Merrily We Roll Along

September 4, 2007

LA recently remarked (on my answering machine) that I sure do get out a lot for a shut-in. I had a good chuckle over that, but she’s right. Over the summer, I have felt the need to be out and about as much as possible. Maybe it’s a way of thumbing my nose at all the pain I have to live with. Or perhaps I’m making an attempt to balance all the time I’ve invested in medical pursuits by frequently engaging in more pleasurable excursions. Most likely, it’s a combination of both things.

When I stay home (like I did yesterday, for example), I sometimes experience a strong tugging towards depression. I’d rather not wallow in that mire, so I try to take advantage of any potentially fun (or, at the very least, distracting) opportunity that comes my way. This past weekend was blissfully full of such opportunities.

For my birthday last year, Daniel and the girls gave me a gift certificate to a local spa. For one reason or another (my brother’s death, in particular), I didn’t get around to using it until Friday. Upon my arrival at the spa, I was ushered into a changing room where I removed my clothes and slipped into a luxuriously soft robe. After a short wait, I was called in for my one-hour massage. God, I needed that.

Then I was led to another room for a one-hour Tourmaline facial (a natural alternative to microdermabrasion). First, my hands were slathered with lotion, and placed in warm mitts. The steam machine was turned on, and the facialist went to work.  Ohhhh yeah, baby.  Everything felt so good.

Along with the facial, my package included eye zone and stress-relieving hair treatments, which added another half-hour to my total spa experience. It was wonderful to be pampered for two and one half hours. I could very easily get used to that sort of thing.

On Saturday, my mother and I set out on a peach-picking expedition. However, when we got to the orchard, we found that they had switched from peaches to apples, plums and strawberries. They had some of their peaches for sale in the market stand, and, boy, were they delicious. I also savored the honey crisp apple they let me sample, but, unfortunately, that variety was not available for picking. We hiked up to the strawberry patch, where my mother did most of the picking because my back wouldn’t tolerate being in that bent over position for long.

After that, we headed for my niece’s house, so I could meet her new son. What an adorable baby. And big! He weighed in at a little over 8 lbs at birth, and measured 22 inches in length. He has the long arms that run in our family (passed on from his grandfather, my brother, Mark), and has large hands and feet. His hair is gorgeous – thick and plentiful, and shimmering with highlights. He has an enviable complexion, and I delighted in bestowing kisses all over his beautifully smooth and clear skin.

I also had fun playing with his big sister (she’ll be three years old next month). She kept dragging me away from her baby brother, and into her room. There, she would press a button on her animated, musical Tinkerbell lamp. That was my cue to dance and prance about the room. Little Miss L made me do this repeatedly. She laughed her head off every time. You would have laughed, too.

On the way home, we stopped at a diner, where my mother treated me to lunch. I ate the best Reuben sandwich I’ve had in a very long time. Too many experiences with stringy, uvula-strangling pastrami have prevented me from ordering Reubens as often as I would otherwise be inclined, but I’m glad I decided to throw caution to the wind and take the risk this time. That sandwich was banging.

Moving right along to Sunday… First you should know that Daniel had never seen the ocean. (Gasp.) My ex (with whom we are quite friendly) made it his mission to rectify that situation, and Sunday was the big day. We left at 7:30 a.m., and drove to Bridgeport, CT, where we took the ferry over to Port Jefferson (Long Island).

A stop at the Wunderbar Deli provided me with a good laugh. The ex and I were standing together at the bakery counter, while Daniel was off ordering something from the deli. The ex paid for his purchases, and then I paid for mine. The guy behind the counter expressed surprise over our purchases being rung up separately. I explained, “Oh, that’s my ex.” The deli guy responded, “No WONDER he’s your ex!” That really cracked me up.

The drive to Hither Hills State Park (near Montauk) should only have taken about an hour and half, but heavy road congestion added at least an hour to the trip each way. Still, if you’re going to be stuck in traffic, the Hamptons are vastly preferable to the LIE.

It was a picture perfect day, and our section of the beach was sparsely populated, which made for a very peaceful experience. The occasion was truly momentous, and Daniel said that he was “awed” by the ocean. I feel the same way every time I visit the seashore. Oh, how I wish I could live there.

I hope you all had as nice a Labor Day weekend as I did.

Song of the Day: Merrily We Roll Along by Stephen Sondheim


12 Responses to “Merrily We Roll Along”

  1. You deserve that and more Stephanie. Glad you had a super time.

  2. Joan said

    I din’t make it to the shore this summer and now that I’ve seen your picture, I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen next summer. Beautiful.

  3. Bex said

    I celebrated Labor Day literally appropriately – I “labored” all weekend – in other words, I worked all 3 days. A lady of leisure activities I am not – at least not in this lifetime, but I’m happy to hear you have been tasting life’s delicasies yourself.

  4. Sunday said

    Aw, hell no! Of course most of us didn’t have a Labor Day such as yours! Look at that picture!!! 😉 But seriously, I’m glad you’re able to get out–staying at home, in pain and thinking too much does not a happy person make. Too bad you can’t go to spas and get pampered so much that it becomes old hat!

    My Labor Day consisted of smelling everyone else’s BBQ, yet we dined on delicious turkey salami sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, and wheat bread. It’s not like I can complain–I loved that sandwich–but it’s odd not having the usual BBQ, even though I didn’t really miss it.

  5. Sometimes you just have to make up your mind to have fun, and I’m glad you did! You deserve it!

  6. Jim said

    You’ve just made me realize that I’ve not been on Long Island in many years unless you would count being in Brooklyn or changing planes at JKK. (My sophomore year of college I rented a place in Bayville with friends — but that was the 1962-63 school year.) It always seemed to me that once you got way out into Suffolk County it was just like being upstate except without mountains (or even very much in the way of hills either).

    I can understand your reluctance to pick strawberries. A few years ago my daughter and I did some major strawberry picking and my back was killing me afterwards. I’ll stick to picking blueberries and blackberries, etc.

  7. debbie said

    daniel gets out even less than i do, ive seen the beach before. ive even seen the son of the beach a time or two, ha ha, not that i need to go anywhere to see that thing, chuckle chuckle.

    loved the pretty pic of the sandy shore, the water looks so pristine & inviting, i bet the massage was just as heavenly.

  8. LA said

    And there she was knitting in the back seat…~LA

  9. Michael said

    Great picture. I love the ocean, too, although the only one I’ve seen is the Pacific. I’m sure yours is nice, too. Glad you had a good weekend.

  10. whatdayisit said

    What a gorgeous picture. I could almost hear the ocean and the birds….
    As for the previous blog, I agree with the comments…appeal…get your doctor involved with a written letter on why you needed hospital treatment. Ins. Companies, like other companies, will try to deny claims in the hopes that the person will just pay it themselves and go away. You do have to fight for your rights and benefits unfortunately. Hope it works out for you.

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