Name Dropping

April 24, 2008

In the comments section of my last entry, LA wrote: “Another round of Miss Steph hangs with the Stars. Just think of all these famous folk sitting around going, ‘WOW! We met Miss Steph!’” That cracked me up, but it also got me to thinking about the celebrities I have met (or spotted).

While I didn’t actually meet these two people, I did pass them on the streets of New York City – Gary Sandy from WKRP in Cincinnati and Mary Tyler Moore. I shared an elevator in Saks with Peggy Cass. (Or was it Shelly Winters…? I always get those two mixed up.) I saw Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuleos, at our local mall. (No, they weren’t shopping; they were fund-raising.) I once stood next to Stephen King at a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Now for the more up close and personal experiences… I’ve already mentioned hanging out with the members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and soap stars Steve Burton, Bradford Anderson and Derk Cheetwood from General Hospital… I also met the members of The Manhattan Transfer after their performance at The Waldorf Astoria back in 1978. Alan Paul was particularly friendly – he gave us hugs.

Many moons ago, I stood on line at a Sam Goody store in NYC for five hours to meet (and smooch!) Elton John and his lyricist Bernie Taupin. I met radio personality Don Imus at a local car dealership, of all places. Anthony Perkins and his wife, Berry Berenson, graciously posed for a photo (after Mr. Perkins’ performance in Eqqus on Broadway). James Earl Jones lives in this area, and I met him when he spoke at a school assembly. Even though they’re not exactly celebrities, I was privileged to meet two of the Holocaust survivors from Schlinder’s List (also at a school function).

My daughter Leigh, and I met Tony Lovato, the lead singer of the band, Mest, at a drug store in NYC before a concert. He surprised me by shaking our hands. A few years ago, my daughters met the members of the Australian band, Steriogram when they performed at a local club. They went out to eat with the guys after one of the shows. I don’t know how this came about, but the group members decided to call me from the restaurant. It was late, and I was already asleep, but I got a big kick out of the rather lengthy message they left on the answering machine. They called me their “tour mum,” and requested a home-cooked meal the next time they were in town. I would have done it, but they haven’t played here since then.

I did get the opportunity to meet them in NYC. Lead singer, Tyson Kennedy, emailed my daughters to invite us to an MTV taping. Joss Stone was the other featured artist. I ran into her in the ladies room but didn’t know who she was until she later took the stage.

Although not a celebrity herself, I met Barry Manilow’s mother. She was sitting in front of us at one of his concerts (yes, I went to a Barry Manilow concert. BLUSH.), and, when the show was over, she turned and said, “That’s my son.” We didn’t believe her, and scoffed, “Suuuuuure he is!” We asked why she didn’t have better seats, and she said she had front row seats on opening night, but wanted to sit in back with the fans during this particular show. We rolled our eyes, and yeah, yeah, yeahed the poor woman. She kept insisting, but we still didn’t believe her. That is, until we saw her getting into a Rolls Royce with sonny boy shortly afterwards! (I recently read that Mrs. Manilow used to wear a T-shirt that said, “I’m Barry Manilow’s Mother.” Hah! She really did want the whole world to know!)

There are probably others, but I’m too tired to give it any more thought tonight. Now I’m wondering if any of you have rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous, or had a celebrity sighting… If so, please share your experiences in the comments section.

Song of the Day: Celebrity Skin by Hole

16 Responses to “Name Dropping”

  1. I’ve always been too shy to actually go up to the very few celebrities I’ve sighted — but I saw George McGovern at a McDonald’s by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, I saw Roosevelt Grier at a hotel, I saw Tip O’Neil at a restaurant, and Neil Olkewicz (one of the Hogs of the Washington Redskins) at a local mall. I guess living near DC puts me closer to politicians and football players than movie stars, but I DID see Nicole Kidman filming a movie on Connecticut Avenue, right near where I work!

  2. LeAnn said

    Well, the only thing, I love as much as New York City is talking with celebrities!!! I talk to several on myspace, as you know. Bradford is one celeb I would love even if he were to never perform another day in his life, cause he’s just a great guy no matter what. In the real world, I did meet Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner six years ago at the Olympic torch run in Oklahoma City. They were walking back from whereever they took the torch. My brother was in the Peace Corps in Romania, and I had her call him cause he adores her. He wasn’t home though, so she had to leave a message. My son Michael was a big Pauly Shore fan. Pauly Shore and Andy Dick were filming a movie in Lawton, and Michael really wanted to meet him. So we waited at his hotel on the last night of the shoot and he visited with my son and signed a few items for him. That was nice. The funny thing was we totally ignored Andy Dick, who is now more famous than Pauly Shore, if I’m not mistaken. And oh yeah, I once met a lady who claimed to be Barry Manilow’s mom….wait, no, I think that was you!! lol. I got to talk to country crooner Ty England when he called my coworker about his phone bill. I ripped her headsets off her head. He mailed me an autographed cd. And I actually set up Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin’s phone service. Actually, it was another coworker who initially set it up, but when his assistant called back to make changes, I got to complete the order!! So, as far as I’m concerned that counts!! I hear celebs are part of the local flavor in your neck of the woods. From what I’m reading, I believe it!! This was a fun blog, btw.

