Code a la Mode

March 7, 2008

Since Columbine, most (if not all) schools have emergency procedures in place for certain situations. At the school where I work, an administrator makes an announcement that Code blah blah blah is in effect. The announcement is supposed to include a level number to indicate which of three procedures we should follow.

Yesterday morning, Code blah blah blah was announced, but the administrator neglected to mention the level number, so we weren’t sure which procedure to follow. That could have been a costly omission. Fortunately, the situation wasn’t too dangerous.

Apparently, a couple of ninth grade girls went nuts in the hall when they were approached by a member of the security team and asked to present their hall passes. The girls ended up being arrested, and they fought and yelled their way out of the building and into police cars.

Speaking of police cars, quite a few of them showed up as a result of this disturbance. The kids in the computer lab were scared when they heard all the sirens and saw all those police cars pulling up in front of the building. It looked like something serious was going down.

To add to the tension in my room, I was not able to lock the door (which is a requirement of all levels of a lockdown.)

Let me explain. Over two months ago, the librarian gave my keys to her part-time assistant, thinking they were his. When he realized the keys didn’t belong to him, he gave them to the receptionist at the front desk in the main office.

I went to her to retrieve my keys, but she couldn’t remember what she had done with them. I have since spoken to the Principal’s secretary, the Principal herself, and the administrator in charge of Teaching Assistants multiple times. I have put my concerns in writing twice, pointing out the fact that this could be a security risk in the event of a lockdown.

Yesterday, I was proved right. This morning, I sent yet another memo to the Principal and two Assistant Principals, stressing the urgency of the situation, especially in light of yesterday’s lockdown. I made it clear that not being able to lock the door left everyone in the room in a vulnerable position.

This afternoon, the Principal delivered my keys to me. I find it interesting that a real effort to find the keys took place only after I pointed out that students were being placed at risk. Never mind the inconvenience this has caused me since December…

In other news, I went for my first appointment with a chiropractor yesterday afternoon. Dr. Bill practices Network Spinal Analysis, a gentle adjustment of the spine. (None of that cracking business.) My spine was way out of alignment – so much so that my right leg was 1 and ¼ inches shorter than the left. Dr. Bill did an adjustment, and both legs are now the same length.

The doc also said that a lot of my pain originates in my neck. I wasn’t surprised to hear that because an MRI I had a few years ago showed a bulging disc and nerve impingement in the cervical spine.

Anyway, Dr. Bill thinks that he can help me. I’m supposed to see him two or three times a week for a month. Unfortunately, I’ll only be able to see him on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month because those are the only days Dial-A-Ride goes to that area. A cab would cost $11 each way, plus tip. That would be almost $50 if I went twice a week as recommended.

There’s no way I can afford to spend that kind of money on taxi fare. It’s bad enough that my insurance doesn’t cover the visits. But, if the chiropractic care helps relieve my pain, it will be worth the expense. It’s too soon to tell, though. I’m still in a great deal of pain. But at least I have my keys back.

Song of the Day: Crack the Code by 311


12 Responses to “Code a la Mode”

  1. Bex said

    Fingers and toes all crossed in hopes the chiropractic works for you.

  2. Best to you, dear heart. Gentle sounds like the way to go!

  3. Penny said

    I hope the spinie doctor can help you.

    I imagine you must have been under a LOT of stress when you could not lock the door yesterday. It always amazing that something needs to go ‘wrong’ till action will happen.

  4. LeAnn said

    When we were in Tulsa, my kids went to Rogers High School. I believe it’s the oldest high school in Tulsa and it has a lot of history. S E Hinton went there when she wrote The Outsiders. I always thought it was cool that my kids went to the same school Pony Boy and Soda Pop attended. But it is a very rough school. The incidents you mentioned are a regular occurence at Rogers. The students are at risk just for going there. Last year my daughter was assaulted by a boy who grabbed her and stuck his tougue down her throat and spit a starburst in her mouth. Last year, with two days of school left, a group of nine boys circled around them and began to verbally assault them. One of my kids called 911 and the police came immediately. Only one of the boys went to jail. Neither the police nor the principal could guarantee my kids safety and advised them not to come back to Rogers at all. They decided to move to Tucson and they are much happier now.

    I hope the chiropractor will be able to bring some long overdue relief of your pain!!! BTW, Bradford has been doing an amazing job on GH these days hasn’t he??!! He’s just getting better and better!!! I LOVE Spinelli!!!

  5. Michael said

    I’m shocked (shocked!) that the school didn’t blame you for not having the keys during the lockdown, even if you did have it in writing. That seems so unlike the way things are handled there.

    It’s great the chiropractor thinks he can help you. It does sound promising, but damn! I wish you could get there as often as he wants you to. It’s never easy, is it?

  6. Pam L said

    I would drive you to the chiropractor if I could since it is as least helping some, more than other things it seems. There’s got to be a way.

  7. Jim said

    “insurance doesn’t cover the visits”

    That’s terrible. Our coverage — which we carry through Nancy’s teaching positions, so it is the school system coverage (switched to that because it carried the kids longer than my employer’s coverage would) — covers chiropractor visits with just a ten dollar co-pay, the same as any other medical visit.

  8. LA said

    Ditto the offer of taxi service! At least we’d get to gab there and back! And I’d get out of this bloody damn house. LA and Jet are at your disposal, madam. ~LA

  9. mercystreet said

    I hope this new course of gentle work helps you.

  10. sasha said

    I have fingers crossed for you too. I’m also surprised your insurance won’t cover these treatments.

  11. Good luck with the chiro. If you feel better leaving than when you went in, then that is a good deal.
    mz. em

  12. Sunshyn said

    Workers comp should cover the chiro. I’m glad you found a good one. Initially you should be going three times a week, and then you should be able to get it down to twice a month for lifetime. According to MY chiropractor, anyway. I’m making it about once a month, but muscle memory sends my spine right back to where it was before I had the adjustment. I told y’all the chiropractor lightbulb joke, right? How many chiropractors does it take to change a lighbulb? Only one, but you have to keep going back to get the lightbulb adjusted.

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