

On the Sunday when we first arrived, the beach was packed.  Honestly, I’ve never seen so many people on a beach.   Fortunately, the crowds thinned out quite a bit during the week.  To further ensure a good spot, my mother and I made it a habit to get to the beach when the gates opened at 8:30 a.m.  At that hour, the beach looked like this.

Besides reading, knitting and wading, I also enjoyed watching people fish from the jetty.

The carousel at Watch Hill is always a highlight of the trip for me. Dating from about 1876, this is the oldest carousel of its type, and may be the oldest carousel in existence in the United States.  The carousel is unique in that its horses are not attached to the floor, but hang by suspended chains.  The faster the ride goes, the farther out the horses swing, which is why it was given the name “Flying Horse Carousel.”  Each horse is hand-carved from a single piece of wood, the tails and manes are made of real horsehair, the saddles are genuine leather, and the horses have their original agate eyes.   Whichever child gets the brass ring is treated to a free ride.

Friday was our last full day in Rhode Island, and our plan was to go to Newport to do part of the Cliff Walk.  At 8:00 am, my foot got twisted in the corner of a too long bedspread.

I went down hard.   The pain was so intense, I couldn’t move at first.  When I finally managed to get up, I realized that I had done a fair amount of damage.

Still, even though every breath I took caused pain in my chest on the ride side, and my left foot was quite swollen (I had to walk on the side of it because of extreme pain in the toe area), I went along on the trip to Newport.  We drove along the shore route, where we saw many beautiful sights.  This is a shot of cormorants sunning themselves on a rock.

I had to sit in the car while the others went on the Cliff Walk, but I did manage to limp far enough to take these photos.

Around 4:30 that afternoon, I figured I’d better go to the Emergency Room.  X-rays showed that nothing was broken, thank goodness.  My left foot is badly sprained, and my chest wall is deeply bruised.  What a great way to end summer vacation.  And it’s always fun to start work with a new pain.

It still hurts every time I take a breath or bend forward, and I still can’t step down on my left foot. I can’t wear a shoe on that side, either, which should add to the fun of going back to work next week.

I had an unrelated doctor appointment yesterday morning, and she noted that the trauma of the fall has caused my other problems to flare up.  My trigger points are swollen and very tender to the touch.  Consequently, a steroid was prescribed.  I know all about the dangers of steroids, but, frankly, I don’t care.  They’ve worked wonders for me in the past, and I’m hoping for similar results this time.  Anything is better than this god-awful pain.

As luck would have it, Daniel left for Canada the day after I returned from Rhode Island.  He offered to stay home because of my injury, but I insisted that he go.  Work has been stressful, and he’s been putting in a lot of overtime.  He really needed a vacation.  Still, the timing is unfortunate.  I’m having difficulty dealing with the dogs, not to mention everything else.  To top things off nicely, tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m not much in the mood for celebrating.

I don’t know what Rhode Island has against me.  Last year, I ended up in the hospital right after I got home from vacationing there.  Back in 1989, I was hit by a moped and suffered a tibial plateau fracture.  Perhaps it’s time for a different vacation destination…

Song of the Day  Love/Hate by Liz Phair

15 Responses to “Rhode Island Hates Me”

  1. Bex said

    I think you should fire your current angel, and start interviewing for a different one. The current one is not looking out for you properly. There must be an unemployed angel “up there” who would love to have the job.

  2. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon, and that the steroids help. I’m all for stuff that helps! I hope you have a happy birthday in spite of it all. Eat cake, okay?

  3. goatbarnwitch said

    Wow, sorry to hear things went wrong on vacation. I hope you are feeling better with the meds and things heal quickly.

  4. Sasha said

    Stephanie. 😦 Um, happy birthday anyway and I don’t blame you for not feeling at all festive. It’s weird how some falls can just be horrendous. I mean, it’s not like you fell a couple of stories from a building. I remember once my mother tripped and fell when walking home from church and shattered her knee, and her bones were not really all that weak or anything. I hope the steroids help.
    The pictures are beautiful. I love carousels too!

  5. Jim said

    On behalf of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, please allow me to express our deep regrets and sincere apologies for your fall.

  6. Betty Lou said

    Happy Birthday! I just finished with a series of steroids, and it was worth it to get rid of the pain, so I know exactly how you feel about it. I really hope you can have a Happy Birthday in spite of the trauma.

  7. LA said

    Oy, my poor friend. Disaster stalks you! Soooo sorry you’re laid up again.

    I wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I know it won’t feel very festive, but I am very glad you’re here for another year. ~LA

  8. Joan said

    What the hell???!!!! It is just not fair that you continue to have these aches and pains!! Damn that bedspread!!

    Happy birthday! Whe you go out to celebrate, strap some pillows around your body. I’m not kidding!

  9. Holly said

    OUTCH!! ((hugs)), I’ll send healing energy your way. I’ve done enough to my left ankle/foot in the last lifetime to really feel your foot pain. Hope you are better soon..

  10. LeAnn said

    Aah Steph!! That really is a terrible experience! I’m so sorry! I gotta say though, those pictures are amazing! The only time I have ever seen places that beautiful was in the movies! Mostly Lifetime movies, but still!! lol. Now you’ve gone and made me fall in love with RI!! You better celebrate your birthday tomorrow! For that matter take the rest of the month to celebrate! Who said birthdays have to be celebrated on just the one day, anyway?? I hope you feel better quickly.

  11. Michael said

    See! This is why I haven’t taken a vacation in three years. Something always happens — and I’ve never even been to Rhode Island. It sure is a beautiful place, despite being so rotten to you. I hope you have as happy a birthday as possible.

  12. Stefani said

    Stay out of Rhode Island! Besides being dangerous, it’s full of kooks and weirdos! 😉

    Love all the great photos – but especially love the carousel. How cool!

    Happy birthday!!

  13. Sam said

    Geez! That sucks! Want me to drive to RI from Jersey and burn all the bedspreads? It will be my birthday gift to you. 🙂

  14. Nice shots. Sorry about your leg. By the law of averages I feared something terrible was going to happen when you said “The weather was perfect.” When I lived in RI it was known as the place “where it rains two days out of three, except during the rainy season.”

  15. yaketyyak said

    Sam, I’d rather have you come here and help me get rid of fleas! 😉

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