  3. LeAnn said

    OMG!!! I didn’t realize my reply was so long!! lol. My mother just gave me some medication that kind of drugs ya up a little, so I got carried away!! My reply is more like a blog!!

  4. Michael said

    My celebrity sighting resume is pretty slim, but I did come across Jack Elam in th parking lot of a Studio City strip mall one time. He was headed for the fish market and I was going into the Hallmark store. And I shared the condiment stand with Bill Macy at a Kings hockey game once. I think we both liked brown mustard.

    The biggest celebrity I ever actually met was the late, great folksinger Kate Wolf. I was working at a shoe store in Sebastopol, CA, and she came in with her mother looking for handbags. And I sold her one! (And now I have to admit that at the time I didn’t know exactly who she was, only that she was a singer.)

  5. Jim said

    I met Hugh Downs in a diner somewhere in Connecticut when I was about 17. (Probably only people my age know who he was.)

  6. Bex said

    I met John Denver when he was filling in for Chad Mitchell in The Chad Mitchell Trio back in the 1960’s, before he was famous. I met J0hn Eisenhauer when he became ambassador to Belgium in the late 1960s in Wash. D.C. as well as other military types such as general 0mar Bradley and General Vern0n Walters (I worked for the Dept. 0f Defense back then in D.C.). I am a 4th cousin of President James A. Garfield, and 13th cousin to FDR. But then I think almost everybody is related to some president down the line if you look deep enough. I stood on a Wash. D.C. street corner each day as Richard Nixon drove by in his black limo after work. Whoopee!

  7. Stephanie said

    This is fun (and interesting)! Keep your stories coming!

  8. LA said

    Klaus Maria Brandauer on the steps of the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Sigourney Weaver in Central Park. Armand Assante at the dry cleaners (he lives around here and Mike is forever running into him, dammit all). All the OC Chopper guys before they got famous. They were always at the welding store. Paul Sr was a big asshole and fame hasn’t made him any nicer. Lenny Kravitz was at Alex’s graduation (his nephew was graduating too), but I didn’t see him, I only had eyes for my kid. And of course my BFF is the world famous Miss Steph!!! hee hee. Mwah! ~LA

  9. Lauren said

    My most common place for celebrity sightings has been airports. Famous people fly a lot, it seems. I spent so much time in airports I even developed my own sub-genre of the celebrity sighting: the celebrity paging; i.e., “Conway Twitty, your party is waiting for you at the arrivals gate. Conway Twitty, your party is waiting for you.” Nashville airport. Unfortunately, it seems the cell phone has more or less eliminated the celebrity page.

    Mostly the celebrities and I ignored each other. With one exception. I told the film director John Waters that I thought his movies were very funny. He said thank you, and then we continued to ignore each other.

  10. Sunshyn said

    OMG, Stephen KING! I am way jealous. Even more of that than of Spinelli and Jason Morgan…

  11. goatbarnwitch said

    I sell cheese to A1den Quinn, remember? I photographed Helen Hayes. Margot Kidder came running into a dr. office I worked in because she couldn’t find her dentist’s office. Ed McMahon at the Bronx Zoo….. there are others I can’t think of right now but the biggest is the one I didn’t take the opportunity for. I could have been backstage to photograph Genesis but I chose not to (what a jerk)

  12. Pam L said

    I have met a few. My DH and I worked in a hotel in Philadelphia when the Mike Douglas show was folmed there. Remeber him? I met RObert Conrad ( a jerk a& a snob), Kate Jackson, a sweetheart, Jamie Farr (Klinger!!) also VERY nice , one young guy who was a ventriloquiest, what was his name??? Blonde , cute, . I met several Phillies baseball players there too. IN Denver we hosted a fudnraiser at the hotel I worked in where I met some of the Broncos football greats and once I met Greg Lake, of Emerson Lake & Palmer. He couldn’t sleep and we found him playing the piano in the closed club of a hotel my DH worked at. Do you see a theme here- hotels? anyway, now we have a limo service, but it’s my DH who’s met the celebs of late, but not too many as we are a sedan service, not stretch. He’s met Joe King, of The Frey, Jim Belushi, Bonnie Raitt, the Dali Lama (VERY funny and nice), a few politicos a Kennedy from RI,the Gov Strickland of Ohio Rob Coen, the director a few others I can’t think of. His list should increase during the DNC this summer.

  13. Stefani said

    I’ve had no celebrity run-ins, except with local celebs – but I have to call Mary out – too shy?? Really?? That surprises me!

  14. I didn’t “Meet” Don Johnson but was about 5 feet from him at a charity event. He was very rude! I walked down the street past Peter Lynn Hayes at Disneyland back in the late 50’s…yes I am that old! I also walked past Toni Tenille and her sister years ago at a event in Indianapolis.

  15. anabels said

    Ex-squeeze me but Steriogram are from NEW ZEALAND not Australia!

  16. yaketyyak said

    Oh my God, I knew that! My bad! Thanks for the correction, Anabels!

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