4th of July

July 4, 2008

I don’t have any big plans for the holiday, and that suits me just fine. (The weather isn’t being very accommodating, anyway.) The only thing on my agenda for today is to go shopping for a birthday present for my grandmother. She is going to be 97 on Sunday. That’s NINETY-SEVEN.

My first week off from work was very nice. I didn’t have as many doctor appointments as I thought I did. I went to the chiropractor on Wednesday, and to the dentist yesterday to have some silver (mercury) fillings replaced with white composite fillings.

I was supposed to go for trigger point injections on Monday, but had to reschedule because I’m in the process of switching insurance companies. The person who handles insurance for the school district called a couple of days ago to let me know that, even though our contract states that we only have to pay a certain percentage of our insurance, MVP subscribers will now have to pay an additional $1500 for the family plan.

I was under pressure to make a quick decision about whether or not I wanted to switch to another insurance company. The fifteen hundred dollars made it relatively easy for me to opt to switch. I went to the district office yesterday and signed all the necessary documents. All medical appointments have to be postponed until I receive new insurance cards. What a PIA.

I’m scheduled to see Dr. Spine Specialist on Wednesday. Fortunately, that appointment doesn’t have to be canceled because it’s covered by Worker’s Comp. Other than that, and another trip to Albany with My Friend on Monday, next week is looking pretty leisurely, too.

One thing I want to do is try my hand at “a new layering system for bountiful gardens. No Digging, No Tilling, No Weeding, No Kidding!” A while back, “Typewriter” left a comment suggesting “before you rototill, check out a book called Lasagna Gardening. Much easier!”

I didn’t have to buy the book because there’s lots of information about this style of gardening all over the Internet. Yesterday, I went to our local composting facility, which provides free compost to city residents. I loaded up on the stuff (and was a grimy, sweaty mess by time I had shoveled compost into four large garbage bags and a big plastic bin.) Next I headed to a garden center for peat moss, topsoil and plants. Step one will be to spread layers of wet newspaper over the areas marked with a black line in the photo below. (The white line indicates the spot where I tried to dig and was unable to break the ground, which is why I’m giving lasagna gardening a try.)

There is an area on the side of the house where I am able to do more traditional gardening. Last fall, I planted Asian lily bulbs. They should pop open any time now.  I’m so excited!

Happy holiday weekend!

Song of the Day: Independence Day by Bruce Springstreen

9 Responses to “4th of July”

  1. mercystreet said

    The new gardening idea sounds interesting. We have so many rocks in our yard that digging is impossible. I wiil be waiting to hear how it works for you.
    Happy 4th. It is raining here so I have no plans either.

  2. Betty Lou said

    Happy, RELAXING, Independence Day!

  3. I so want to do something out front of our house. The heat and dryness makes for tough planting. We are thinking of doing a small area on each side of the driveway (sort of like what you marked off in black) with rocks and some sorts of cactus. It is an area that is very dry, in a lot of sun..and dies every year no matter what.

    Can’t wait to see how yours comes out! Enjoy your time off while you can!

  4. LeAnn said

    I can’t wait to see more pictures. With this new lasagna method convicts won’t have to write letters home to their families anymore telling them where the bodies are buried so the FBI will dig the garden for their feeble elderly parents!! lol. Enjoy your holiday.

  5. LA said

    Excellent! Can’t wait to see your blooms and your lovely self in person! ~LA

  6. mz em said

    Oh I hate insurance company. Unless you make sure before hand that you can see a certain doctor and they are in in-network. Looky, looky, you may be paying the bill. Gaaach. Reading about your gardening reminds me of what I am reading in “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. The farthest I’ve gone to gardening was with the assistance with Michael to replant one of plants. I have no idea what it is. It has only had three leaves. Well, we’ve given it a bigger pot, new earth and some cow manure. So far it is holding up. Happy 4th!

  7. Bex said

    I also can’t wait to see the final garden. It’s all we can do to keep grass growing here, what with the digs taking the entire front yard as their play area.

  8. terri t. said

    Good luck with the new gardening method. Sure hope you don’t overdo it so you have more pain.
    And what do you get for a 97 yr old grandmother? Make a great picture album for her or put photos in a collage frame?

  9. rizalical said

    preety nice

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