February 1, 2008

Ours is the only school district in four counties that didn’t close today.  At present, the sleet is coming down hard enough to be quite audible inside the building.   

I would have really liked to have had the day off, especially considering that I was at work until 8:30 for Parent/Teacher conferences last night.

I am not a happy camper.

Song of the Day:  It’s Not Fair   by Kate Havnevik


7 Responses to “Bummer”

  1. Jim said

    My brother told me (via instant messaging) that he had a nerve-wracking commute to work this morning (in your general area) and skidded in the company parking lot.

    Just rain here.

  2. Bex said

    Sorry to hear that – we here north of Boston are just starting to get the sleet now. Luckily Friday is the day I don’t have to leave my house for anything! I love Fridays!

  3. Penny said

    We started to get it around 1pm up here. It looks icky.. I belive the schools let out early.

  4. Sunshyn said

    It rained so hard here last night I was literally terrified to be driving home in the dark. I wanted very badly to get off the freeway early, but I couldn’t see the damn exit, so I stayed on until the “right” exit, which I could actually see. Aargh. But it doesn’t snow. Nope, it’s just wet.

  5. LisaL said

    You need to live someplace (Washington, DC springs to mind) where people panic at the mere hint of snow and everything shuts everything down immediately! It’s overreacting, sure, but no one’s out driving around in sleet. Ugh.

  6. LA said

    2 traffic fatalities within 3 miles of my house this morning. And they didn’t close your schools????

    Gads, it’s been ugly here and I don’t mean the weather. The 3 inside the Hobbit House are cool and fine…the backyard is another story.

    Hope you got home okay, dear one. ~LA

  7. LeAnn said

    My friend in Vermont told me they are having that type of winter weather there too and their schools closed because of ice on the roads. If I had a child in your school district, they would have been absent today. Down here in Indian Territory we have been cold but we haven’t had to endure much bad weather, thank goodness!! Have a snug and cozy weekend and be sure to drink plenty of hot chocolate with marshmallow cream.

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