It’s a Soap Opera World

November 30, 2007

As I’ve mentioned before, there are only two television shows that I watch regularly. One is House (love that Hugh Laurie). The other is General Hospital. The latter has been a long-term guilty pleasure of mine that goes back to the days of Felicia and Frisco.

You may remember that, in June, I attended a fan event for Bradford Anderson, the actor who plays Damien Spinelli, a/k/a The Jackal – the Assassin of Cyberspace. Spinelli is a quirky computer geek with a penchant for giving people nicknames. For example, he has called Sonny (the mob boss) “Godfather” and “Pacinoesque dude.” Sonny’s Number One henchman, Jason Morgan, is “Stone Cold” (portrayed by Steve Burton.) Spinelli sometimes refers to himself as “Grasshopper, gaining knowledge at the feet of his mentor, “Stone Cold.”

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I’ll be attending another fan event tomorrow. This one features both Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton, and will be held in New Jersey. I’m going with Allison, a delightful young woman I met at the June event.

I’m pretty excited about this, particularly because Bradford has personally invited me to attend a meeting that will take place after the fan event. The meeting is about a product known as a “wellness elixir.” Monavie is “a blend of nineteen body-beneficial fruits – including the Brazilian acai berry, one of nature’s top superfoods.”

According to Bradford (with whom I have been exchanging emails over the past week), Steve Burton introduced him to Monavie, and “almost the entire cast is on it now, as is the crew, makeup, wardrobe.. practically everybody.” Many of them have reportedly experienced less pain and more energy. Bradford goes on to say, “As well as all of the antioxidants many of the ingredients have anti inflammatory properties as well. Derk Cheetwood (Max), his mother in-law has arthritis in her hands and after a week, noticed a stark difference.”

By the way, Derk Cheetwood will also be in attendance at the Monavie meeting. I just love his character, Max, and look forward to seeing him, along with Steve and Bradford.

I am usually extremely wary of this kind of thing, but, these people are well paid, so I can’t imagine that they’re doing it for the money. Out of curiosity, I emailed Bradford to ask a couple of questions about the product. I was surprised when he responded right away, but even more surprised (actually, astounded is more like it) when he offered to send me a couple of bottles. He wrote, “in case you don’t like it, it’s better if I just give you some!”

I was (and still am) amazed by this offer. And, yes, I took him up on it. Although skeptical, I’m still willing to try almost anything that might cause a decrease in pain and/or an increase in energy. Especially if it doesn’t cost me anything.

Bradford’s last communication with me was a response to my email letting him know that Allison and I would be attending the meeting after the event. Here’s what he had to say: “Hey Steph!” (Notice that he’s now calling me “Steph.” We’re tight like that. Heh.) “YAY!! Oh it’ll be so nice to spend the day with you gals!! The event will be great, and then we’ll have even more time to visit at the meeting. Exciting! Travel safe, see you Saturday!”

What a cool guy.

Song of the Day: It’s a Soap Opera World (a parody of Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World)

I come home from work, turn on the TV

My VCR’s taped my soaps for me.
So, don’t bother me. I’m watching my soaps.

The doors are locked, my phone’s off the hook.
Don’t have time to talk or read a book.
For the next 10 hours I’m watching my soaps.

I see couples in love, having fights and making up
On one show there’s a wedding while a building’s blowing up!
Another has a hunk and babe stranded in Zaire
And serial killers are everywhere!

All that steamy romance sweeps me away
Miracles happen. People get their own way.
And I think to myself, why can’t this be my world?
I wish life could be a soap opera world!

24 Responses to “It’s a Soap Opera World”

  1. Michael said

    Hey, Steph! (Bradford calls you “Steph” — I wonder what Spinelli would call you. With the writers on strike, we may never know.) This is so cool, and you might even get some relief from it. It sounds very promising. Enjoy your time with the GH folks. I agree that Max is a hoot as a character. You’d think a mob boss’s bodyguard wouldn’t have any personality, but Derk is awesome in the role.

  2. hil said

    First time’s always free…

  3. yaketyyak said

    hil, that has never been MY experience, but you never know… Michael, if hil is right, maybe Spinelli would call me “The Bamboozled One!”

  4. I was wondering about what Spinelli would call you too! I love GH and remember my mom watching when I was little (Jessie was always in that medicine room!). I love the guys’ characters..all three of them. You are SO lucky to be meeting with them. How cool are you?? I expect many many pics Steph..and uh hmmm..if you can manage (and it seems appropriate…don’t impose)..a few autographs would be so cool too. I am so in envy of you Stephanie. I hope the Monavie works for you. I know any improvement for you would be wonderful! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Carol said

    I don’t watch soap operas but it sure sounds exciting. Have a great time.

  6. chaosdaily said

    dang. i would love to meet steve burton!!!! i have an online friend whos ex has been using the monavie stuff, and he claims he isnt using crutches now because of it… but i got the story like third hand……

  7. Sunshyn said

    Man, I love me some Spinelli. If that miracle elixir works for you, maybe it would work for me. Yeah, autographs would rock. I’d hope Spinelli would call me the Warrior Nana.

