Rash Bash

May 20, 2008

About a month ago, Penny developed a small lump on her right flank. After growing a bit larger, it erupted and scabbed over. I decided to just keep an eye on her before taking her to the vet. (Those visits are expensive!) When a few more bumps appeared on her head, I had to give in and make the call. She was seen yesterday, and the diagnosis is dermatitis caused by seasonal allergies. Sheesh. I’m supposed to bathe her twice a week, using a very pricey shampoo and leave-in conditioner.

Penny’s not the only one with skin problems. I’ve been trying to deal with an unbearably itchy rash for several days now. At first, I thought it was hives. But, after taking a closer look, I wasn’t so sure. The rash is less defined than hives, and widespread over both arms and legs. There is associated swelling. I am reminded of a sausage ready to burst from its casing. Or Ball Park franks. (They plump when you cook ‘em.)

I dropped by the health office at work yesterday and asked the nurse for her opinion. She held her hand above the rash on my upper arm (that’s where it’s the worst) and said it felt hot. She doesn’t think it’s hives, and said it looks more like an allergic reaction to medication. Oddly enough, the only medication I’ve taken recently is Benadryl (as a sleep aid). Wouldn’t it be something if a medication that is taken to relieve itchy rashes caused my itchy rash?

The nurse recommended that I see my doctor. I just happen to have an appointment with my rheumatologist this afternoon, so I’ll show her the rash and see if there’s anything she can do. I’d really rather not have to make an appointment with Dr. What Do You Want Me To Do if I can help it. Wish me luck!

Before I go get ready for work, I’d like to point you in the direction of a new blog created by my friend, LeAnn. Check her out. She’s good people.

Song of the Day: I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Diana Krall

3 Responses to “Rash Bash”

  1. LA said

    Penny is Elizabeth Taylor in dog form.

    As a rashy girl myself I’ve found a painful but rather effective palliative. Nearly scalding hot compresses on the rash (that’s the ouchy part) then allowing it to air dry. That’s it. The heat and the air help make a rash less angry. Keep it open to the air as much as you can. No creams. No Gold Bond medicated powder. At least until you have to dress and leave the house, then put on whatever soother works best for you. I’ve found Vagisil to be pretty good even if the itchy is somewhere other than your zorch. ~LA

  2. terri t. said

    hope you figure out what is causing the rash…..could it be nerves from all the stress you have been under ……?

  3. I was thinking stress too..but then wondered if they gave you any iv’s during your MRI? Just a thought. Having had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic (and one from the shampoo the groomer at the “puppy hotel” used on Peaches one time) I know how you are feeling. I hope that they figure out just what is causing it and can do something to relieve it for you.

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