Creature Feature

August 6, 2007

Apparently, the bats have spread the message that our house is a good place for freeloaders to set up residence. We can now add mice to our unwelcome guest list.

Daniel came across a baby yesterday, and I ran into the mama today. Baby was trapped in a butterfly net and removed to the back yard, but mama got away.

I don’t like having to worry about critters scurrying across the floor in front of me (or flying around over my head, for that matter) every time I step into a room.

Furthermore, recent wildlife sightings in my back yard include woodchucks, a mama and baby deer, a skunk, and a raccoon. A couple of months ago, a bear was seen (and photographed) on the road at the end of my street.

For the record, I live in the city, not the country.

This is getting ridiculous.

Song of the Day: Worst Comes to Worst by Bats and Mice (That’s a real band!)

13 Responses to “Creature Feature”

  1. They have discovered coyotes in urban DC. They live in Rock Creek Park and prey on the deer — and dogs, and cats, and bicyclists (just kidding about the bicyclists).

  2. Stefani said

    What, no photographs??

    (The new site looks great!)

  3. Sunday said

    Damn! The local news recently did a story about a woman whose home was infested with bats–apparently she’d been bitten in her sleep! The reporter went on to mention that bats are protected and you should not kill them. To which I answered, “Pfft!” I understand the fact that they’re very useful, but I’ll be damned if I can’t kill something that came into my home and may potentially cost me $5000 (approx. cost of rabies shots.) But that’s just animal hatin’ me talking. 😉 I don’t know of any good, humane ways to get rid of bats, other than letting the professionals take care of it–but depending on how many people are having the same problem, it may take a least it does here–there’s been a bat invasion. Too bad you can’t have the bats take care of the mice!

    I’ve seen owls, deer, foxes, and the usual opossom. If I’d seen a bear, I think that I’d simply do a 3 Stooges-like take, complete with hair standing on end and jumping out of shoes. A bear! Yikes!

  4. Bex said

    They’re coming out of the woodwork around here too, in the city… we have encroached on their personal space long enough, I guess, and they are speaking up – in their own innimitable way. There was an old lady near here feeding birds, etc., with seed and they are threatening to fine her heavily – she gets sympathy from most readers, but she is making it far too easy for the wild animals to be lured into her neighborhood. Feeding the birds has become a thing of the past around here. I was getting flocks of seagulls, ducks, and even wild turkeys in my yard and what a mess they made of things!

  5. mercystreet said

    We have all the creatures you have here but add to that a yard full of snakes. We heard coyotes the other night and bear are near, but we are in the county. At least nothing comes into my house but a few spiders and ants once in a while.
    I hope you can get the bats out somehow that would creep me out.

  6. Pam L said

    We have mice in the winter, mostly in the basement, but once in a while they venture upstairs. I used to only use the D-Con in the garage , where they seem to get in from, but last year I put two of those mousetraps in a box thing, black plastic so you don’t have to see or touch them , and we were getting one a day at first. Yuck, but glad we weren’t still thinking we were seeing the same one all the time. Luckily I still have a man or two at home to take them out when we see a tale sticking out. I highly recommend them. Never had bats but we have had in our back yard: 6ft bull snakes, foxes, raccoons, prairie rats (dogs to some)hawks that kill smaller birds and rabbits. We have coyotes in the fields close by but I have never seen one in the yard. And no bears yet, but there used to be a farm behind us and we heard a bull came through the fence one time.

  7. Sunshyn said

    Not so far up the hill from where I live, a man was mauled by a mountain lion, and his wife (both were in their 60’s, I think) beat the damn thing off him. And also up the hill, we have very brave bears. The bears will break into your car, your home, and, of course, your garbage, in search of junk food. They much prefer taco bell to nuts and berries, which are in short supply, anyway. We just have squirrels, who can have our apple tree, welcome to it. I saw a huge rat in the flower bed the year we moved in, but I never saw one again. We have nasty little wolf spiders, and they carry a nasty bite. The latest pest in our backyard was a drunk guy who thought he was in his own backyard and was throwing chairs around on the deck, trying to get in the house. He couldn’t figure out where the gate was to get out. Don’t know how he got in, ’cause he sure didn’t come in one of the gates. Sheesh. Our bats are happy to be outside where there are lots and lots of bugs to eat. My gramma once killed a possom living in the walls of her house in Missouri with a garden hoe. And SHE was in her 60’s or 70’s at the time!

  8. I have seen a fox in our neighborhood, there is a herd of elk up on Lookout Mountain, just above Golden, Colorado which is just a few miles from us.

    After going up in the hills recently, I can see why the wildlife comes to town, with all the new developments up there they come down here to gain a bit of breathing room.

  9. Kim said

    Love the new site, Steph! Indoor and too-close-for-comfort wildlife freaks me out, too, and I think of myself as an animal lover. But this “all creatures great and small” stuff goes out the window when there’s a squirrel in the house, or a cockroach in the bed or mating raccoons in the yard…Hang tough, winter’s coming. At least then they’ll all be sleeping.

  10. Michael said

    I live in the country, not the city, and I thank my lucky stars every day that the critters that live in my yard don’t make their way into the house. I caught a field mouse between the sliding glass door and the screen one time, but that’s the closest. Except for a lot of spiders, and an occasional lizard that sneaks in, I fell really lucky. I can’t imagine dealing with the bats and rats you have to live with. I don’t think I’d ever sleep.

  11. Like the new digs Stephanie. Where I live we have coyotes, cougars, skunks, opossums and raccoons. Which is why I like keeping Max inside.

  12. debbie said

    you lead a wildlife, stephanie. i dont think that i would enjoy that camping ground any more than you would. too darn bad you werent informed of all that before you moved in. i dont know what a person can do about all that. maybe i better be grateful that i am only feeding CATS ouside my door !

  13. boxx9000 said

    Our last day of school for the upcoming school year is May 31

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