Mon Ami MonaVie

December 13, 2007

Time for a MonaVie update! I’ve been drinking the stuff religiously for a little over a week now. On the 10th, I received this email from Bradford: Just wanted to check in.. You’ve been taking the product for five days now I think.. What do you like best about it so far? Hope you had a good weekend.. All my best, Bford

Here are excepts from my reply: I was going to contact you when I finished my first bottle, which should be within the next couple of days. I started the MonaVie on Tuesday, but can’t yet say that I’ve noticed a decrease in pain or an increase in energy. The only thing that’s changed is that I’m having great difficulty sleeping. I wake up several times throughout the night, and have a hard time going back to sleep…. Anyway, a week is too soon to make a judgement, so I’ll continue to drink it. As Rene pointed out, I may need to “really get saturated” before I see major change because of my long-term pain… You asked what I like best about the product so far. That would be the fact that I’m getting the recommended daily serving of fruit. I also like the antioxidant properties…

He responded right away: Thank you for having patience, and I’m sorry you aren’t having an immediate positive response. I appreciate that you’re going to stick with it, and I can’t imagine it not paying off for you.

In a subsequent email, he sent me this link to a CNN Money article titled “Sumner Redstone’s anti-aging secret.” It’s worth reading.

Besides Redstone’s glowing report, this part of the article captured my attention. “Nothing proves that MonaVie cures any ailment, but in one of the first academic studies of açai’s benefits, University of Florida researcher Stephen Talcott found that the berry’s antioxidants destroyed leukemia cells  in a laboratory. But Talcott has since distanced himself from MonaVie and its junkies.”

I was curious about Talcott’s reasons for distancing himself from MonaVie, so I did a web search. This website says, “Dr. Talcott does not conduct research for (and never has), endorse, or otherwise make recommendations about Mona Vie products.” So, it appears that Dr. Talcott has not actually distanced himself from the product – it’s just that he never endorsed it in the first place. Still, his research on the açai plant is encouraging, and does indicate that the berry has health-promoting benefits.

As for my own experience with MonaVie – at the end of the first week, I was feeling discouraged. I had been hearing such amazing success stories from others who had dramatic results after only one week, yet I hadn’t noticed any difference in my pain and energy levels. I had to keep reminding myself of the unseen benefits, like improving my cardiovascular health, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

Then, a few days ago, a co-worker was leaving the computer lab when she stopped abruptly, gave me a long look and exclaimed, “You’re glowing! You look beautiful!”

I have worked with this woman for eighteen years. Never before has she commented on my appearance.

Since then, I’ve been giving the potential benefits of MonaVie more thought. I stopped to consider other reasons why I might be having trouble sleeping… Suddenly I realized that it probably had to do with the fact that I had been bringing a thermos of coffee to work in an effort to ward off afternoon drowsiness.

I never drank coffee in the afternoon before, so that was most likely the cause of my sleep disturbance. Duh! Anyway, I cut back on the coffee, and I’m sleeping much  better now.

Also, and I almost hesitate to say this because of the jinx factor, I’m starting to notice a renewed vitality. Even without the coffee, I’m no longer on the verge of nodding off at my desk come early afternoon. What’s more, instead of turning the alarm clock off in the morning and then falling back to sleep for another half an hour before I am able to drag my weary, groggy self out of bed, I’ve been waking up feeling refreshed and energized. Imagine that!

That is astounding  to me. A couple of weeks ago, the lethargy was so bad I seriously thought I had narcolepsy. Over the last couple of days, I’ve had a lot more energy, and my mental clarity has improved, as well.

It’s harder to assess any benefits related to pain. MonaVie won’t cure a herniated disc or sciatica. But I do believe that it is helping with the Fibromyalgia. I’ve only had one flare-up since I started drinking the product, and that only lasted for a few hours.  That has never happened before. Fibro flare-ups typically last for several days,  at the very least.

As an experiment, I ordered holiday gift packs to give my father and grandmother, both of whom suffer terribly from arthritis. If MonaVie helps them, and continues to keep the Fibromyalgia demons at bay, I’m going to start calling it Kickapoo Joy Juice!

P.S. We have a snow day today, so I’m going back to bed. Catch you later!

Song of the Day: Mon Ami, My Friend  by Marianne Faithfull

10 Responses to “Mon Ami MonaVie”

  1. Penny said

    You have a snow day? it must be the snow we are getting in a few days. I loved reading your response to Monavie. I am VERY apprehensive. The stuff is so expensive and I am sooooooooo CHEAP.

  2. yaketyyak said

    Me, too, Penny. But if this stuff improves my health, it’s well worth it!

  3. Allison said

    I’m so glad that you are starting to notice some changes and are sleeping better now! That’s great. My first case should be arriving very soon. I’m excited!

  4. LeAnn said

    It’s actually a pretty positive update. I look forward to being able to try it.

  5. chaosdaily said

    well then it’s either a good product, or your mind has convinced your body it is….

  6. yaketyyak said

    The thing is, if my mind convinced my body, I would have noticed results right away, as others have, and as I was so deeply wishing for. It came as a complete shock to me when I found myself practically leaping out of bed in the morning – and this is at FOUR THIRTY AM!

  7. yaketyyak said

    Another thing – At first, it didn’t dawn on me that
    my new burst of energy had anything to do with MonaVie. It wasn’t until my co-worker made that comment that something clicked in my brain and I made the connection.

  8. Michael said

    More energy and fewer flare-ups sure sounds like it’s working. That’s so awesome!

  9. Joan said

    A Snow Day!!! I’m so jealous! That’s what I miss most about working for the school district. I loved getting that early morning phone call!

  10. Samuel said

    If somebody needs information about MonaVie in Spanish, you may go to

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