Crabby Dick’s and other Delaware Delights

October 13, 2007

I had a fabulous time in Delaware, but it was way too short, especially considering the distance we had to travel to get there. It should have taken a little under five hours, but, thanks to New Jersey traffic congestion, it was more like six and a half. Still, it was worth it. I’ve only passed through Delaware on the way to somewhere else, so it was nice to spend some time there.

We arrived late Friday night, and the first thing we did was check out the beach at the end of Rehoboth Ave. I couldn’t be that close to the ocean without paying it an immediate visit. We went back for another brief stroll on the beach on Saturday, after checking out the shops, including those on a side street called “Penny Lane.”

Here’s a shot of the ocean.

Saturday also brought a very special treat – lunch at Nicola’s with Mary and Joe. Mary left a comment after my last entry, alerting me to the fact that she and Joe were going to be in the same area, and suggesting that we meet at Nicola’s for lunch. Not being sure of my plans for that day, I couldn’t give Mary a definite answer. She and Joe were going to eat at Nicola’s anyway, so, we left it up in the air as to whether or not I would be able to join them.

Fortunately, it worked out. Rebecca and I arrived at Nicola’s just a little bit ahead of Mary and Joe. We had just been seated, and placed our order for sodas. I was doing a little bragging about Mary: “She went to clown college! She wrote a book called Girl Clown!”

Suddenly, I looked up and spotted Mary. I hurried over to her, and much squealing and hugging ensued.

Let me tell you something. Mary gives the BEST hugs. When I commented on the quality of her hugs, Joe said, “Why do you think I married her?” I can see why, Joe! Not only is she a champion hugger, but she is also lovely and kind and funny and smart. As for Joe, he is warm and friendly and a terrific conversationalist. Not to mention the fact that he’s got it going on in the looks department, too!

What a great couple. Although our time together was short, I enjoyed and appreciated every minute I got to spend in their company.

There was no awkwardness at all. I felt completely at ease with these two wonderful people. Even though this was the first time we met in person, it’s not as if Mary was a stranger. As she mentioned in her blog, we’ve been reading each other since 2002. Mary has been there for me through a lot of bad times. Her unyielding support has helped me tremendously. Her “virtual” hugs have meant a lot to me over the years, and now that I know how good her REAL hugs feel, I’ll be looking forward to the next one!

That evening, Rebecca and I walked over to Silver Lake, a waterfowl preserve. We stopped to watch a large group of ducks in the park across the street from where we were standing.

A man came over and told us we were about to get a closer look at the ducks. He walked around to the side of his house, and we were amazed to see the ducks hurrying across the street, in pursuit of the man.

They followed him to his side yard.

Feeding time!

Another fun thing happened on Sunday while we were out on a fishing boat. I won the pool for catching the biggest fish (a croaker). The mate insisted that I participate in the “parade,” which involved me following him around the boat with my fish on display. It was hilarious (and embarrassing!).

There weren’t many people on this fishing trip, so I only won $51, but it covered what I paid for the trip, plus the tip for the mate. Sweet.

I took a few photos while we were on the boat, but neglected to get one of my fish. Instead, for some unknown reason, I took a picture of Rebecca’s Chuck Taylor All Stars.

This is the “Old Hookers” bait & tackle shop at the marina.

Dinner that evening was quite an experience. We went to Crabby Dick’s.

At first, I was aghast at the words displayed on the marquee. It was an invitation to “show off yer bitch on da porch.” WTF?

Then it was pointed out to me that this was in reference to the Greyhound Rescue Weekend that was taking place in Rehoboth and Dewey.

The irreverence and affinity for double entendres was also evident in the restaurant’s gift shop, chock full of “Crabby Dick” souvenirs. The t-shirts are a scream.

When we were seated at our table, Rebecca told me to turn around and look at what was behind my head. This is what I saw.

Of all things it had to be a bat.

I was going to tell you about the outlet shopping Rebecca and I did before heading home on Monday (it involved surprising bargains at American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch), but I’m too tired to write any more. Suffice it to say that I got some Christmas shopping done.

It’s been another exhausting week (I spent part of this afternoon at a police station with Rebecca, who was filing a sexual harrassment complaint). I’m looking forward to climbing into bed, and, hopefully, sleeping late tomorrow morning. Buenas noches.

Song of the Day: Delaware by Perry Como


10 Responses to “Crabby Dick’s and other Delaware Delights”

  1. Aw shucks, girlfriend, we had a blast with you and Rebecca! Hugs to both of you — and what the heck is this about sexual harrassment???

  2. housey said

    loved seeing all the groovy sites along with all the groovy groovy people pics, lol. awesome entry & most entertaining. loved all the pics, especially of you with joe & mary. what a handsome couple joe & mary make. the lake reminds me of the one where we used to live & so do the ducks. wishing rebecca the best on the difficulty shes facing. im glad that shes facing it & not running, shes as smart & brave & tough & strong as her mommy. good luck to her !

  3. mercystreet said

    What a great trip. Hope things work out for Rebecca.

  4. goatbarnwitch said

    Sounds and looks like a great trip. Now don’t leave us hanging about Rebecca. I sure hope everything is OK (or as much as it can be)

  5. Jim said

    That sounds like a great weekend getaway. Thanks for showing us the photos. Those ducks remind me of a flock of guinea hens my father used to have that followed him around like that.

    Hope the police are able to take appropriate action for Rebecca.

  6. Alvin said

    Hey Steph the link worked this time around. Thanks. And yes, a great getaway weekend indeed.


  7. LA said

    The power was off since last night due to a hellacious accident down the road which took out SEVERAL utility poles. Drunks- always so much fun.

    So, too, was your trip! Ain’t Joe a hottie? whew!

    Gosh I hope R is okay. Sexual harrassment bad enough to involve police? Oh yuck. Hug her for me, okay?

    Miss you sooooo much! ~LA

  8. Concern here for Rebecca, hope things work out for her.

    Mary and Joe, what a couple ! I’d like to lunch with that bunch, I’ve a hunch !

  9. kitchenlogic said

    Here you go and write all this wonderful stuff about your trip – with photos and all I can do is focus on the fact that I would KILL for a pair of gray Chuck Taylors right about now. Love them!

    How cute is Mary? And you know something? I’ve never read her. Why haven’t I? I should! I will. Now tell us about Rebecca’s harrassment issue!

  10. victorvic said






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