The Needle and the Damage Done

February 8, 2008

In between text messaging his wife as he sat across from me (I kid you not), Dr. Spine Specialist strongly recommended that I go to a pain management doctor for lumbar injections. I explained that the reason I hadn’t gone for the injections back when they were authorized was because two other doctors had advised against the procedure. It was their opinion that the injections wouldn’t help me.

Dr. Spine Specialist scoffed, and said that if the injections don’t provide pain relief, he will buy me a latte.

Despite the fact that I don’t drink lattes, I have to give the doc major props for creativity. This is the first time a doctor has ever bribed me into going for treatment. I guess it’s worth a shot (pun intended).

Song of the Day: Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young

12 Responses to “The Needle and the Damage Done”

  1. Sam said

    If it doesn’t work, he should buy you something stronger than a latte to numb the pain!

  2. yaketyyak said

    I told him I’d rather have a fancy cell phone like the one he was using to text message his wife!

  3. Sunshyn said

    Just keep in mind that in the long run, steroids deteriorate your bone tissue, leaving you at risk for fracture and osteoporisis, so you should have a baseline dexa scan first to make sure you aren’t at risk already. This is why I don’t go running for a shot every few months. The short-term benefit doesn’t justify the long-term risk. I have a friend whose mom is permanently in a wheelchair (only about 12 years older than me/you) and will never walk again because of all the injections. Fancy cellphone latte doc didn’t mention THAT, did he? Did he mention radiofrequency ablation? I’ve had that with some success. Pain management has all sorts of options they can discuss with you. So go.

  4. Carol said

    I hope the shots will help so he doesn’t have to buy you a latte.

  5. Perhaps a shot to alleviate the acute pain, then work with the pain management folks to treat the chronic stuff… Good luck!!

  6. LeAnn said

    I believe I have heard about what Sunshyn was saying. There are long term problems to consider, but the shots do help the pain. My father in law gets them regularly and he’s happy with them. My mom got her first one just a few days ago and she said the shot itself was painful. But my father in law says they give you something for the initial pain of the shot, so I’m not sure why my mother complained about the pain. I do know that her doctor did not offer her a latte, so I’m thinkin that must be a treatment used mainly on the East coast.

  7. Penny said

    ok it must be late because I read your first line as…. Between the Text Message killer…..

    Omg I really need to get another hobby..

    I hope it works for you. ‘fingers’ and toes crossed for you. I am sure ti scary to.. The worse thing for me having my two beautiful children was the epi/ spinal
    Its just something unnerving about it. See latte would not work for me. I do love my starbucks though.. umm a nice handbag to go with the cellphone he is going to give you too 🙂

  8. Bex said

    I’m a big pain-chicken, and I hate pain as much as the next guy, but a shot into my spine is the last things I’d ever authorize anyone to do to me. But I’m not you, and I realize your pain has been just so bad. Steroids, as we all have seen on the news, can give some relief but are trouble in the long-run. Thinks thrice about going that route, Steph.

  9. LA said

    Sigh…I love a needle junkie.

    Seriously, I hope of these dopes with the stethoscopes can DO something for you, my dear one. ~LA

  10. LisaL said

    I have no advice about injections, but I’m AGHAST that fancy-schmancy spine specialist was text-messaging his wife while talking to you! Grrrr.

  11. Gaurav S said

    hey what about the relief after the steroid?
    even i have gone through the same and still no relief surviving through Yoga 🙂
    Post ur reply at


  12. Gaurav S said

    even 2-3 docs said same to me that the steroids will not help but because of the frequent leg pain i went for it and i feel it wasn’t required
    and could have been avoided 😉
    wishing you luck and healthy life

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