Shed A Little Light (And Maybe A Few Pounds)

March 27, 2008

During my research, I also discovered that Vitamin D helps regulate weight. Maybe the deficiency explains the 6 pounds I’ve managed to gain over the past couple of months…

LA mentioned Monavie. I’m still drinking it because it really helps with my knee pain and fatigue. (However, emotional exhaustion related to dealing with chronic pain is another story.) The problem is that I don’t always remember to drink it twice a day, and, on weekends, it slips my mind entirely. I really need to make sure that I remember to drink the juice routinely.

Chaosdaily asked about Calcium with Vitamin D supplements. I do take them, but, apparently, that’s not enough. And, yes LeAnn, I did have a bone scan a couple of years ago, which showed minimal bone loss. West Coast Diva – I’m taking the supplement in gel tab form. I’m kind of glad I don’t have to go for shots!

Sasha, I couldn’t find the entry I wrote the last time I had a Vitamin D deficiency, and I don’t remember whether or not the supplements made me feel better, but I do recall that the results of my blood work were much improved after the treatment. (By the way, the novel Sasha mentioned is Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. She was kind enough to send the book to me, and I really enjoyed it.)

Carol, I remember when you wrote about your own Vitamin D deficiency. In fact, I thought of you after I got the call from the doctor’s office. And, Michael, I agree that even a partial answer is better then being left totally in the dark.

*Addendum to address recent comments about spending time in the sun: I walk home from work (at 2:00 when there is still plenty of daylight), so I do get quite a bit of sun.

Song of the Day: Shed a Little Light by James Taylor


8 Responses to “Shed A Little Light (And Maybe A Few Pounds)”

  1. sassychickabea said

    Stephanie, I was talking about a comment you left for me when I wrote my entry about vitamin D. I hope the vitamin D will help you because then, along with the Monavie, maybe you’ll be able to alleviate some of the emotional strain you’ve been under for so long!

  2. yaketyyak said

    Ohhhh, okay. Thanks for the clarification, Sasha. I did write an entry that I can’t find, though!

  3. LeAnn said

    Yeah, my treatment was an ugly dark green gel tab, the way I remember it. No one mentioned anything about shots to me. I do try to get out in the sun more than before, though. One of my docs said that was the best source of vitamin D.

  4. marlee said

    Thanks so much for the infomationon vitamin d I plan to try some real soon

  5. Joan said

    My only problem with the vitamin D is that I hate taking vitamins! They really tear my stomache up! Now a stale Easter Peep goes down fine, but a vitamin…not so much!

  6. Roads said

    Interesting stuff, Yak.

    I read that in our relatively northern latitudes (London is 51 N), Vitamin D (or was it melatonin?) production isn’t effective in low sun conditions of winter, let alone in the evenings after work.

    Getting out at lunchtime, when the sun is high, with as much bare skin as possible might just be the answer if you can possibly bear it.

    I’m really not sure how many goosebumps there are to the kilogram, though…

  7. marley howards said

    That’s interesting stuff. There is absolutely no negative risk for me to get Vit D’s other than taking pills that only god knows what are made of.

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