Snow Angels

February 24, 2008

I didn’t see Sunshyn’s comment about praying for angels until I had already experienced two miraculous visitations. The first took place after I had just gone out to shovel. I hadn’t gotten very far when a car pulled over and parked in front of my house. I didn’t think anything of it until the driver opened his trunk, grabbed a shovel, and, without saying a word, set to work clearing the mess at the end of my driveway (courtesy of the snow plows). I was thunderstruck.

I walked over to express my appreciation, and to tell him how much his help meant to me because of my physical problems. He shooed me back in the house, saying he would finish the job and no thanks were necessary. He was happy to be of assistance. Imagine that.

Shortly afterwards, my cousin called to ask if I wanted to go to the movies. I was hesitant at first, because it had been my plan to go back to bed, but then I decided that getting out might do me some good.

While I was waiting for my cousin to pick me up, my mother arrived unexpectedly. She announced that she was there to shovel my driveway. I tried to talk her out of it, but she would not be deterred, heavy ice buildup notwithstanding.

I have a large driveway, and my mother was not able to do the whole thing, but what she did do amazed me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got home later in the evening and saw that, not only had much of the snow been cleared, but the ice, as well. I am so grateful.

I’m really glad I agreed to go to the movies, by the way. Lars and the Real Girl is a delightful gem of a film. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

My cousin and I went to get something to eat after the movie. When we left the restaurant, I looked at the time and was surprised to discover that we had been in there for three hours. We did a lot of talking and laughing, and, of course, eating. I had a nice day.

It was late by the time I got home, and I was exhausted. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the good night’s sleep I was hoping for, thanks to a sharp, stabbing pain in my shoulder. At times, it was so bad I really thought a trip to the Emergency Room would be in the cards for today. This morning, however, the pain is more endurable. Still, I will have to see my primary care physician sometime soon to get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.

Although the pain is more tolerable at this point, the fatigue is another story. I’m so tired I can’t think straight. Even more than yesterday, I wish I could spend the day in bed, but I can’t. I have to go to a wake for the father of my cousin’s wife. They came from Massachusetts for my brother’s calling hours, so I feel the need to put in an appearance.

I do have some time before then, though. The 22 lb. Butterball turkey I bought at Sam’s club for 49 cents a pound is in the oven. (Lifting that sucker didn’t do my back and shoulder any good. With luck, Daniel will be home by the time it’s ready to come out.) The dogs have been fed and walked. Maybe I can get some more sleep before I have to get ready to go out… It’s worth a try, at any rate.

Song of the Day: Snow Angels by Kotoko

10 Responses to “Snow Angels”

  1. Carol said

    Gosh I can’t imagine your mother shoveling snow. But it is great that the stranger and your mom got it done.I am having a terrible time walking around my house. There is ice on top of the snow so when I walk, I fall through the ice and it sort of twists my ankles and makes me unsteady.
    I hope you get to rest.

  2. Sometimes angels show up just when you need them!

  3. Great news about the Snow Angels showing up! Of course, it’s a shame they didn’t make it before you did so much that it had you hurting, but they sure saved you from further pain! Sounds like a great time with your cousin. You were ready and deserving of a relaxing outing.

  4. Penny said

    Amazing. One of the storms last week was pretty bad up here. I got stuck in my drive way on this big ‘table’ of ice at the very end o my drive way. My but was sticking out into the road. I tried and tired and tried to dig myself out. I was so tired.. and tired and tired. My car was stuck a guy in plow pulled up and said he would give me a push. He pushed. and push with his arms.. and pushed. and my car was finally set free I was so greatful. I parked my car (not in the driveway check on my daughter who I left on my front porch the guy came back with his plow clean the edges of my drive way and even layed down SAND. When he was done i ran down with my check book so i could pay him something and he was GONE.

    I am so glad you had your mystery helper and you mother.. Sound like you really needed the help.

  5. Sasha said

    Who was that stranger!? And how wonderful that this happened just when you needed it. It is a miracle.

  6. I am so glad a snow angel came….finally…to help you out as well as your mother helping too.
    Even better you went out and enjoyed yourself for a few hours. When husband gets home, my suggestion is to buy a snowblower of some sort so you can at least get some mechanical assistance in the future. You shouldn’t be doing things that are too painful even if you feel you must….

  7. Sunday said

    Heh. Angels, indeed! There’s nothing like the insistence of a mother when she wants to shovel snow. Even threatening to hit them with shovels does no good! 😉

    Those were indeed angels–you’re a better person than I. I would’ve passed up both offers, being stupid! 😉

  8. Kim said

    Ugh, snow shoveling. One thing I DON’T miss about living on the East Coast. Funny thing…school would always close, but my husband would have to work, (and he walked to work when streets and sidewalks were unplowed) so shoveling often fell on me just ‘cuz I was around as the white stuff was falling. My neighbor and I used to marvel that the only people who ever shoveled on our block were the women.

    I am going to see “Lars and the Real Girl” at the $1 theater this afternoon! It’s a matinee, so I’ll pay 50 cents. Honolulu, an otherwise very expensive city to live in, has some serious entertainment deals if you know where to look.

  9. Sunshyn said

    Second-hand prayers must work, huh? How funny is that? I wouldn’t even DREAM of trying to pick up a big turkey, though. Roo just TRIED to hit me, and I yanked my shoulder out deflecting the attempt. Sigh. Apparently he and his brother spent the weekend in combat. Oh, and jumping on Granny’s bed throwing clothing over the ceiling fan. I wish I’d been there to see that little incident and how she handled it… Hope it was her unmentionables…

  10. Diane said

    Wow two angels and one of them gave birth to you. Play the lottery tonight!

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