Tote That Barge Lift That Bale

February 23, 2008

Lift that shovel, I should say. And lift it I did. Three times yesterday, and I’ll be going out for my fourth shoveling session as soon as this morning’s coffee kicks in.

At 6:00 pm, there were accumulations of eight inches. By the time I went up to bed with my book (Water For Elephants), it was snowing pretty hard again. Hence, the need to clear the sidewalks yet once more this morning.

During my third shoveling expedition yesterday, while fighting tears of exhaustion and pain (not only in my back, but my neck and right shoulder/arm, as well), I kept thinking, “This cannot happen again. Other arrangements need to be made.”

Some of you asked about my neighbors. Unfortunately, the people on my block aren’t very neighborly – at least not when it comes to shoveling. Nobody helps anybody.

Actually, that’s not quite true. One of the times I was out there yesterday, I shoveled the sidewalk of the elderly woman who lives next door. She pays someone to do it, but he doesn’t get there until evening, or sometimes the next day.

Yes, I’m crazy, and no, I won’t be doing that again, even though I wish I could. Like Jim, I was raised with the belief that shoveling for elderly neighbors is the right thing to do.

I would like to mention that I had an unexpected (and much appreciated) offer of assistance from my dear friend, LA. When I came in from my first round of shoveling yesterday morning, there was a message on my answering machine. LA had called to let me know that, if I still needed help, she and Mick would come over to shovel me out today.

For the record – they live over 30 miles away, on the other side of the river. I was so touched, I almost wept with gratitude. Now that’s a true friend. Thank you, sweetie. Your thoughtfulness means the world to me.

Okay, the coffee has worked its wonders, so I’d better get out there and finish the job before the aches and pains get too overwhelming. Then I’m going back to bed.

Song of the Day: Ol’ Man River by Paul Robeson

6 Responses to “Tote That Barge Lift That Bale”

  1. Carol said

    Oh my that is just too much work for you. Seems like there should be some kids around there someplace that want to earn some money.

  2. yaketyyak said

    I don’t have the cash. 😦

  3. Sunshyn said

    I’d be telling the city I’m disabled and see what they say… Cause that’s just crap. Meanwhile, pray for a nearby angel, I suppose. Visualize it, and it will happen?

    Hey, your comment on my latest entry went away, so I sort of rewrote and responded to it. I broke haloscan again by inserting an extra zero. Hate it when that happens. Anyway, I fixed it and erased you…

  4. Michael said

    You’re a better neighbor than anyone else on your block. You set a good example … now quit it!

  5. LA said

    I love you too. ~LA

  6. You are one hearty woman to be out shoveling when you hurt so bad. It’s amazing that we can live in a neighborhood and not do the neighborly thing. Although I don’t get snow, we do have rain storms and when the power goes out, we call both widows who live on each side of us to find out if they are okay and if they need anything. So far, everyone has been fine but they say thanks for the call.

    mz. em

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