To Be Or Not To Be…

September 6, 2007

That is the question that was answered at yesterday’s appointment with the neurosurgeon, in reference to whether or not I would be going back to work. Before I get into the details of the appointment, I’d like to mention something that happened when I first arrived at the office.

I checked in at the reception desk, and couldn’t believe my ears when I was told that their records showed that I canceled my appointment and did not reschedule. The two women behind the desk had to avert their eyes against the blazing look of incredulity and anger that flashed across my face as I informed them that my records showed that they canceled my appointment twice. I most certainly did not cancel any appointments. Unbelievable!

They took my word for it, and added my name to the top of the list. If they hadn’t, it would have taken a cop or two to drag me out of there.

Anyway, Dr. C was pretty straight with me. He said there’s really nothing more that can be done for my back. Like his partner, he feels that pain management is not advisable. And he feels that surgery would do more harm than good. He did say I could give a chiropractor a try, so I might look into that. I know people who have had amazing results.

Since there is nothing further that can be done for me, I asked the doctor to write a note giving me permission to return to work. I go back on Monday. It’s either that, or try to go out on disability, which is not something I want to pursue at this time.

One reason for that has to do with health insurance. Daniel and the girls are covered under my policy (which is paid for by the District), and that’s worth an awful lot of money… I just can’t afford to stop working right now.

Song of the Day: Workin’ For a Livin’ by Huey Lewis & The News


15 Responses to “To Be Or Not To Be…”

  1. mercystreet said

    I hope you can feel well enough to work. Trying to live on disability is a nightmare. Please take it easy. I wish there was something that could do for your back.

  2. Yes, do try to take it easy. Chiropractic can help; be sure to shop around and get references.

  3. Melanie said

    You’ve surely had a hard ride through the Workers’ Comp system. Hope you have a good return back to work and with minimal pain. I’ve got my fingers crossed that chiro brings you some relief.

  4. Bex said

    I don’t remember if you’ve told us before, but have you ever thought of accupuncture, accupressure, or reiki? Sometimes the “alternative medicines” work wonderfully when other techniques have failed. I wish you luck with working again.

  5. Holly said

    Chiropractic, homeopathic, accupresure/puncture/tai chi and other alternatives can be quite effective sometimes, just do your homework before you get into anything. Some people find that gentle yoga can be helpful also

  6. Sasha said

    I’ve heard some positive things about Chiro, too. I hope you can return to work and still be okay. I hate seeing you suffer so much. xoxo

  7. Stefani said

    I know you enjoy your job for the most part, so at least maybe you’ll have that to distract you or fulfill you or something. I know your students miss you!

  8. goatbarnwitch said

    Good luck with the return to work. I agree with the others that you should investigate alternative therapies. Very often where heroic medicine fails the more natural works.

  9. Kim said

    I second Bex’s comment, re: accupuncture for pain. Reiki is wonderfully soothing and can help with headaches and tension, and i think it has a long term benefit.

    I’m finding myself wondering about chiropractic, too, becasue my health benefits offer it at very low cost, even though I’d much rather get accupuncture.

  10. whatdayisit said

    Wondering if the Workers Comp. laws in your state allow for a percentage of total disability. In other words, in Indiana, a person could get a cash settlement for a percentage of loss of the body as a whole such as 10% of the body for some back injuries. You should check if your dr. can assign a percentage of loss so you can get some extra money for the discomfort. Good luck returning to work.

  11. Diane said

    I hope you enjoy your return to work. Sometimes just getting your life back and your old routine and sende of purpose back relieves alot of stress and makes pain more endurable.

  12. Sunday said

    Hmmm….not that I want you to go the pain management route (the whole ‘drugs’ thing was my minor in college, and I have heard/read thousands of stories about the big bad DEA taking down legitmate pain doctors instead of going after drug kingpins), but why wouldn’t that be an option? I know that no one wants to depend on painkillers (and the societal implications that can cause), but if you need them….

    That said, try every and all alternative therapies. After hearing that I’d have to be on heart/blood pressure medicine “for life”, I realized that that’s not acceptable. Back and leg pain (it’s a wonderous side effect of these medicines) is not an option, so I’m looking into ANYTHING alternative that actually works.

    YAY! for going back to work! Hopefully, you won’t have any asshole students to deal with. If you do, send them my way–I’ll open up some good ol’ Chuck Norris justice on them! 😉

  13. I had good luck with chiro until he wanted to inject that dreaded cortisone on a scheduled method.

    Think it is all worth a try, perhaps something will click for you. Hate that you have to live with pain so much.

  14. Tried to e-mail you a response on your comment.
    Hotmail seems to be out to lunch, will try later.

  15. LeAnn said

    I wish you all the best in going back to work. I look forward to a blog to hear how it’s going. Love, LeAnn

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