And Don’t You Forget It…

August 11, 2007

Before I leave for my vacation on the beach at Rhode Island, here’s a reminder for Mary.

See you on the flip side!

Song of the Day: Lay Your Hands (Off My Man) by Vaya Con Dios

5 Responses to “And Don’t You Forget It…”

  1. Yup. Sure. You bet. (heh heh heh)

  2. LA said

    You two can duke it out, I’ve switched my love to Dilton. Yeah he’s short but he has a REALLY huge……brain. ~LA

  3. boxx9000 said

    Have fun on your vacation and don’t forget to send me a post card!

  4. debbie said

    ha ha, too funny. you’ve got it bad, man. you crack me up, does that mean that i should be on the vacation now, not you ? lol.

  5. Sunday said

    Wow…I haven’t seen/read an Archie comic since 1981. Damn, do I feel old…how dare you?! 😉 But seriously, it makes me remember the good ol’ days when my sister and I would walk to the grocery store, buy a 10 cent stick of candy (and the cash registers weren’t computerized!) and if we were good, we could get an Archie comic (instead of being bookwormish nerds who went to the bookmobile all the time.)

    What does this have to do with your vacation and me wishing you good luck and to have fun? Nothing–blame it on this new medicine that promises not to give me diabetes, muscle wasting, or kill me in a year! Unfortunately, it causes me to ramble on and on and on…

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