What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does

December 23, 2007

The title of this entry is a quote from Rubeus Hagrid, the gentle giant from the Harry Potter books. As you will see, I owe Hagrid a debt of gratitude.

A few entries ago, I wrote about my school’s Twenty-Five Books campaign. I mentioned that, on Thursday, we were supposed to wear something that represents punctuation.

Here’s what I came up with.

Friday was “Dress Like a Literary Character” day. I dressed up as the aforementioned Rubeus Hagrid. My costume consisted of pants tucked into boots, a fleecy shirt (large enough to stuff with a pillow), a vest, and a belt (long enough to buckle over the pillow-enhanced shirt). I hung pouches from the belt, and stuck a unicorn ornament into one of them to represent Hagrid’s professorship at Hogwarts, where he teaches the class, Care of Magical Creatures.

I also wore a full-length fur coat (by the end of the day, it felt like that thing weighed fifty pounds!), and carried Rebecca’s Ron Weasley doll. A wild wig and a beard completed my costume.

Walking into work dressed like that was an exercise in courage.

I wish I had photos of the expressions on people’s faces when they saw me. No one knew who I was until they heard my voice. During homeroom, a boy was visibly startled when I greeted him by name. When he finally recognized me, he burst out laughing and said he thought I was “just some crazy Substitute Teacher.” Well, he got the crazy part right…

Some of the reactions were unexpected. I got hugs from students and staff, alike. The young man who told me I was “officially official” when I dressed up as Flavor Flav on Halloween, threw his arms around me and said, “Miss, you are awesome.”

Some people (especially students) recognized me as Hagrid, while others did not. One co-worker thought I was Rasputin. Another guessed Chewbacca. Ha ha!

By now, you must be wondering what I looked like, so I’ll put an end to the suspense.

Here’s a photo of Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid.

And this is me as Hagrid.

Here’s a shot of me with the librarian, who was dressed as Tom Sawyer.

Man, was my outfit uncomfortable. I felt the weight of the fur coat in my neck and back. And it was hot. My hair was plastered to my head under the scratchy wig. Furthermore, I was constantly plucking mustache and beard hair out of my mouth. I could hardly wait for the dismissal bell.

The last two periods of the day were devoted to a pep rally in the gym. Those of us in costume had to participate in a parade. Judges voted for the student and staff member with the most creative costume. The prize for each winner was a $100 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

Guess which staff member won the contest? Yep. Yours truly. The winning student was dressed as Hermione Granger. How perfect is that? Putting the two of us together made for some good photo opportunities. Bulbs were flashing all over the place.

Walking to the center of the gym to receive my prize with the sound of cheers ringing in my ears made all the embarrassment, sweat and discomfort worth it. The $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble helped, too.

Song of the Day: Follow the Spiders  by Harry and the Potters


17 Responses to “What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does”

  1. Betty Lou said

    Great costume! And a lot of courage to put it all together & wear it all day, too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. mercystreet said

    Oh that is just the greatest thing I have seen. I am so glad you won.

  3. Kim said

    Fabulous fabulosity of Hagridness! All this in the irritating last week or so of school before the break, too. I salute you!

  4. chaosdaily said

    congrats! and nice prize!!!

  5. LA said

    Well done! You be the PRETTIEST Hagrid there ever was! And free book shopping, whoo!

    Heh, glad of the pic, I thought you’d painted the ? on your bare chest! Really. Like it was in an open neckline. I had the giggles all day thinking about how some smart ass would say, “Why, Miss, they’re boobs. Didn’t you know?” ~LA

  6. mz em said

    What a great costume and congratulations on winning the prize for staff.
    Glad you felt okay in New York.

  7. Great costume. I finally just started reading the Potter series (Scott H just finished the last book) and the part you excerpted was something I had just read so I knew it!! (I am just about to finish Chamber of Secrets..it’s tough reading with so much to do for Christmas or I’d be further along in the series). I am glad you won the gift card!!!! You are so creative and I am jealous of you…I wish I could come up with things like that!

  8. LeAnn said

    That costume is fantastic! You looked great!! I admire you for going to all that extra trouble for your job. I don’t know how you were able to get through the day dressed like that. Goodness!! Ya know, I bet if you dress like that when you peddle Monavie and tell folks that this is what it has done for you, you will sell a lot more bottles!!!

  9. As usual I am behind on all my reading and commenting! You did a great job on the costume. (Chewbacca, indeed!! geez!) You’re always so creative with that sort of thing.

    I know a gal here in Arkansas that got into selling MonaVie and was trying to get me involved in selling it as well. I never did even try it, but after reading your entries, it might be worth a shot. I’ll still wait for further word from you, tho’.

    Your day in New York with Rebecca sounds wonderful and the experience in the church was quite fascinating. I expect that this ‘gift’ must be a burden for you often times.

    I hope you have the best possible Christmas!!

  10. Pam L said

    Awesome! A great costume and free books to boot ! Yay!. You put so much into it, people had to notice. Merry Christmas.

  11. You got the reward for being so creative…and even better, your students think you are awesome. Merry Christmas and enjoy the gift card….lots of good books to buy after Christmas during the sales….

  12. You look righteously magical! Congratulations on winning — well deserved!!

  13. Holly said

    Free books, how cool is that. I love the costume. Very creative, though it looks very hot and uncomfortable. cool

  14. Michael said

    What a great costume. I’m glad you won, after all that effort.

  15. Jim said

    Awesome, absolutely awesome!

  16. summergale said

    Congrats on a great costume! You deserved it!

  17. Stefani said

    Very cool – congratulations on your win!

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