A Room of One’s Own

June 5, 2008

I haven’t had time to post entries lately, so I thought I’d squeeze one in this morning. Last week’s activities included two birthday celebrations – Daniel on Wednesday, and my aunt on Saturday. The celebration for Daniel’s birthday was intimate. We went to dinner with Rebecca and her boyfriend.

There was a big party for my aunt, who turned 75. It was nice to hang out with cousins (and an uncle from Miami) I don’t get to see very often. The highlight of the party (for me, at any rate) was the carrot cake my cousin’s wife made. She’s a pastry chef, and this cake is to die for. It was beautiful, as well as delicious. I took a picture, but left my camera behind when we left the party. I’ll get the camera back on Friday, so I’ll post the photo at a later date.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the orthopedic guy to go over the results of my last MRI. It seems that I have quite a bit of arthritis in my cervical spine, along with nerve entrapment. This could be causing the pain in my shoulder blade. Dr. Bones referred me to pain management, and an appointment was scheduled for Monday.

There’s not much else to write about, but I did want to mention today’s Simple Abundance essay. The essay is titled, “Your Bedroom: Cradle of Civilization.” It starts with this quote from Mrs. Winston Guest: All one really needs is a divinely attractive bed.

Interestingly enough, I just changed the bed ensemble yesterday – bedskirt, sheets, pillow shams and quilt/comforter. The ensemble I removed was bringing me down. It was too big and heavy. I tripped over the edges of the comforter whenever I walked around the bed to make it. Consequently, I stopped making it, even though I hate an unmade bed.

Making the bed is among the quickest and easiest of chores, and it makes such a difference. Getting into an unmade bed is not only unappealing, but it also causes me physical pain when I have to wrench the sheets, blanket and comforter back into a position where they will cover me.

Sarah Ban Breathnach writes, “ Your bedding should be as inviting to look at as it is comfortable to lie on. I am convinced that a woman should love her bedcovers with a passion. This isn’t just aesthetics; it encourages you to keep your bedroom tidy because the bed looks so pretty when it’s all made up… You can see this leads to Sublime Order, at least in one room of your home.”

Sublime Order is sadly lacking in other rooms of my house (especially the kitchen) because I succumb to pain and fatigue by the time I get home from work, and it’s all I can do to make dinner. But a bedroom should be a sanctuary – a place where you can go to get away from the chaos of life. The new bedding has restored my bedroom to the oasis it should be. I’ll post a picture (along with the carrot cake) when I get my camera back.

Song of the Day: Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur


7 Responses to “A Room of One’s Own”

  1. Bex said

    I think I realize that one of my big problems is not having a bedroom sanctuary to go to. My bedroom is also my office/place of work. There are few hours out of the day that I am not stuck up here, under the eaves with no windows looking out to the front. I think it would be better if there were a window directly in front of me. Maybe in my next life…

  2. LA said

    I’m with you about having a made bed! When I got my own room after the divorce I made the bed every morning, now Mick makes it. Something so civilized and peaceful about climbing into a smooth neatly made bed. Can’t wait for the pics! I never change my bedding (I wash it, of course) because I have THE perfect comforter. Fluffy and lightweight enough for warm months, snuggly in the winter. How it does this magic I do not know but I’m grateful. ~LA

  3. Jeanette said

    I make my bed every day regardless of how late I am running. I can’t seem to be completely ready to go downstairs until it’s done! I recently purchased a new bed ensemble and will be painting the bedroom during part of my vacation in August.

  4. poetreearborist said

    You have totally inspired me to redecorate. I hate my room right now and I want to LOVE it! Thank you for sharing and changing the course of my day.

  5. I make our bed every morning too. I change the comforter twice a year. I have a barn red floral for winter and a bright yellow floral for summer. I see each of the comforters is getting frayed so I will be on the lookout for the perfect new comforter…on sale…this year. I wish the sheets would stay taut though…I hate wrinkled sheets.

  6. Melanie said

    Found you from the WP dashboard – and I totally agree about the bed. I love mine so much – it makes me smile to walk in my bedroom. And I, too, always make my bed every morning. It’s so easy and makes everything look so much better!

  7. Sunshyn said

    My quilt set was so heavy, I couldn’t UNMAKE the bed. I insist on made beds, all around. It’s very tight in our bedrooms, hard to get around our queen size sleep number bed. Roo’s bed is up against the wall, and that makes it really hard to pull up his comforter, plus he has the orange crush mosquito netting “tent” to contend with. My husband mostly makes the beds and now he’s supposed to turn them back in the evenings, too. My son and his gf are (hopefully) getting a freecycle futon to put in my office for their bed right now. It’s a twin and a half that needs legs, which we’ll have to fashion from blocks of wood or something. I don’t think anything bigger than that will fit.

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