The World According to AARP

August 27, 2007

Today is my birthday. I am ffffffifty-three years old.  Gulp.

Happy birthday to me!

Song of the Day: It’s My Birthday by The Vandals


24 Responses to “The World According to AARP”

  1. Alvin said

    Welcome to the good life, happy, happy birthday.

  2. Judy said

    Happy Birthday! It is my 41st wedding anniversary too.


  3. LeAnn said

    Well, a mighty happy birthday to you my friend!!! Celebrate and enjoy!!


  4. Hope you birthday is full of wonderful things just like you.

  5. Sharon said

    Hope you have a great birthday!!

  6. Amy said

    Happy Birthday! You look great!

  7. Bex said

    Happy Birthday to a very wonderful woman! Next birthday for me will be the big Six-Oh, and I feel all 60 of those years in my body! I wish you a good year!

  8. Ya look great!! Happy birthday — eat cake!

  9. Happy Birthday Stephanie!!! You do not look 53…although I know you feel every one of those years. Yesterday was Scott H’s BD…he’s a whole 9 years old…my oldest baby turns 27 next Sunday and that is making ME feel oh so very old! Enjoy your day dear!!

  10. Jeanette said

    Have a wonderful birthday. You look great!
    Love your title!

  11. Stefani said

    Happy birthday, my friend!!

  12. Sandy from Iowa said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY…Enjoy your age…I am 70 and I still enjoy life..not as peppy but still here on this earth.

  13. Sunday said

    Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, boy or girl…. I have to get my Simpsons references in whenever I can get them.

    Anyhoo, happy birthday! Whoo-hoo! Fifty-three!

  14. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! You do look fabulous! I would have thought you to be mid 40’s!

    As for me, I can’t begin to imagine that I could possibly look 55, but then I look in the mirror and there’s that aging braod staring back at me. Of course, as a means of dealing with my depression, I only look in the mirror every 2 weeks, and then actually only turn the lights on once a month!

  15. Sunday said

    RYC: I find it interesting, but I made sure to read “In His Own Words” by Charles Manson and Nuel Emmons, first. I remember something my father said a long time ago–that Manson may have been slick, but for everyone to put EVERYTHING on him? BS. I think they saw a way to get out, and they did it. That crap with Bugliosi and the stopped watch? As Manson himself puts it, (paraphrased) “Only damn way I ever stopped a clock was to step on it.” He may have been persuasive, but Squeaky Fromme, Tex Watson, etc., wanted to do what they did–one young woman couldn’t, and remained in the car while they committed the Tate murders. I’m not sure how this would’ve helped her if they’d gone longer without being caught (they probably would’ve fed her a hamburger laced with arsenic, or just shot her), it didn’t give her any problems in the short time span between the murders and their arrest.

  16. victorvic said




  17. kitchenlogic said

    Happy 53rd birthday Stephanie! I think this deserves a free pair of earrings for you from kitsch in art. Let me know which pair you want. Any pair! Really!

  18. Holly said

    Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a great celebration today

  19. goatbarnwitch said

    Happy birthday hot stuff!

  20. Joan said

    53? 53? Girlfriend, you don’t look a day over 39! Best wishes for a wonderrful year!

  21. So the day is winding down, hope you are afloat still in birthday happiness and glow like a lamp.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! ! ! ! !

  22. Diane said

    Happy birthday fellow Virgo. Mine’s Saturday (55 yikes!)

  23. debbie said

    hi, birthday girl !

    heres hoping that your birthday turned out just as special as you are ! tell that jewelry lady when my birthday is ( its tomorrow, silly…..just kidding, i want some jewelry, thats all, lol ). all the best, deb

  24. Jim said

    Happy birthday!

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