Accentuate the Positive

November 27, 2007

There is hope for all of us. Well, anyway, if you don’t die you live through it, day in, day out. ~Mary Beckett

This morning, I had to live through another appointment with the Independent Medical Examiner. When I got to the office, I ran into a co-worker, who was also there for an Independent Medical Exam. She was in and out before I finished filling out the forms! Honestly, she was in with the doctor for less than five minutes.

I, on the other hand, was with him for a good half hour. During that time, he told me about his Thanksgiving (he went to Plymouth to participate in the National Day of Mourning.) He also talked about fishing (among other things), and showed me photos of his grandchildren. I kid you not.

When I was able to get a word in, I reminded him that he had assured me that he would recommend a bone scan in his last report, but had neglected to do so. He said he would have to look into it, but I doubt that he will. He didn’t take notes, so I can’t imagine that he’ll remember much of anything.

This afternoon, I had to live through a disturbing phone call from Rebecca. Her primary care physician sent her to a hematologist because recent blood work revealed a low platelet count. The hematologist took more blood, and said if the results are the same, it will be necessary for Rebecca to have bone marrow drawn.

Now I get to go back to work and live through Parent/Teacher Conferences from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. Then I get to live through it again on Thursday.

I keep repeating to myself:

All shall be well,
And all shall be well,
And all manner of things shall be well.

~Dame Julian of Norwich, a thirteenth century mystic

Song of the Day: Accentuate the Positive by Johnny Mercer

16 Responses to “Accentuate the Positive”

  1. Carol said

    There are days when it is very hard to find something positive.
    Hope Rebecca is OK.

  2. Sunshyn said

    Gawd. Doctors. Don’t get me started. I suggested to the spine doc that he and the hip doc and the spine surgeon have a CONFERENCE about me and decide on the best next steps. Because I am broken. If you get to have parent-teacher conferences with the parents of the same students who took your little quiz, Lord help you. Stephen King took your “All Shall Be Well” and paraphrased it in (I think) at least one Dark Tower, “All wi be weel n all wi be weel n all manner o things will be weel.” Or was it “Talisman”? I honestly have no idea right now. Coulda been both — he self-plagiarizes like a mad dog. Did I spell that right??

  3. Sending hugs to you and to Rebecca!

  4. Holly said

    {{hugs}} and a nice hot cuppa steaming cyber tea. Sounds like you need it. Hope the news with Rebecca is good news.

  5. LA said

    Ye gods. That was a total waste of time and a sick day for you! That independent guy is a doofus, imagine telling you about a fishing trip when he can’t be bothered to write down what he suggests you get for treatment! Outrageous. Remind me to tell you about the GP I fired for missing my very obvious Lyme disease for THREE YEARS! Gah!

    As for Rebecca, please tell her the local witch is sending good mojo.

    Make time for me soon, okay? I want to take you for a jaunt in Jet and spread my pixie dust over you and your space.

    Love you! ~LA

  6. Bex said

    Best wishes and good luck to Rebecca. I am just sitting here shaking my hed back and forth. It NEVER gets easier for you!

  7. Sunday said

    Grrr….! I’m still awaiting a call from my doctor–stupid blood pressure won’t go down, but whatever. If I have a stroke or heart attack, the joke’s on her! 😉

    But seriously, I just don’t think that doctors GET how assholish they can be, and in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with “playing crazy” to get their attention. Look, you trust these people with your LIFE! If they can’t be bothered to take notes, or if they ignore obvious health problems, either:
    1. cuss them out.
    2. throw something at them.
    c. ask if THEY would like to be treated by a doctor as they are treating you.
    and 4. perhaps ask them WHY they don’t feel that your case is important. Obviously, it isn’t, because they don’t answer you (me), so….

    Don’t get me started on doctors…and medicine….grrrrrrrrr….

  8. Allison said

    I hope Rebecca is okay! Best wishes to both of you!

  9. Michael said

    I guess you could take notes yourself and then hand them to the doctor before you leave. Some doctors will not listen to what you’re trying to tell them. Mine never did treat me for the complaint with my wrist that I told him about two years ago. Instead he decided I needed blood pressure medication, which has to be renewed every three months (another copay). I still don’t think I need it, but he has me afraid to stop taking it. The doof.

    I really hope Rebecca’s blood work comes out okay.

  10. Joan said

    I like the idea about giving the doctor a note when you leave to remind him about what you asked him for. How dare he waste your time talking about his personal life!? But, you seem to be such a nice person, that you probably didn’t want to interrupt him!
    I hope your daughter is ok. Did she see a young doctor – those young ones are the ones who want to send you for every damn test that they can think of!

  11. Geez, I came over here to tell you to get your mind off K Lo’s ‘special’ scoop of ice cream that you seem so obsessed with, and you had such a horrible day yesterday that I feel bad even mentioning it. But then again, bet I made you smile didn’t I?

    I hope things go okay for your daughter. That sounds so scary. Big hugs to you!

  12. Jim said

    Stephanie, I hope all turns out okay for Rebecca.

    It sounds to me as if that “Independent Medical Examiner” is just a semi-retired doc who is billing the Worker’s Comp insurance company to tell them whatever it is that they need to hear to avoid having to pay for any meaningful treatment or time off for you, so he just sits around B-S-ing and pretending he is working.

  13. Jeanette said

    You deal with so thoughts are with you. Hope Rebecca is ok. Sometimes having access to too much information can be a bad thing. Try not to put the cart before the horse if you know what I mean.

  14. Sending my best wishes to both of you for better results with the next medical procedures. That IM dr doesn’t sound like he is going much for you. I know you have an atty but can’t the atty put some pressure on in your behalf? Maybe you should start looking into Social Security Disability….or have you already tried that too?

  15. Sunday said

    RYC: No, I don’t have seizures on a regular basis. In fact, they really don’t know what caused this one–it could’ve been caused by a rapid heartbeat, dehydration, high blood pressure, etc. As for medications, I definitely said no to them–I’m figuring it’s a freak thing, so I’ve been told that if I’m seizure free for 6 months, I’m in the clear.

    ‘Course this means I can’t drive until March, but whatever.

  16. […] kind of “personal present” yesterday. Rebecca’s platelet count is normal, which means bone marrow won’t have to be drawn. And we did rejoice at these glad […]

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