A Jolly Holiday

May 26, 2008

First things first. I’m thrilled to report that I got the ink stain out of my jeans! The rubbing alcohol got rid of most of it, and hairspray took out the rest. Thanks for the great suggestions!

In other news, I’ve been having a really good Memorial Day weekend. It started on Friday with a trip to a thrift store with my cousin, Kathy. I got two pairs of paints, an L.L. Bean denim-colored linen jacket, an Eddie Bauer top, a hardcover book and the game, Pictionary (in like-new condition) all for the grand total of $11.50. Kathy and I topped the day off with a meal at a Middle Eastern restaurant.

The next evening, Daniel and I were invited to a lasagna dinner at my aunt’s house. (My mother cooked the lasagna, but her place is too small to host a gathering.) Somehow, the conversation turned to the Little Rascals, and then to Eddie Murphy’s SNL impersonation of Buckwheat. Too funny.

Yesterday, Kathy and I went to Rhinebeck to see the movie, Alexandra. We had lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. Everything on the buffet is a gastronomical delight.

Today, we’re having a barbecue. Only a few people have been invited, and the food offerings will be simple – hamburgers, hot dogs, and my renowned potato salad. Tomorrow (I’ll be off work again, thanks to a give-back snow day), I’m hoping to relax. I’m also looking forward to a break from the itching, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon, even though the prednisone prescription runs out tomorrow.

Oh, I wanted to show you my new glasses. (They’re pretty similar to my old ones except that the new frames are black instead of brown.) This pic was taken on Friday, and I got my hair chopped off on Saturday (same style, but shorter in the back and on the sides), but I haven’t had a chance to take another photo, so this one will have to do for now.

I’d better get a move on. There’s a pile of mulch in my driveway that needs to be spread.

Song of the Day: Jolly Holiday from Mary Poppins

14 Responses to “A Jolly Holiday”

  1. Carol said

    love the glasses, you look very pretty. I can’t wait to get new glasses at some point.
    Have fun on your holiday.

  2. Mookin’ pa nub! O-TAY! Ya look great, kiddo; enjoy your holiday!

  3. Sunshyn said

    You’re spreading mulch? Huh? Yikes. Your glasses are very pretty.

  4. Sunday said

    Hey, you act like that’s a bad picture! The itching HAS to end sometime, even if it ends with you coming up with some homemade remedy you found on the internet.

    As for spreading mulch….oh, the stench! The stench.

    To end, I remember when Buckwheat got shot–I was little and dumb enough to think something had happened to Reagan. Stupid kids who shouldn’t have been watching SNL…I should’ve been watching the Stooges!

  5. Jeanette said

    Glad you got the ink out and glad you are having a good weekend. We’re having a awesome weekend enjoying this gorgeous weather, planting flowers and just enjoying being off of work. Amen.

  6. sasha said

    You’ve got a really cute and flattering cut, Stephanie! And I’m glad you got out those awful ink stains. I was going to suggest the alcohol but someone else already did that. 🙂

  7. LeAnn said

    I have to type this again cause it didn’t take for some reason. I said you look terrific in your new specs and your lovely smile!! Also, I guess we won’t be seeing a picture of you in your daisy dukes any time soon since you got the ink out, huh??? I’m glad you enjoyed a good old fashioned American holiday!! I promise to blog again soon. I just haven’t come up with a topic yet. Have a great work week!!

  8. Michael said

    I’m glad you’re having a good weekend. The glasses look good — you’re fee tines a mady!

  9. Jim said

    Don’t overdo it spreading the mulch. (I’m feeling some stiffness from some of my weekend lawn & garden chores.)

  10. LA said

    YAY! Yay for all of it! Pasta and BBQ and sexy new glasses and bargains and haircuts and even mulch. Why not? Mulch means fewer weeds, healthier plants and less watering. As far as good weekends go yours sounds like a peach. Mwah! ~LA

  11. Even with all you have going on in your life…you are always wearing a huge smile!! You are such a beautiful person Steph..inside and out. Glad you had an awesome Memorial Day weekend!!

  12. terri t. said

    I love the glasses on you and the hairdo. You have such a pretty face…..glad to hear the jeans are back in the closet again and that you are having such a great holiday weekend.

  13. Joan said

    #1. You look great as always!
    #2. How are the itchies?
    #3. Are you crazy with the mulch?? You’re going to be aching!!

  14. typewiter said

    Saw your comment at LA’s and thought I’d suggest, before you rototill, checking out a book called Lasagna Gardening. Much easier!

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