  8. Sasha said

    I went to check out the prices on the Mona Vie and…uh, it’s expensive! But if it works for you then it would be so worth it. I hope you enjoy your day and have fun, Stephanie.

  9. There’s no harm in trying it out especially if he gives you a few free bottles…and if it works…something to consider in spite of the price…good luck. At the very least, you will have some fun and get some good pictures.

  10. LeAnn said

    Ohmagosh!! I totally love it that you’re going to see BA SB and the guy who plays Max. Allison told me you were going a while back. I’ve been meaning to check out the health tonic myself. Have you received your shipment from Bradford yet? I was really hoping for a Spinelli/Georgie pairing but I hear they are killing Georgie off on December 14, I believe. I know they had planned to do that, but then I heard they decided to keep her because they were going to pair her with Spin, but I guess they changed their mind. Please post lots of pics on myspace and give BA my love if you have a chance. You and Allison have the time of your life!! I can’t wait to hear every single detail!!

  11. Penny said

    I can’t wait for you to post how the event goes.. can’t wait.. you will give a run down right LOL

  12. LA said

    Absolute coolness! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pics. If that elixir helps then it’s worth whatever you pay when the freebies are used up. Talk to you soon, Ms Pal to the Stars! ~LA

  13. Bex said

    You are one cool dudette!

  14. Jim said

    MonaVie — the bottled juice — is probably good for you, filled with lots of antioxidents, etc. Oh, you probably could go out and buy the incredients separately and end up with a cheaper price per serving, but you would have had to buy a whole bunch of different fruits and berries and run them through your blender, etc. So, if you assign any reasonable value to your own time and effort, I could understand a decision to buy it already mixed and bottled by somebody else.

    I do happen to believe that eating a lot of fresh fruits and berries and drinking their juices, etc. is an important part of a healthy diet.

    So although MonaVie may be a lot more expensive than buying cranberry juice and pomegranate juice, etc. from the supermarket, it probably won’t hurt and most likely would help.

    However MonaVie as a product and the company behind it look to be far more like a multi-level marketing scheme than a health juice venture. And a bit of Google searching found that MonaVie was founded by Dallin Larsen who also owns Monarch Health Sciences (which, based on its Web site, appears to be the source of MonaVie). Larsen was formerly vice president of Dynamic Essentials until it was put out of business by the Food & Drug Administration which forced its parent company NBTY to destroy tens of thousands of units of its “Royal Tongan Limu” — a dietary supplement he promoted to treat various diseases like cancer, arthritis, and ADD.

    MonaVie may be healthy and delicious juice and quite beneficial to drink… and I don’t want to rain on a parade… but I would be very sceptical about the parent company and what appears to be an MLM pyramid scheme.

    Whenever anyone starts talking to me about buying a distributership and building a downline, I tend to put one hand on my wallet and wave goodbye with the other. Your soap actor could well have fallen for a fancy sales pitch from his upline.

  15. Jim said

    Run it past LA and see what she thinks.

  16. yaketyyak said

    Don’t worry, Jim! I am well aware of pyramid schemes, and won’t be buying a distributorship!

  17. Jim said

    Cool. Enjoy the parties and the celebrities and a tall glass of MonaVie.

  18. I’m glad it is too. I’m looking at doing a marathon in a few weeks at http:/

  19. Sparky said

    I went to see Bradford A. and Steve Burton, what I ended up seeing was a joke!!! The nerve of them to open up the session with some cheap multi-marketing sales scheme. I challenge anyone that believes that these guys are not in it for the money.

    They know full well that a certain percentage of their fan base will listen to them and invest money.

    In due time people will learn that this offers no more benefit then eating healthy and proper exercising.

    I certainly see GH in a whole new light, and wonder if ABC would really want them touring and pushing this Monavie. Seems they are using the live fan meet & greet to get their Monavie message out there. I don’t appreciate paying top dollar to see these guys, and listen to them sell Monavie. It’s very misleading.

    I would think others out there feel the same way.

  20. yaketyyak said

    Sparky, I can definitely understand where you’re coming from. When I first saw Monavie being promoted on Bradford’s MySpage page, I was convinced that someone had hacked into his site because I couldn’t believe that he was using his celebrity status to promote a product. However, I have since gotten to know him better, and I truly believe that his intentions are good. He genuinely believes in the product. And I myself have personally experienced far better results from drinking Monavie than I ever had from healthy eating and proper exercising.

    Still, I tend to agree with you that a GH fan event might not be the proper place for product endorsement.

  21. Victoria said

    All of you that are doubting Mona Vie are MISSING OUT.

    You oughtta do some research to find out what a pyramid scam is before you spew your ignorance around.

    And for the record, Multi-level Marketing/Network Marketing is a respectable business and taught at the University levels as a successful business model.

    Any questions?

  22. Miss Sue said

    Hey, We need to send congrats to Steve and his wife for going Hawaiian Blue Diamond today…..Awesome..
    Mona Vie is a fantastic product and it has helped me and my family along with many other people that I know personally. I thank God for it. I have more energy and feel wonderful…You need to try it…Let the Tiger out of the bottle…

  23. claire bayne said

    hi, steve & bradford,

    i am also a monavie distributor in new jersey, congratulations on your achievement, steve), i love general hospital and i love monavie,

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