See You in the Funny Papers

May 6, 2008

Things just keep going from bad to worse around here. For starters, we had an appliance repairman come in yesterday to fix a few things. The arm on the refrigerator’s ice maker broke off about a year ago, which means that it was constantly making ice. We had to empty the tray twice a day.

The repairman replaced the arm, but, when I checked this morning, I saw that it’s still not working properly. The guy had warned that this might happen, and, if it did, the whole icemaker would need to be replaced. Wonderful.

Next on the list was the dryer, which has been making a loud noise for quite a while. Unfortunately, Mr. Repairman didn’t have the necessary part, and will have to come back this afternoon. Finally, he took a look at the sink in the upstairs bathroom to see if he could stop the drip. He couldn’t, and will bring a washer when he comes back today. If that doesn’t work, the faucet will have to be replaced, along with the refrigerator’s ice maker. Cha ching.

To top things off, I stepped on a rake and got smacked in the face hard enough to break my glasses (and bruise my brow bone). I thought those things only happened in cartoons, but this Youtube clip (along with my own mishap) proves otherwise.

One good thing happened yesterday. I received a call from a nurse at the surgical center as a follow-up to the procedure I had on Friday. I told her I’m afraid to go back for the next procedure because it was such a horrible experience. I remarked that they should put people out for these things. She said that they used to, but insurance companies won’t pay for it anymore. Bastards. I should have known.

She went on to say that some patients opt to pay for the anesthesia themselves, and advised me to ask about it when I called the doctor’s office to schedule the next series of injections. I did that as soon as I got off the phone with the nurse, and was told that the anesthesia costs $137. I would gladly pay that.

However, I might not have to. The woman I was talking to said that the Worker’s Comp carrier should cover it it, and a call for authorization will be placed. Why didn’t somebody tell me about this before? Oh well, at least I won’t have to suffer through that mind-numbing pain again, provided the Comp carrier agrees to pay for the anesthesia, that is.

Song of the Day: Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar

12 Responses to “See You in the Funny Papers”

  1. Bex said

    If it’s not one thing, it’s another!

  2. mercystreet said

    Make sure you call and see if it gets authorized. With the luck you and I have, we need to double check everything.

  3. LA said

    Good news about the anesthesia! If they don’t pay I will. Consider it a birthday present.

    As for the rake, I hope your noggin is okay. I did that routine in reverse, stepped on it backward and knocked my butt and the back of my head hard enough to see stars. Then stumbled/sat down hard with the handle beneath me. OUCH! At least I didn’t end up with the handle IN my butt. Small mercies abound. heh.

    When you’re feeling better we’ll take our act on the road and call ourselves The Gardening Stooges. Love, ~LA

  4. Oy! I hope your brow is better!

  5. Sasha said

    It would have been nice if they would have let you know that anesthesia was an option -before- you suffered through that pain. 😐

  6. goatbarnwitch said

    WAs it a cartoon rake escaped from cartoonland? That is just tooo much. If comp doesn’t cover the anesthesia I will be more than happy to contribute to your birthday present.

  7. terri t. said

    Ouch! You just can’t get a break at all, can you? I once got smacked in the upper lip when the stroller I was walking my infant son in whipped up because of some freaky high wind gust and it just about knocked my front teeth out….I can still remember the pain and that was over 38 years ago!

  8. Sunday said

    Hmmm…about that anaesthesia….too bad you don’t know what not to take, because if I were you, I’d go on the internet, buy the strongest thing I could possibly afford, and take it. Of course, it COULD kill you, and we don’t want that. But seriously, insurance won’t pay for pain relief, but has no problem with you being in intense pain? Someone find me an insurance person, so I can kick ’em in the nuts (or ‘nots’ for the ladies)and not give them any painkillers! GAH!

  9. Pam L said

    I would definitely opt for the anesthesia, even if I had to pay for it, if the second set of injections is still recommended. I don’t think you could drag me there otherwise. I suppose there’s a good reason they didn’t warn you? Damn.

  10. Sunshyn said

    What the heck are these injections? I thought I’d had them all, but I guess not. I’m getting trigger point accu-therapy, and it’s rather nice. It doesn’t last, though. Anesthesia is my friend.

  11. LeAnn said

    Owey!! Sorry about the nasty rake incident. Um, could you please send me some ice???

  12. Holly said

    ouch.. if it’s any concelation, I once busted my glasses and gave my self a nasty bruise by banking my head on the frame getting into the car. apparently I made a serious miscalculation. I’ll cross my fingers/toes and send good vibes re: the surgery/anestethia. Good luck.

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