Give Me A Break

April 12, 2008

I am now officially on spring break, although I use the term “break” very loosely. The truth is that things are going to be pretty hectic. First of all, I have dinner guests arriving later this afternoon. My aunt, my cousin, Kathy, and her friend, Bob, have had us over for dinner for a couple of weeks in a row, so I feel the need to reciprocate. My mother will also be joining us.

The menu: sauerbraten with gingersnap gravy, potato pancakes, red cabbage and raisin pumpernickel bread. Bob is making spaetzle, and my mother is bringing a homemade Black Forest cake.

Here’s a shot of the sauerbraten in its marinade.

Tomorrow, I have a wake to attend. The grandmother of my best friend in high school died on Wednesday, at the astonishing age of 104. Everyone called her Ya Ya (which is Greek for grandma). I have many fond memories of Ya Ya, especially when she would talk about her deceased husband, who, according to her, was “deelishus.” The funeral, which I will also be attending, is on Monday.

We had news of another death this past week. Uncle Joe (my mother’s brother) died in Florida on Tuesday. He was cremated, and his ashes will be sent here for burial in the family plot. The memorial service will take place at the convenience of the family.

Uncle Joe was a real character. My memories of him include affectionate pats on my “honey-blonde” head, and a pair of shoes he spray-painted electric blue. Joe was pretty much a loner, and carried on lengthy conversations with himself (usually within earshot of others). He was a voracious reader, and had a keen sense of adventure. He was always setting off on road trips, visiting new places and seeing new sights. Happy trails, Uncle Joe.

Tuesday will find me at the office of the pain management doctor. On Wednesday, I’m scheduled for a two hour appointment at the dentist’s office. (The first hour is for root planing and scaling, and the second is to have silver fillings replaced with white ones.) Friday is reserved for my weekly appointment with the chiropractor, and on Saturday I am having my hair highlighted and my body massaged.

I was hoping to squeeze in a trip to NYC during my week “off”… Maybe I can do that on Thursday… Then again, maybe not. I really need a day just to relax and recuperate… We’ll see how it goes.

Enough lollygagging. I have to address the fact that my house is in no condition for guests, so I’d better get a move on. If anyone has any energy to spare, please send it my way.

Song of the Day: Spring Break by Army of Freshmen

6 Responses to “Give Me A Break”

  1. It’s good that your massage is at the end!

  2. Stefani said

    Sounds like time off from work came a great time – imagine doing all that while working! That massage will be a welcomed dessert at the end of your week. Enjoy!

  3. LeAnn said

    Man, y’all take spring break so late! It sounds like you’ll get to enjoy most of your time off. You sure are going to a lot of trouble to prepare a deelishus dinner! Have a very nice spring break!!!

  4. terri t. said

    OMG, I am exhausted! You have a lot of energy and ambition for someone who has so many aches and pains…and I mean that as a compliment! The picture of your daughter was wonderful…what a beautiful young woman she is. Hope all the dinners and funerals and other appointments go well and you can finally enjoy the end of your break with that wonderful hair treatment and massage.

  5. mercystreet said

    It sounds like my daughter’s boy friend should come to your house for dinner. He would feel right at home.

  6. Michael said

    Yeah, you know what? That week you have planned doesn’t really sound like a vacation. But I hope it works out that way for you, somehow. If I had any extra energy, I’d send you some. I’m running a little low myself right now.

    Your Uncle Joe seems like quite a character. May his spirit live on.

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