The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

August 29, 2007

I had a REALLY bad day yesterday, which is saying a lot, after everything I’ve been through lately. It all started with a phone call from the neurosurgeon’s office. The receptionist was calling to tell me that my appointment for today had to be cancelled and rescheduled for September 5th.

This is the second time the appointment has been cancelled. I was originally supposed to see this doctor on the 21st.

The appointment is to determine whether or not I will be returning to work. Considering that school starts on September 4th, this cancellation has major consequences. I cannot go back to work without a note from the doctor. My stomach was in knots over this complication all day.

Then the mail came, and the knots in my stomach tightened. My HMO has denied coverage of my hospital stay (with the exception of the first day) because “the services are not medically necessary.”

I will appeal the decision, but don’t feel very hopeful. About anything. Once again, the rug has been yanked out from under my feet, and it’s getting harder and harder to pull myself back up.

Song of the Day: Bad Day by R.E.M.

11 Responses to “The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”

  1. goatbarnwitch said

    Geeze when will it ever end for you. I am so sorry things are still going all wrong.

  2. mercystreet said

    What an awful thing to happen. Why can’t life be easy for you for a change? I hope things get worked out for the better.

  3. Jim said

    I firmly believe that insurance companies and HMOs have deliberate policies of denying claims that they know are legitimate because they have gathered statistics that tell them that enough patients will accept their decisions and give up that it is worth millions of dollars for them to make those denials.

  4. I agree with what Jim says Stephanie.
    What a horrible bummer !

  5. LeAnn said

    I also agree with what Jim says. Most folks accept the decision so it saves them money to deny it. I bet if you appeal it, the hospital stay will be approved!!!!

  6. Sunday said

    Man….it’s too bad you aren’t an adult loser who stays at home and doesn’t have a car–then those hospital bastards can’t touch you! (HAAAA!!!!)

    Anyway…appeal, appeal, APPEAL!!!! Don’t let them get away with it–they have gotten more money than is necessary, and they don’t want to pay any out, even though you have a legitimate need. Play crazy! (play crazy: v. to fuss and bitch and rant against insurance companies, bad doctors, bad medicine, etc.)

  7. Bex said

    I agree, it does not pay to get sick. This country and it’s broken medical system is hazardous to our health! Again, I will send up a little prayer to my own angels asking if they could get in touch with your angels and start working on some goodness coming into your life and soon!

  8. Holly said

    Appeal, appeal, get an advocate if you have to. Often these companies do that on purpose, because they know most people will just resign themselves to paying it, and the company will save money. Stupid bean counters. I’ve been screwed over by them myself (a few years ago, about what constitutes preexisting condition).
    good luck!! There is something wrong when health care is no longer a right, but a privledge. That is just wrong.

  9. Joan said

    Uh oh, I work for a Medical insurance company. Yikes, don’t ban me, please!! Here is my experience with appeals – which I recommend to all of our members, by the way. Get a letter from the Dr. stating why you were in the hospital and submit it with your own letter of appeal to the company – 99% of the time, the appeal is approved. The health care system is the U.S. sucks – but right now, it helps to pay my bills.

  10. debbie said

    this is bad but its almost standard practice so try not to worry about it too much at this point yet. im sure they will pick up the bill for you, hoping so, anyway. i think it takes doing your homework & pushing the proper authorities to take care of this. youre smart enough to play their nasty little game & i hope youre healthy enough, too. blue cross is doing the same thing to john. sometimes we have to ask for preapproval or should but how are sick people supposed to be rational enough to want to play ANYTHING ? i really need to look for an advocate for myself as i just know that john wouldnt know a damn thing as what to do about ANY decision & sadly, jetta is about as clueless as john is. its all spooky. no fun, either. i went through hell with it not too long ago with my dads food poisioning. its all really getting out of hand, having insurance isnt any better than having none. ive said that all along but nobody listens, lol, im pissed, lol. when my dad first became paralyzed they were balking as to thinking that he needed a wheelchair, can you believe it ?!?!?! this is becoming the norm with everyone, im so tired of this treatment. i wish there was something that could be done but we all cant get a role in sicko, we all dont get the help we need as to know what to do or whom to turn to. john will probably just say okay to being denied & pay, i kid you not, thats how stupid he is. hes only just starting this nightmare with his leg problems. people wonder why i bitch about him, please, hes not a fighter. as for my dad & the recent food poisoning incident & rigamarole & beauratic mightmare, they sent him to denver, hundereds of miles away, he almost died, he survives & what do they say ? they say they wont pay the ambulance fees both ways, only one way, which was there ! i had to make countless calls to hospitals, agencies, etc., had i not been doing the NERVE-WRACKING JOB of all that they would have left him to rot in a nursing home clear out in colorado somewhere…………just to not have to pay the ambulance fees to return him back to his family ! we had finally decided to go pick him up ourselves, there would have went the loss of johns job pay for the day & maybe two, big dollars in gasoline, possibly a motel, not to mention food, etc. we would have had all the stress & work of it all, of course. what happened was that as soon as we had decided to SOMEHOW be able to afford going they called & said they did not want the family to even attempt trying to transport him in his condition. this, when they kept telling us to GET OUT THERE AS OF YESTERDAY & GET HIM NOW ! almost all the vast majority of the people involved with the entire scene were eating my butt about it all ! i dont know how i kept from losing my mind, becoming an alcoholic, getting smashed off my rocker, sober up sane, go out there on a rampage & beat the shit out of them all as if all of their names were DI !!!!! roflmao, but still. what a mess it all is with the both of us, eh ? just imagine, i was about the only considerate one, ha ha ha ha ha. they only started getting in gear & showing some action when i started pitching a fit. try it, if nothing else, when the going gets rougher. sigh, sigh, sigh, john aint gonna be equipped enough for me if i need assistance first, i guarantee you. well, im depressed now. sigh, good luck, i wish you the best, youre gonna need it. debbie

  11. debbie said

    WOW ! i wrote a BOOK !

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