How Does Your Garden Grow

August 16, 2008

Before I leave for Rhode Island, I want to post some garden photos.  I’ve never had much success with gardening, but am quite pleased with this year’s results.

My cousin and neighbor gave me some morning glory plants, and, when I planted them, I hoped that at least one of them would produce blue flowers.  I got my wish.

I love this color, too.

The lasagna garden is coming along nicely.

So are the shade gardens.

The porch plants are thriving, as well.

This sweet potato ivy came back nicely after the deer did their dirty work.

I had a fair amount of success with vegetables this year, too.  These are my jalapeno peppers.

I pick a handful of cherry tomatoes almost every day.

The regular tomatoes were the big surprise.  I planted two small, sickly looking plants my cousin gave me and this is what they grew into.  They’re so tall and heavy, I had to prop them up with large sticks.

This is a rainbow broom corn plant grown from seeds my mother brought back from Hancock Shaker Village.

Last but not least, this is a fawn in my back yard.  (Thank goodness for homemade deer repellant.  I learned my lesson after the sweet potato ivy massacre.)

Song of the Day:  Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen

8 Responses to “How Does Your Garden Grow”

  1. Jeanette said

    Your front flower beds look awesome. I know you were worried they they would not do good. My flowers were doing great until we went on vacation and nothing got watered for 6 days. Now everything’s sad looking but recovering very slowly!

  2. Jeanette said

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how jealous I am of your front porch!

  3. terri t. said

    thanks for your comment. I am so glad you sent a note because somehow I had lost your link and didn’t realize I hadn’t read your blog for some time. the pictures were great…you have quite a nice variety of garden veggies and flowers. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Bex said

    You could Martha S. a run for her money with your green thumb. Your gardens looks wonderful.

  5. Jim said

    Your garden is lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us. In exchange I have arranged for nice weather for your visit to Rhode Island. (Well, I’m not quite sure about Tuesday… but the rest of the week should be nice.)

  6. Bev said

    I missed the pasta plant in the lasagna garden!

  7. You have quite the green thumb! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Your front porch looks almost exactly like the house I used to live in years ago.

  8. Diane said

    Wow .. no lie, that is some amazing gardening. You’re very very good.

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