Thrift Lift

November 12, 2007

As far as the cold goes, I seem to have dodged the bullet. The symptoms never got any worse than a runny nose and slightly scratchy throat. (Knock wood.) By Sunday, I was climbing the walls and itching to get out, especially since I hadn’t left the house at all the previous weekend.

I know, I know. Considering the hectic pace of my life since I went back to work, I should be grateful for any lull in activity. But I still feel the need to get out of the house on weekends. So, I called my mother to see if she was going to the local Goodwill store. She likes to go on Sundays because that’s the day they have a sale on items with a certain color tag. It used to be that specially tagged items went for $1.00, but now it’s 2 for $3.00, or $1.89 for a single item. Even if items aren’t part of the Sunday Sale, they’re still quite a bargain at $4.99.

Our last trip to the Goodwill store was four or five weeks ago. I was amazed by the high quality items I found for dirt cheap prices. Like this skirt and blouse, for example.

Or this shirt and these lined, tweed Jones New York pants.

I also got a pair of dark green silk Jones New York pants for $4.99, as well as a jacket to go with them, but the picture I took doesn’t do the outfit justice, so I won’t waste the bandwidth.

Weeks ago, I thought I got quite a deal on this houndstooth coat. It cost $11.99.

But, on Sunday, I got this coat for $1.50. That’s ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS.

I also got the jacket on the left for $1.50.

The one on the right wasn’t on sale, so it cost $4.99.

Check this out. A Jones New York suit (also houndstooth) for fifteen dollars.

This GAP sweater is really heavy and warm.

I just love this brown and black plaid skirt, and got a black turtleneck sweater to go with it.

Not bad, huh?

Here’s something else I did over the weekend.

I spent large portions of two days wrapping Christmas presents, and that’s not even all of them. I have thirty four people to buy for.

Hey! Maybe I should do my holiday shopping at the Goodwill store next year… It’s a thought, at any rate.

Song of the Day: Thrift Shop Junkie by Voodoo Glow Skulls

13 Responses to “Thrift Lift”

  1. kitchenlogic said

    Way to go on the great thrifty good looking clothes! And about that table full of wrapped Christmas stuff? I’d hurt you if you weren’t already hurting! I haven’t even started writing out a shopping list yet!

  2. mercystreet said

    Love the clothes, I haven’t been thrift shopping for a long time.
    I have exactly one present bought and it is wrapped. I may not get anything else done at the rate I am going. I am glad I don’t have to gift 34 people!

  3. Jim said

    Okay, so you are several weeks ahead of me in your Christmas shopping & wrapping activities…

    You and Nancy think a lot alike about shopping.

  4. LA said

    Luuuuuurve the new clothes! You did really well, sweetie! Mwah! ~LA

  5. goatbarnwitch said

    I LOVE the thrift store… how else could I own so many warm and cozy wool and cashmere sweaters? Now your ability to get presents not only in hand but wrapped already is a bit disturbing… but like Kathy said, I won’t hurt you since you already hurt alot {kidding ya know, envious too}

  6. Jeanette said

    OK That settles it. I am going shopping at the thrift store this weekend. You got some really great stuff!! And I haven’t got a single Christmas present bought, but that would be a rare thing for me to have anything before Thanksgiving!

  7. Jeanette said

    Also new blog! The above post had the wrong link.

  8. You must have a very nice Goodwill store. Ours are varied…depending mostly on the location. I have purchased a few things there this year.
    And I also was wrapping Christmas gifts this morning..only because my sister is coming for Thanksgiving and I want to send back a huge box of gifts for 5 people with her…..hope her trunk will hold them all!
    Loved the clothes…especially that black and brown plaid skirt..!!!

  9. Sasha said

    Score! You have the best luck thrift shopping! I especially like the green Gap sweater. That’ll be nice for winter. I’m so glad you didn’t get sick, Stephanie. 🙂

  10. Joan said

    Oh my God! I NEVER find anything at thrift stores – you must have a better class f people donating to Goodwill where you live!! 🙂 Congrats on the gift wrapping – I haven’t bought one gift yet 😦

  11. LeAnn said

    I Steph, I hope you are well. I’m finally catchin up on your blog!! I love goin to the thrift store too! You picked out some great outfits!

  12. […] 12, 2007 In my November 12th entry, I included a photo of a mountain of presents I had recently finished wrapping. A couple of people […]

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