Missing In Action

June 27, 2008

As Texas Peach pointed out, I’ve been pretty quiet lately. This last week of school has taken a lot out of me (proctoring exams for students with 504 accommodations is draining) and I’ve been too exhausted to even think about composing an entry. This weekend is going to be extremely hectic, too, so I’ll quickly try to catch you up to speed.

I had the second series of Epidural Steroid Injections last Friday. The anesthesia made such a difference. I felt pretty good after the procedure, and the surprisingly mild discomfort lasted through Saturday, so I thought I had dodged the pain bullet. But it caught up with me on Sunday, and was so bad I had to stay home from work on Monday. The pain has lessened since then, but I’m still in pain every damn day. I have an appointment with the pain management specialist for follow-up in six weeks.

Today is the last day of school. I can’t wait to walk out of that building, knowing I don’t have to go back until September 2nd. After we get out, I’m going to Albany with My Friend. She has a pre-surgical appointment, and asked me to go along for the ride. Her appointment is at 4:00, so we won’t be home until this evening.

Tomorrow morning, I’m scheduled for a massage followed by cut and color. (How convenient that my beauty salon offers both services.) Saturday evening, My Friend is taking me out to dinner because of all my help with the English 11 Anthology projects. On Sunday, we’re going to a graduation party for my nephew. Next week, I have at least two doctor appointments (maybe three). I can’t wait for a break in activity. I need some down time.

Song of the Day: M.I.A. by Avenged Sevenfold


10 Responses to “Missing In Action”

  1. I hope you do get some down time soon.

  2. Betty Lou said

    I’m sorry for all the pain you are having. I thought the Epidurals were to get rid of the pain, but they seem to be causing you more pain. What gives? I hope you get some relief soon.

  3. LeAnn said

    My mom had quite a few epidurals before she noticed any significant results. The first two didn’t help much or for very long. She had another one about a month ago and it seems to have helped. She was in pain last night though. I’m very sorry about the pain, but it’s great to hear from you.

  4. Stefani said

    I’m glad to hear about the massage, hair stuff – and many days off!

  5. Sunshyn said

    What, exactly, are they injecting? I think it depends on what they’re doing whether it helps. I had radio frequency ablation, where they killed the nerves with radio waves. That helped, partially. I also had epidurals to see if steroids would help, but the epidurals wear off, because they are short acting.

  6. Sasha said

    Wow. Yes! You need a break. I’m getting a cut and color next week (yay) but no massage, alas.

  7. LA said

    Whoo! Yay for a little pampering! Happy End of School, honey bunny. ~LA

  8. mz em said

    Ouch! The things that make the pain stay at bay alway leave an open door for the pain to creep in. Have some wonderful down time.

  9. terri t. said

    Sorry to hear that the epidurals haven’t really helped much. I hope having some down time will get you over the pain and you can really enjoy your summer off.

  10. There you are! I hope that you find some relief from the pain. Maybe some time off will help? Possibly what LeAnn said is true and it’ll take a few shots before they start to work.

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